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  1. Where did the time go?
    Nancy Prat
    Fun, challenging and frustrating... makes me stay up too late when I play before bed. I'm hoping the cobwebs in my brain clear up because I'm finding it too challenging already in I'm only on 52 in the easy section...but I'll keep plugging away until the cobwebs clear or I'm covered in them from taking to long to solve!
  2. Highly recommended.
    Pete Sztencel
    A well made game offering a lot of enjoyable puzzling, Reball is a top quality, very classy app. There are loads of levels, and although there's a timer (I hate timers), it's off-screen during play. Negative points? Not many. 1. Visibility would be better if the board was much darker. 2. The wibbly music stops when play starts. Boo! Keep it going, please. And maybe add some distant distorted e-bow guitar... 3. You only get 5 free hints, so use them wisely. R-e-b-a-l-l. Hmm. Better make that a ™ guys, before some über-litigious Floridian 'Mickey Mouse' organisation takes a fancy to it! I like this app. The paucity of solutions is a concern, but the gameplay makes up for it. (Note: IMHO, Color Oil [by the same team] is even better.) Reball doesn't quite manage maximum marks: I think it deserves 4 stars.
  3. Match-making game with a twist
    Fatima Nayani
    Loved it ! 1 star less just because there are only 5 solutions available for free :(
  4. Change colours of the ball
    KiraN TN
    Change colours of the ball as it is in your own design buttons and scissoros. So that balls will be visible clearly and no eyes strain. Other than that wonderfull game. Think of it. I think its a serious issue because one mistake will make a super game and an a flop. Think of it dude.
  5. Similar to sensi just nah irie really meditation :-). Suggestions to adhd
    Edgar Jarquin
    Focus in like a power boost if tooken. Relly gotga b inaa mood k.
  6. Its ok
    Mayuri More
    The game is ok for me cz whn i try to sequenc d balls it doesnt allow me 2 do so. Dont knw y. 2dnly d colors plz plz make dm darker its hard 2 play in day light it would hav been 5 stars if it could hav been much betr plz improve
  7. Simple but challenging - great game
    Mike King
    Very easy to learn how to play but it will give your grey cells a great workout! Addictive.
  8. Love the game
    Hira Rehan
    its challenging at first but the more u play it starts to make sense. ... still challenging though! !
  9. Very Nice Game
    devvart singh rathore
    My Mother Like To Play This Game..Now She Want To Play More Levels..So Please Add More Levels Soon
  10. REBALL
    annamarie salazar
    Very addictive game. But I just can't believe how much you get into it. Have a ball playing with"REBALL"
  11. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Terri Cloud
    Fabulous logic game! Makes me feel a little stupid for overlooking the obvious sometimes, but great fun!
  12. Colours
    Pauline Patterson
    Love the game and would have given 5 stars if colours had been more distinct. I am only partially sighted and find it difficult to differentiate between the two shades of green. Perhaps you could use darker shade for one of them
  13. Liz Gerds
    Nicely challenging. I might get frustrated but I'm certainly not bored!
  14. Semma Game.. A real challenge to one's brain..
    Ligi Miranda
    Your cerebrum.. Cerebellum.. All at work and quite focused while playing this game..
  15. Tee
    Ree B
    Good effects and graphics. Thank u for not having annoying music. The music and sounds fit the game
  16. Reball
    Betty Pagano
    Very addicting...didn't know I was so dumb.....getting better. Thanks for the challenge.
  17. Mariou
    Marrio Bamba
    Brain storming and invigorating I am sure it loosens the cob web in the brain
    Larry Belitsky
    Really gives your mind a terrific work-out. E.O.D. (explosives ordinance disposal, or bomb squad for civilians) should use this for training, attention to detail, sequence logic, etc. VERY IMPRESSED!!!
  19. Pamela Weber
    Great build up in difficulty. Allows to skip levels and ti continue interrupted games. Makes you think without hurry. Very entertaining and rewarding
  20. Keep your brain working
    Jadegeklee Lee
    Like this game, very interesting and challenging.


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