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zenonia 3



Andrew Liu | Senior Project Manager at NetEase Games

中国 北京市区 |

Alex Liang | Product Manager at Netease Games

San Francisco Bay Area |

Yan Meng | Senior software engineer

北京 海淀区 |

yong wei | Software Engineer at youdao

中国 |

Reviews 87,865

  1. Where're the free diamonds?
    Jackson Gayaso
    Latest update says add the free diamonds... Kept clicking the "free diamond" on the screen but nothing happens... Well? No app advertisement pops up...
  2. radioactive Ronny
    I love this game alot so far... just 1 suggestion though MORE RECRUITS
  3. Pretty good
    Jose Vidbaz
    But it could be better if you sync the savegame with google accont.
  4. Lvl
    siva sankar
    Iam lvl 400+ may I know what's max lvl?
  5. Awesome
    Willem Danganan
    Its a cool game!!!I can't believe it's so addicting and btw,Add more mercenaries and levels for good entertainment!!!No.1 Game!!!
  6. Great game
    Harry King
    Great game. But where is the gift code
  7. Good but
    carljim lauro
    The skill is 4 add 10 passive and active skill and shop from armor and sword I sure I rate you five and add more characters
  8. Great game
    José Miguel González Ruscalleda
    I was wondering about the new update, how can I get the present codes, cause I mean is new and everything and I don't know if they made this without making the codes before.
  9. Great Game
    Hector Fuentes
    This is a great game,good skills and mercenary`s and it is a good game to kill time
  10. AMAZING!!!!
    Davy Adi Prakoso
    I thought its bad but it so amazing give more update to make a amazing game
  11. Awesome
    Frankie Felix
    I like the game for what I hace seen but come on that luvky draw card is ridiculous u need to improve it atleast liwer the stuff u giving away and give us a chance to get something else that is not coins because its getting annoying as hell....
  12. Loved it
    Agung Bangkit
    Although I'm just a newbie in this game, but it seems pretty good for me... easy to control, easy to understand, but i just hope i could control the mercenaries skill so that i could use it together with the other skills and give massive damage to the enemies
  13. Jacob Lewis
    It's a pretty fun game I mean i don't know how to get the present code so that blows
  14. Not bad but needs work.
    Nicely simplified not an infinite grind for decent gear, no limit on playtime. But controls not the best, battle mechanics are the low point. Enemies can just keep hitting you in the middle of your combo. No way to close down quickly on ranged. Can't turn around in combo even when getting stabbed in back. But no juggle combo? Seriously devs?
  15. Great! But ....
    Irfan Rahmad
    Yeah, this game is great. But let us player to get better chance on lucky draw. You know, all i got from lucky draw was gold with low quantity. Please man ....
  16. Thumbs up
    Jomarie Villareal
    So cool and at the same time, it really fits for the players who wants a companion on their adventure :)
  17. king aedann ching
    Ill give 5 if you let us get higher luck on bonus cards.. Good game by the way..
  18. Potential
    Brian Pavao
    Artwork is awesome. Simple lil side scroller. Tip to the devs. Having movement speed higher will help in dodging enemies instead of just out dps units like it feels now. Also more importantly have the camera centered at the hero. Very aggrivating all the fights take place at the edges of the screen. Otherwise good game.
  19. Archilles Jawo Bulatao
    I will give 5 stars if we can see where to get present code and also it should have more skills aNd heroes to choose
  20. Legit!!
    Charles Fletcher
    This game is jam packed with fun!! All the upgrades and mercenaries make it worth it!^_^


What`s new

Version 2.3.4
- Bug fixes and game improvements
- More free diamonds to be get
Be a brave fighter! Beat evils! Join the multiplayer battle and be the King of Arena!

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