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  1. Please add regional filtering and background loading
    Ross MacRae
    This is a very good, reading catalogs is very well done. Two of my suggestions are to make the download section filterable so I can at least narrow down my selection to Canada/English as an example, and be able to download my choices in the background as opposed to popup window. Thank you.
  2. Cuts bottom of page off
    Dan C
    I would have given a much higher sore if the app didn't cut the bottom of the page off, it is not usable at this time. I can't believe that it would be release this way! And it would be great if you could access your Leevally account to order tools and check other things like purchase history. Please Fix the cutting off the page issue for a start.
  3. Has Issues
    Liz Nonyabiz
    BOOKMARKS CRASHED! Needs to be ONLINE to work right. Memory hog, no SD Card but that's GOOGLE'S fault.
  4. Andrew Baker
    Great idea!!! Fix the bottom of the screen so I can see the entire catalog please.
  5. Doesn't come close to an actual catalog.
    Jesse Anderson
    Page bar cuts off the bottom of every page. App could be much more useful if it could be tied to a user account that would allow adding items to a wish list or cart.
  6. Great app
    Gary Graham
    What would've made it excellent is if you could order using PayPal
  7. Out of the Park! Using: SS GNote2
    Phill O
    Lee Valley Tools has a great development team. The magazine dl is fast and painless. The catalogue searches are spot on, as is using the index and tapping on the page number. Very well done. Could we have a highly interactive PDF desk/laptop version, please? Additions: a seperate page of addresses with all pertinent information and an instruction page for the less astute.
  8. Why can't it be on the sd card?
    James Tucker
    Nice having your catalogue at hand, but why can I not move it to the sd card? All my other books on kindle reader, etc. are on the sd card and I can read them without issue...
  9. Bottom scrollbar obstructs content
    Daniel Hsueh
    Scrollbar at bottom obscures page content. The bar needs to disappear after use, or the content needs to sit higher up so everything can be seen.
  10. Useful. But flawed
    Hal Zenner
    This is my favorite 'catalog' to browse, but I have two problems: first when changing pages both the header and footer obscure the page. So I'm reading a paragraph, but can't see the last sentence because the footer \"covers\" it up. Not a good idea when you can't read the price! Second: I would expect the ability to tap on an item and put it in my cart or a wish list. Unfortunately this app still requires you to use a browser to find and order items. This app does save trees.
  11. Lee Valley Library
    Chris Hart
    Love the portability of having it on my tablet wherever I go.
  12. Unable to download a catalog.
    Peter Donahue
    Would be one star except that Lee Valley is awesome!


What`s new

- App now supports offline search
- Added privacy policy