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Aun Taraseina | Chief Operating Officer

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  1. Classic Puzzle
    Kody Jernigan
    I have had the free version of this game on every smartphone I have purchased as well as two of my iPods. I am finally purchasing it because I want the creators to get something in return for the amazing thing they created. When I was a kid I had a board game based off the same principals, only with cars. This game is great for killing time and destressing, as well as letting kids play with your phone. Thank you, game developer for an amazing product. I am happy to support this.
  2. Good times
    Abram Fadel
    Well then, this game gave me headache
  3. License check requires network.
    Nikolia Kowalski
    Has a stupid license check that won't let you play the game without a network connection... So I can't play it when I need it. Waste of money, should have pirated it.
    Denise Cousin
    This is the perfect game for me. It's simple but gives me a nice challenge. And I LOVE the different themes you can choose from.
  5. The BEST game ever!
    Johnny B
    Been playing for over a year and was NEVER bored, nervous or angry with it. Peacefully and calmly makes your brain work. Indeed!
  6. 5 Star Puzzle
    Mark V
    I have played Unblock Me for around 2 years now. There are thousands of puzzles. No annoying banner ads on the game board. Levels of difficulty are selectable. It challenges logical thinking about spacial limits, movement restrictions, size of objects. My wife and my son started playing it after noticing it on my screen. We all love it.
  7. Wants to track me now
    Aiht Ku
    I originally loved this as a simple offline game, but I regret updating it because it harasses me every time to login to my Google account via Google Play so it can track everything. ... Edit: nope, I thought I might've done something to stop the constant login requests, but it's started again. No idea.
  8. Why not
    Franly Chandra Arief Moerwanto
    The best ever, its had more than 2000+ puzzle in it, best value per cost
  9. Great game!
    hunny rm
    It's just challenging enough, not over done. Make you think.
  10. Fun game but
    Lisa Craig-Young
    Why does it try to connect to Google play games every time? I don't want or need it and it is disabled. Please fix this option to not come on if you don't want it.
  11. Needs update badly, then 5 stars
    Brandon Gray
    Need to be able to save game in the cloud so we can move to new phone. Lost one game and if I need to switch phones I am done with this game.
  12. Nice
    Kendra Dayton
    Good game to pass time and good brain excersie
  13. Great game.
    John Cyrille Adams Ong
    Can you please add 'save progress to 'google play games'. I uninstalled it for maintenance coz my microSD/phone (I don't know which one but IDK) got virus and after I put it back my progress is gone.?? Update: Sometimes I get the 'Unable to validate license' message even if I didn't do anything P.S. I don't use microSD now and I still got it.
  14. Great mental reset
    Ron Spi
    It wants access to my Gmail accounts. I just refuse and move on to the game. I enjoy it. It is a good way to stop the daily stress and focus on something different.
  15. Cool game
    CathyAnn Campbell
    I love logic puzzles. Unblock me is a great time waster and becomes quite addictive.
  16. Check it out!
    Amirul Zahri
    Something wrong between Google Play Games and UnblockMe.
  17. Cristian Rios
    I love to play this before bed in Relax Mode
  18. Awesome game
    Matt Rose
    Love this game progress syncing would be cool though
  19. Great
    David Reed
    Just challenging enough and just easy enough.
  20. Unable to verify License
    Nery Angelina Galdamez
    Please Help it say: Unable to verify License



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