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  1. Thanks for the great emulators.
    SB Danny
    Could you please add cover art to all of your emulators so the game selection screen doesn't look so daggy.
  2. Awesome....But John is horrible at connecting with people
    Dope... Awesome app... horrible support... C'mon John... can't respond to a simple email..?
  3. Mister Kelly
    Some of my ROMS quit working after updating: RBI and Bases Loaded. WTF?
  4. Definitely the best NES "button layout" !
    Tod C
    2 versions of the same app, a free "lite" version and a paid "unlocked" version. Ultimately I purchased the "unlocked" version. I like the developer's strategy!
  5. Not Licensed??
    Anak Agung Gde Mahendra (Shadix)
    Purchased and after few days the app says "John NES is not licenced. Please purchase John NES". Wtf??
  6. A little bit more to get 5 stars.
    Chau Ha Le
    Dear Lord. Plz bring the "Turbo" into the X and Y button for the gamepad or the onscreen one. It would be a lot easier to play through games.plz plz plz.
  7. Best ever
    Mr Fox
    I remember it like it was yesterday, it was 1987 my 8th birthday I was so excited because all I saw was one box, that ment a bunch of little things or one big thing. When I saw it was The NES I was so happy now I get that feeling once again. Thank you
  8. The Best!!!
    Andrew Shaffer
    I've tried a lot of nes emulators but this one just tops them all. Can't think of anything wrong with this and the snes emulator. Excellent work!
  9. Professionally Done
    Gage Genzmer
    The UI looks slick and can be rearranged to your personal taste (at least the virtual pad). I recommend shrinking your screen to give room for your thumbs (assuming you have a large enough display on your phone, I have the htc one m8). I really recommend this developer's other emulators, each of which share a consistent UI as well as features. At the time of writing this the John GBA & GBC do NOT have multi-player functionality, unlike the John SNES & NES. 5⭐for consistency and responsiveness! Great job!
  10. Very good NES Emulation
    Matt Berman
    This app works quite well. Emulation is accurate, and it works with bluetooth headphones, headsets and controllers with no issues.
  11. Best NES emulator in the world
    Anthony Brown
    I love the new multiplayer update! It works with my wired controllers and my brother and I can play Double Dragon together now! ! Such a great improvement, and I love the direction that this app is heading in. Keep up the good work, 5 star!!
  12. NES love
    doug beattie
    Always works perfectly. Great for rpg grinders because you can speed up the gameplay.
  13. No IPS Patching?
    Brodie Baker
    Unless I'm simply not finding it, the inability to apply IPS Patching is pretty detrimental to the experience, especially when I can't find a rom already patched. I guess I could transfer it all to my PC, perma-apply the patch, then transfer it back, but I'd rather not have to directly apply patches that way.
  14. Broken Xperia Play controls
    Andrew Fiorello
    Great emulator, I have used it for years. However recently I noticed the app won't let me bind the start and select buttons at the same time as the other buttons on my Xperia Play, it says that they are two different controllers. Please fix!
  15. Great emulation, but controller support is terrible
    Jay Cockerill
    I have two NES30 controllers and since version 2.70, they're pretty much useless with this app. I downgraded to an older version and even then, there is no way to configure Player 2's Start and Select buttons. Use NES.emu instead.
  16. can't get to the wii mote scanning..
    Daniel Howell
    very hard to find were to sync up wii controller if u can help I give five
  17. Battery save feature
    Matthew Kwapis
    Is now fixed for my Note 3; this app is awesome
  18. Great NES Emulator
    Matt Williams
    Terrific emulator. Each update brings great new features. Would love to see Chromecast support added, as well as game cover art downloading.
  19. Favorite Emulator
    Erick R
    Works perfectly, very responsive and easy to use! Love that I can play Tecmo Super Bowl on the go!
  20. Really good but...
    Jake Schmidtke
    It will not play Captain Planet and the Planeteers no matter where I download the rom from. It will open the game but the start button does not work on it so all you get to do is watch the action. Not sure if this is the rom or the emulator.


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