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Jamilya Yumaguzhina | BD Manager

Evgeniy Gotenko | Unity Developer

Arthur Salyakhov | Unity Developer

Sergey Arapov | Producer

Reviews 127,683

  1. Wicked.
    Jenna Gibbens
    Just wish it wasn't so expensive. ..I put money in but it went so fast. Now I won't put anymore in.
  2. Glitch?
    shi li jiao
    When I went to visit some easy battles again like the school,it have some strange but cool new monsters like a hyper resident eye at 19 hp andboc boc bird inblue colour and another boc boc bird in purpule in251hp and a BIGGER THAN USUAL (ultra Buzzo)with 125 hp . Its so COOOLLL!♡♥:》but the problem is,the monstersyclopiedia did not record it :( WHYYY?Please reply with an answer,PLEEEAAASSSEEE!!! Is it a glitch?Pleas reply back!!!But thanks for developing such a good game I absolutly loved it!
  3. Great game
    Steven Pollock
    Great game and I've won multiple uncut dice from killing monsters and in the online battles. There is absolutely no need to spend unless you want a few fancy monsters. Only issue is oit no longer works since i updated android. Please fix so i can get back to wasting my time!
  4. "Freezes" after battles
    Justin W
    More often than not, as of last night, the game simply stops progressing after a battle. Music goes, menu works to restart or quit (restarting just leads to another freeze), background animation keeps running. Rebooting doesn't help, nor does waiting it out. I let it sit for 2 hours earlier, thinking it was a stall and would proceed after some time. No change, came back to the same unresponsive party. Update: getting worse
  5. Not bragging, brilliant game just a bit boring now
    Abraham Jones
    I have completed the whole map of every level, completed even the tower and assembled a team of many great monsters and earned every reward in the pvp, even got a good rank there. I basically done evetything in the game to a satisfying level, even built evetything andraised different characters and rebuilt thetown. But is that it? No new maps, types of monsters, no new items, nothing? I've gotten bored of all that stuff, Is there anything else? I love it and all, but it's already getting repetitive. The drive is gone
  6. Addicting
    Julian Lesniewski
    Pretty good RPG, the combat is great, the only complaints I have are that when you get dice for stronger monsters, it's hard to actually get a bunch of dice on 6's, so I can rarely catch monsters, and that the whole "you get a 1, no damage" is annoying after a while, how about when you get a 1, you do half of the damage you've stacked.
  7. Excellent TBS RPG
    Joe Gomes
    Fantastic, this is a great turn-based RPG with a suprising amount of depth, something that is - sadly- rare for android/mobile games. Those who have played D&D(or Bioware rpgs), tabletop or pnp will be pleasantly suprised with the dice mechanics. Even those who haven't played those or are new to rpgs will enjoy it. Sadly I must take 1 star for the "uncut dice" system. To build new dice, you either collect shards thru combat OR get uncut dice and smash them in a crusher and collect the pieces. I did pay $5 for 20 (normally like $6 for 15) uncut dice and 2k gold, to thank the devs. -------------------- Bottom line: Excellent game that isn't just a time waster, addictive and free, but you may have to spend a cpl bucks further in to hunt for rare monsters (more rare=higher grade=higher lvl cap)
  8. Good game, bad crashes
    Donovan Tarantino
    I love this game but the crashing is too much sometimes in the middle of battle, in the shop, even when I send an error report it crashes please fix.
  9. Bad
    Michael Foutz
    Deleted mostly all games and still kicks me out, please fix I have not even played the game yet but it seems cool
  10. Crash and burn
    Ian Fiedler
    Running lollipop on a Samsung s5 and this POS keeps crashing. It even crashes when asked to make an error report. Lame
  11. Monsters
    Why are the monsters so incredibly hard to capture? I'm totally fine with trying to match the dice numbers and subdue them but then having to do the capture dice mini game crap is just so stupid. Other than that the game is pretty fun.
  12. Its boring
    Gaby Leeflang
    I thought it would be cool to get pets but half of the time its super hard to capture them and they barely do much
  13. So Far So Good!!
    Alexis brown
    I've only had the game for a couple hours, but I haven't been able to put it down since I got it! It's extremely fun and the gameplay is really simple. The only flaw is how time consuming it is (and how difficult it is to capture monsters..)!
  14. Great but crashes quite a bit
    Cathy Chiem
    Latest update keeps crashing quite often, sometimes i dont even finish one match and it crashes. Revised because it crashes ALL the time now. ALL. THE. TIME. Sad cuz i love the game. Now i cant play it at all.
  15. Dont know the rarity of my monster
    abdul ghaffur shamz
    How would I know my monster rarity? Monster description is shitt so, i dont know which 1 to choose among my monster.. also a bug happen when i silence the music.. when I closed the game and open it back it does not silence. Anyway good gamee. Keep up the good work..
  16. Keeps Crashing
    Jordan Lovelace
    With the update it is crashing even more everytime i tap on the app it crashes
  17. Never leave a rating but
    Anthony Taylor
    Freaking love this game. Wish we hax more games like this.
  18. Alfredo Ballesteros
    Love. It code use a few new stuff but still worth dowloading
  19. Decent
    Amanda Stanton
    It's an ok game but there needs to be an option for getting the uncut gem things free because it's impossible to get that good without them and without money the game sucks
  20. Awesome
    Benjamin Sosa
    Love the pixels. Love the monsters. Great game, although if you make the uncut dice rate drop a little higher, that would be great!