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Stephane Kurgan | Chief Operating Officer at King Digital Entertainment

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Kirsten Zahra | Senior Accountant at King

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Steve Durst | Producer at King Digital Entertainment

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  1. Pyramid
    Suzanne Lainez
    I would've given this game 5 stars if the game allowed for extra cards, lives etc w/o paying cash. Thts the only negative.
  2. Almost 5* but..
    Stacy Anliker
    My friends don't play so I can't get any help waiting 3 days to open a land is ridiculous. Don't like that some levels are impossible to get 3* without buying all the little things.
  3. Lives From Friends
    Lindsay Dobbs
    Th option to send lives is on practically evry screen, but theres nowhere to click to redeem lives received from friends; no "inbox". Once or twice it has popped up when first opening th game, but if th received lives arent redeemed right then, they seem to just disappear back into th depths of cyberspace.. Add an Inbox for another star! ;-) Also, purchasing boosters is WAY too expensive! 59gold bars for ONE booster is INSANE when 45gold bars cost $3.99. Add inbox AND lower prices for 5stars!!
  4. Pyrid Solitaire Saga
    Andrea Bergstrom
    Great game. Increasingly challenging as you go along. I have been able to solve all games but 1 without additional help that you have to buy--although some games took a lot of tries to complete. Clever "traps" to halt game progress. And I love the gerbil.
  5. Amazing... Just one problem though...
    Laura E Bradshaw
    It is amazing! There just never seems to be enough moves! Also, perhaps a button to show a hint of what to do next to be added? Maybe? No? Yes? Please, it would help me a LOT! Another question, what's up with the hamster thing? Or is it a Guinea pig? Lol!
  6. Just another money spinner!
    Tara Smytheman
    I am stuck on level 36 and refuse to spend money on getting past this level. Do you want to know why? Well on numerous occasions I've been two cards away from winning WITH VALID MOVES LEFT but the game has just stopped and told me that I had failed! When I still had valid moves left! It's absolutely ridiculous!
  7. Fun game!
    Brandie Longshore
    The game is fun and challenging without being so hard you have to pay for help. I would have given 5 stars but you have to wait 2-3 days for the next level to unlock unless you have friends playing the game to send you help.
  8. Melissa Palmer
    The only thing is if u don't have friends thirst play it you cant unlock levels
  9. Getting fed up
    Maureen Hawk
    Level 298 needs fixed. I'm tired of getting close to clearing it and then it just disappears! When I'm not, it lets you play all the cards.
  10. Love this game
    meridith cantelli
    I was kinda doubting this game at first bc I had some issues with it loading my messages & something else so emailed tech support & not only did they respond back very quickly each time, they also help me fix the issues. Far as the game itself it's different than your original solitaire game which is refreshing and brain challenging. Which I like.
  11. Fun
    jessica. sikora
    This game is fun and easy. Perfect when you need to waste some time. Thanks!
  12. Very addictive
    Tanya Everett
    I'm not a big solitary fan but once I played it on a friend phone, I didn't want to give it back. I have been playing it on my phone every since
  13. Disappointed
    Carmen Lamb
    Once again I installed after I had removed it because it wouldn't load for almost a month and had to start all over and once again stuck on a level that seems impossible to get through without purchasing something which I will not do. I'm sure more people would use and most would be happy if you gave away free boosts after finishing levels. Few more attempts and if I can't get through the level I will be uninstalling permanently.
  14. Pyramid Solitaire Saga
    Rose Mary Wood
    I would like to be able to see who else has played and their score. I like to challenge myself to beat other player's scores. The game would be even better if you could earn gold bars and other power ups.
  15. Addicting
    gary kinner
    King company does it again. Bright colorful challenging. Makes me come back for more!
  16. I like it
    Courtney Broussard
    I understand the wait period between levels (suspense factor). I'm sure it gets some people to spend money to go straight to it. But for someone like me (will NEVER spend $) the suspense is great for the first day, but by the second I loose interest and by the time it finally opens I have forgotten about the game......not such a great technique guys! Maybe you can offer a "secret quest" ....just a game that (if played and won) could shorten the wait time between levels....something to keep us engaged!
  17. Challenge
    Sandra Brown
    I like cus for me it's a challenge to get to the top of the game in other words to beat the game. It's cool it detract me from other issues in my life specially the ones that you can't do nothing about it cause it is what it is. And life goes on n try to make the best of it and look at it with a positive attitude towards your life status. So this game keep me from dwelling on my issue. Anyway I enjoy this game.
  18. Could be better
    Cassandra P
    I was enjoying the game but I need help to get to new worlds and more levels my Facebook friends have sent me help but I still havent moved on to new levels and have to wait 2 days! This needs fixing
  19. Pyramid
    Teuila Bentley
    Great game, not keen on the waiting to unlock next level though.
  20. Awesome game
    Preeti Tuteja
    Gr8 next levels....m loving it


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