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icycle on thin ice
icycle on thin ice the game
the isle
динозавры игры бесплатно



Ye Wang | CEO at Doodle Mobile

中国 上海市区 |

istar shen | Game Pirate

中国 上海市区 |

zhe cui | Game Developer - Doodle Mobile

China |

Zhixing (istar) Shen | Mobile Games Pirate

上海 松江区 |

Reviews 111,765

  1. Fun
    Connie Mahar
    Ok well have had for 3 yrs now u need to add experience points for breeding donos and add new onee its very boring now i hardly play add more challenges or goals cause i did them all a long time ago please do something or i will remove thanks
  2. Updates
    nisha rajan
    Good games.but I hate the stupid games when it begin to restart it will back to level 1.when i send the email to admin they are not responding. if you all do not believe or confuse u may go into the games looking for ADD FRIENDS and type ( rajan raj ) u all will know
  3. Love playing but Im getting bored waiting
    Shenton James
    Ive been playing this game since early last I had to restart again when I changed my device. Dont really mind that. Dont even mind about why the random egg lottery is not so random. So...when's the ACHIEVEMENT's gona b out?I know it ws obtainable when it ws introduced but later turned into COMING SOON. And from my old Island which I stopped at level36 or something to my new one today Im also wondering is the new mission really coming soon too? 100 diamond for a diamond mine that gives you ONE?
  4. Good game but major letdowns.
    Ammad Qureshi
    Game is way too simple and the probability for the dinosaur pieces are most likely set to '0% chance'... I tapped the same button 425 times, but I never was able to get the dinosaur egg.
  5. Get bored too quick.
    Candy Higdon
    At the beginning this game is entertaining it's like CityVille, FarmVille games like that you build a town in this case you build dinosaur habitats.It takes way too many XP to level up you don't get diamonds very often the diamonds you used to buy the better dinosaurs and they cost entirely too many diamonds it's almost impossible to save as many diamonds is it needs to buy the dinosaurs you get bored very easily. I would like to see you lower the amount of XP to level up and maybe lower the amount of diamonds for the better dinosaurs if not then I'm at a standstill and very bored so I'll just delete the game move on to another one
  6. Liked at first not challenging anymore needs more excitement the mine needs to have free dinosaurs on it
    richa williams
    Getting boring please put excitement in the game i'm sure the public can give you some ideas boring
  7. Boring
    Abby Maust
    I didn't like how the dinosaurs look like something from a game boy so bad graphics. Intro or where it tells you how to play took too long. And it was boring. Fix these problems and I will install again.
  8. Best game ever
    Husaini Muhdhusaini
    I love to play this game and easy to get many diamonds and coins.Who play this game I'm sure you will like it.This is a marvelous game ever.......but I feel bored because I want new dinosaur.....
  9. Dino World
    Teresa King
    Like the game a lot, but I have done pretty nearly everything there is to do. Need updates for more to do.
  10. Addictive
    Evita JG
    Played it before and it was fab but my mobile didn't have enough memory to support it so now I try again with a newer mobile
  11. Bad Iqa
    love this game very much. but the money was too much and I do not know what to do with all that money. plants are cheap. i hope more goals using existing money
  12. Dino
    Javieralbertogadeasolorzano29 Gadeasolorzano
    It's AMAZING how they have so many different types of Dinosaurs like Rock,Gem,Fire,Cloud,Monster,Ice,Robot.
  13. Amamamamamazing
    Russel Clyvert
    Great the developers of this game,keep up the good work.I do hope there will be an update for this game though....
  14. Great but sad
    Ruth Peregrino
    I would have give 5 stars for a really great game but How can i breed an alien dino? I tried it alot of times but it wont.. So sad..
  15. Nick Harding
    Good but it keeps asking me to rate it and now I did a whole lot b inning jyhfhfyvjfetter for me
    Avery Hussey
    Ok. I love the game. LOVE. Very addicting. Hey creators if you could make the dino mine like 50 gems that would be great. Love the game wish there were more ways 2 earn gems. Like my comment if you agree
  17. awesome
    Wyatt Brilliantes
    now I got moon lure all over my park yeah cheats
  18. Love it
    Kyle Ramsey
    My nephew loves playing this game he lives for anything dinosaur but he thinks so far this is his fav
  19. Gail Clayton
    I love this game. But bought another phone put n the same Id. But now have to start all over. Dont like that. Thinking about deleting the game unless u can put me back on my level.
  20. Epic
    Rhea Sinclair
    I had recently installed this on my phone and it was awesome. Now I have it on my tablet everything is twice as cool!


What`s new

v1.2.0: Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.