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  1. Fantastic!
    Tran Sient
    Thanks! This game is great fun. I've never played it's RL counterpart but I quickly got the hang of it. Smooth gameplay.
  2. Fantastic implementation of San Juan
    Shawn George
    Everything about this is fantastic. Very user friendly and true to the original rules of the game. My only complaint is that there is a bug with the Customs Office...currently you can produce a good on it during the Producer phase, while you should only be able to on Councillor phase.
  3. Excellent game
    James Holzhauer
    Nice version of San Juan, one of my favorite quick card games. Rules are simple, and the AIs are challenging enough to make me think. And with no ads, this is one of my favorite apps. Keep up the good work.
  4. Free SanJuan
    John Liosatos
    This is like a free game of San Juan minus the aesthetics (art and music). However this includes the new buildings and events expansion which is missing in san juan. The only issue I have is that there needs to be a way to read the text on cards in your hand to figure out what they do. The only way to do that as of now is to designate one card for building to read the text on your other cards.
  5. Good job
    Martin Bradley
    Would give 5 stars, but text on some cards in the expansion sets (where there is a lot more text) is not fully displayed. Might be fully viewable on tablets. Is there a way round this? I don't have San Juan, so am not familiar with the game. Bar that one small hitch this app is great.
  6. Very good!
    John Drake
    While not the most colorful implementation... it provides an easy to use and intuitive interface. For San Juan fans, this is a must-have app and quite enjoyable to play. If there was ever an upgrade... multi-player would be the most desirable update.
  7. Fantastic Implementation
    Stephen DeSanto
    This game is a phenomenal and faithful implementation of San Juan and has given me many many hours of fun. The AI is more than competent, the interface pretty straightforward and easy, and the game itself quite good. Condado is one of my favorite ways to kill time on the Android.
  8. Great
    Vishal P
    This is a great, free game app, and it requires no permissions to boot! The interface is good, the AI is tough, and it's pretty much bug-free. Plus, it has the new buildings and events!
  9. Addictive, especially the AI
    Stephen Worthy
    Fantastic rendering of the game, if only they would do Puerto as well! I'd suggest showing stats against each AI, and maybe more achievements. The game crashes on me once, and it's a little irritating that this recorded as a loss, plus draws seem to be recorded as losses too, even when level on the tie-breaker. But overall a very intuitive setup.
  10. Great game!
    Joe Thor
    I have yet to play San Juan on the board game table, but I am excited to do so. It is a tableau building game where you use your cards as currency. You build up an engine to get more cards and play cards by discarding other cards. This version is a free version which lacks compelling graphics, but plays very well. Includes the expansions, alternative rules, stat tracking, and several AI opponents.
  11. Superb
    Simon McGregor
    Great app, completely free, no permissions required. Thoroughly recommended. It's readily playable on my small Samsung Galaxy Europa screen, with all relevant information clearly displayed or accessible.
  12. Game is good,BUT.......
    Nick Baldwin
    .....After about 4 rounds, the program slows waaaaaay down, with touch response around 5-10 sec. Makes it almost unplayable. The game itself is great, good strategy. Would be nice to see the opponents board, even if only at the end of the game, so you can see why they won.
  13. Fill stars man
    kyran rhodes
    I loved playing this in school n now I can play it again for FREE btw put in game purcheses ie. Diffrent colour stuff :D
  14. Delightful thinking game
    Brian Bloom
    Great adaptation of a board/card game. One of a very few that lives on my tablet. Occasional glitches but otherwise very consistent fun. Any complaints I have are with the original game, not with this android integration..
  15. Fun!
    Todd Snider
    Easy to use, easy to learn, very fun to play.
  16. Addictive game
    André Capers
    Excellent implementation of San Juan. Challenging AIs. The only thing missing is multi player support. I understand the challenges involved is adding this, but it would be oh so glorious!
  17. Fun single-player card game
    Joshua Zamrycki
    Excellent mechanic and decent AI. Rough appearance does not take away from the enjoyment/challenge.
  18. Almost perfect.
    Jonathan Biggar
    But sometimes the Residence card doesn't score right. I had indigoX2/guard room and palace/guild hall/residence and it only scored 4.
  19. Excellent
    Ryan Elson
    Been playing the card game for months. It's great to gave a mobile version. The stats section is a bonus.
  20. Mostly great
    Steven Feldman
    Performs well and Spartan look is functional on any Android device. I'd like a stronger AI and multiplayer.


What`s new

- Add landscape view for 7"+ tablets.
- Add career mode with statistics and achievements.
- Added several options and rearranged Settings.
- Various UI improvements.

- Fix crash when starting game with large fonts.
- Fix crash when viewing career or settings on Android 1.6 devices.
- Fixed 'My name is Trump' achievement if crane used more than once.
- Fixed 'Find a new Hobby' achievement being displayed even when you haven't achieved it.

- Fix various in-game crashes