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  1. Oh my gosh! Another one! : - D
    Endless Surprises
    I "lost" the first one when my phone malfunctioned and I had to trade it in. I forgot to write down all the apps I had. I lost my favorite, "Color Fill", and couldn't find it again. When I finally found it this morning, I find out there's a sequel. I'm in heaven! Keep up the good work. You'll never be able to stump this quilter for long.
  2. Brilliant game
    Caroline Cuthbert
    Keeps the brain working and its fun :-)
  3. Shockingly bad
    Mark Cox
    Worse app ever, full of bugs and given me a virus, please think before downloading..
  4. Awesome for a brain puzzle
    Christina McPeters
    It's a great game for enriching your brain power and consuming time.
  5. So much fun
    Alan Green
    Really like this game its creative challenging and fun and the name is cool so I give a biggggggggg thumbs up:-)
  6. my review
    Sarah-Louise Conway
    I love this game it is sooo good and can be challenging at times but not too hard! :)
  7. The best free game on the play store!
    Paul Rutter
    I played and completed the original colour fill, and installed this sometime last year, and because of the updates, I'm still working my way thru this one. It's a great little time waster , with that "just one more go" vibe. My only suggestion to making this even better, is the level system, maybe you could add a few free hints after certain milestones? It would also good to see how many hints you have left to use. It's also refreshing to see that any ads are minimal, and unobtrusive, rare in most games.
  8. Stephen Dixon
    Played the last one and thought it was good, but i absolutely love this one, great for passing the time, levels arent stupidly hard, but not too straight forward, love the different types of level, e.g circles, specials etc. Great game, highly recommend.
  9. Wow
    Cliffy boy
    This is my favorite game available. But there is a problem with 9 mania level 58. One of the peices doesn't fit and you can't beat the level
  10. Fantastic!
    Diane Reynolds
    New levels thank you! Love this game so much ☺
  11. Great game
    Josh Johnson
    Really enjoy the game, only problem I have had so far is during level 58 of the new 9 Mania a couple of the pieces don't fit together right so you can't complete it.
  12. Super
    Gail Shaw
    So good that I played non-stop for 5 hours
  13. Color Fill 2
    Silvia Solorzano
    Fun game. Love the "Mania 9" update.
  14. G
    Ellie Leech
    Great game but it could be better if you could make it like put the blocks in when people want to because sometimes it doesn't happen
  15. So Far
    Emily Austen
    I absolutely like this game! In Fact I LOVE IT! It is amazing and so much better than the old boring colour fill. My favourithe type so far is curved! What is yours? Emily Xxx
  16. Great app but...
    Taigh Hawkins
    Can you please explain the two new permissions. I don't see why a game would need the two new permissions (WiFi and caller id) you're requesting and I would like explanation before I update.
  17. Needs new levels
    Needs new levels but other than that it is a great games.
  18. Recommend
    Devora Cross
    Keeps me entertained, and the harder levels put my brain to work.
  19. sharon robinson
    Great game,very addictive ,really worth the download
  20. shayerah rahmany
    Awesome game. Can't stop playing it. Anyone who likes puzzles, ck eck this game out