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Ivan Penev | Sales Manager at Kurechii

Burgas, Burgas Province, Bulgaria |

Yi Wei P'ng | Founder & Director at Kurechii

Selangor, Malaysia |

Lydia Ho | Creative Director at Kurechii

Malaysia |

Jiahao Low | Game Programmer

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  1. A Bit Slow
    Quanhao Li
    The game is very well made in terms of graphics and mechanics but the loading is a bit slow. It takes awhile for each stage to completely load for me to start and it takes awhile to end and return to the map screen. The game play is also a bit slow. Perhaps this is because of the phone model I am using (Samsung Galaxy S5) but I do hope this can be fixed. Perhaps a fast forward button?
  2. Good game
    Vadim Mashcenko
    A bit short for 3 dollars. A few things that I didn't like: 1.The slow and tedious movement speed between battles 2. Two or three levels have exploding mobs right before the level ends and it almost impossible to 3 star the level because of the aoe and the targeting of units/mobs 3.No endless mode 4. Four dollars for a unit skin on a 3 dollar game with 15 levels, lol wut?
  3. Wonderful game!
    Aaisha Khalifa
    I really admire all the work that went into this game. It looks absolutely fantastic and it's a delight to play as well. Although, there's a glitch that keeps coming up with the stars bar and it's getting irritating. Otherwise I'd have given it a 5/5.
  4. Damien MABIN
    All issue fixed !! Thx ! I wish we had an infinite mode :-)
  5. Loved it, great game plz add more soon
    Excellent blend of TD, RTS, and RPG. Can't put my phone down! I like the manga/ comic style of storytelling, very unique. The levels are challenging, the story is rather short though. Please add more levels, Perhaps an unlimited mode, and PvP would definitely be fun! This game has great potential, looking forward to new updates!
  6. Great game!!!
    Felix Travilla
    Loading is a little to slow between battles. Please add a speed tab. And it would be a nice touch if the units change appearance when upgraded. And also add summoner magic skills. All in all great game. Please add more levels and maybe more side stories. I expected more for $3.99
  7. Something new
    Nic Goco
    A nice take on an old formula. Hope to see more content such as new classes, campaigns, and challenges.
  8. Great Game!
    Chee kam chew
    Wish to see more classes or different gameplay. Probably like combine both Lunalie and Knight to make her more tanky Or reverse TD, where you control the enemy and kill Lunalie. Or even better, lets both player control both side and have them play. Not sure about the reward for this, but this would require some work. So good luck~
  9. Wow
    Joshua Kim
    This game is really unique and is really enjoyable, but it will kill time so make sure ur not busy when u play or ur gonna get sucked in.
  10. Earn stars
    Sion Toh
    Wish i can earn more stars even from stages that i have cleared. Not really good with strategic game, would like to upgrade the unit before advancing the game.
  11. Pls let it be more
    Xavier Ortiz
    I need more levels :o maybe multi player or endless, i really love this game
  12. Fun game
    Russell DiGrigoli
    Interesting take on tower defense. Lots of units to choose from.
  13. Really good!
    Riley Thompson
    Everything about this game is satisfying. It is a funderful game, Keep up the good work! I just have one question: the game is very short and I do realize that you are working on more levels, will we have to pay for it?
  14. Pretty good
    Karma Dragon
    Just wish the easy quests were easier
  15. Totally worth it
    Shadower Anon
    Its a great game dont miss it
  16. yunxu chen
    Fun game. Buttons need to be bigger.
  17. More content plz
    Anime Blossom
    The game is awesome and I hope for an update that adds more levels because I'd love to three star more levels
  18. Rivera Echevarria
    Its very nice and good, also I do love it
  19. Fun
    Brayden Bowser
    Its a great way to pass the time!
  20. HATE IAP!!!
    Amanda Lutterman
    Having to pay for bonus characters is stupid! I've already paid for the game, don't milk me for more $$$ ALSO, characters purchased with gold DO NOT carry account wide, only for the device you earned it on, no sync across devices for progression either


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Fixed various bugs.
Improved overall game performance.