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Simone Secchiati | CEO - Fotografo - VideoMaker presso Pandora Photostudio

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Michel Morcos | CEO @ Ketchapp

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joe mike | Application Developer at Ketchapp

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Reviews 943,231

  1. Great game but......
    Alexis Lawrence
    You should really get more balls I already bought all of them in 4 hours!!! And maybe raise the prices also, I have over 6,000+ gems right now!!
  2. Not working
    Colin Frank
    I'm not sure what's wrong, my phone or the game or the gyroscope relay from phone to game. Either way, the ball goes up-right and no matter what position the phone is held in the ball does not change direction.
  3. Abigail Trahan
    This is a great game! It's very fact my friend wanted to try it and I told them to wait until I failed again, and I still hadn't given them a turn about an hour later.
  4. Great game
    Jazmine Kozlowski
    You guys should invest in more things to buy with gems but with higher prices than before. There really isn't a point of playing anymore if there's nothing to do.
  5. Cool game
    Cameron Kauffman
    I like games that you can never beat plus a point other than getting a high score (getting balls) although you should make the gems harder to get instead of in mass amounts or raise the price to get the balls.
  6. Really?!
    Jason Ung
    I got to 300 and an ad just appears . What the hell! It's not even just that the ads are everywhere. This game is just like jelly jump great game with heaps of ads!
  7. Its aaaah
    Mariama Middleton
    It has a to many ads there is a glitch where the ball falls straight through the blue brickesh thingy and add power ups or just more items do this and i will rare 5 starsq
  8. Aight
    Victoria Pham
    It's great but it needs more things u can buy with gems. I've already unlocked all of the balls and this is barely the fourth day that I've had the game. And I haven't even been using it a lot in these four days
  9. Couldnt get more than ten points!
    Anika Jarquin
    it was not fun and extremely hard to turn the marble they should have novice levels or have the retry an actual rety of the original course to get the hang of it. I do not rcomend this to anyone!
  10. its good
    jessica lee
    ill sit there for hours trying to beat my score ive bought all the balls and have over like 5000+ gems maybe add powerups like thicker paths for like 200gems for 30seconds and stuff like that.. ive got a good idea for 500 gems move to score 70 and then you play yourself some stuff like that good job on making it
  11. More items.
    Bree B
    Overall good game. I sit and play it for a long time trying to beat my high score. Though you should add more items. Like maybe powerups to buy such as a thicker path, and other things. Other than that, great game!!
  12. I like it, but...
    Alexis Sutherland
    I wish it had more things to buy than just the balls. Maybe upgrades in size and/or speed of the balls? Or powerups?
  13. AWESOME !!
    John Tarek
    i love love love love love this game its very challengyyy game. I'm just addicted to it and left my home works and my study for 2 days every time you lose you play another turn without stopping hahahah. GOOD JOB
  14. For all of you wondering
    Shannon Fletcher
    You DON'T tilt your phone, you tap the screen. Great game and would score higher if people knew this or it was in the description.
  15. Noobs
    Robert Himes
    Wow i read all ur comments on this game and all of that is just crap. First of all u tap more then once on the screen to move the ball in a diffrent direction. And second it doesnt take a rocket scentist to figure out this game XD
  16. Great game
    Adrianna Novilla
    The only real issue is that it took a very short time to buy everything in the shop. Now I've got over seven thousand gems and nothing to do with them.
  17. Hmmmm
    CA Vescera
    It was great but now after the update the ball just moves really fast and I hate it. I was addicted but then you ruined it.why u do this to me?!
  18. Betther
    Milos Stojanovic
    U should make somthing new in this game. I have 15000 diamonds and dont have where to spend it.. at all its funny and good game.
  19. Would be 5 stars but
    Quinten McFarland
    Didnt like that all the balls are 100 and too easy to get I got them all in under an hour
  20. I used to play all the time...
    Autumn Johnson
    This game used to work fine, I loved it and was very addicted to it.. I would give 5 stars, but now the ball has a serious delay and it doesn't register my taps.. I can't even get over 5! I used to get over 200... I've tried uninstalling several times, and there is no change. Please fix I have a Droid Turbo.


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