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Iman Mostafavi | Co-Founder and COO at Limbic

San Francisco Bay Area |

Arash Keshmirian | Co-Founder and CEO at Limbic

San Francisco Bay Area |

Lauren Wong | Office Admin & Customer Support at Limbic®

San Francisco, California |

Marcus Montgomery | Senior Game Designer who believes great games are created through prototyping, process, and people.

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Reviews 67,705

  1. HTC ONE (M7) user
    Kee Li
    Highly addictive so much so that my phone battery died midway through a level. Alas when I charged my phone the game had reset itself and the save games as well. Second time this has happened to me.
  2. Simple yet fun
    Kevin Marquardt
    FUN game great way to burn time. Not overly complicated but allows all elements of a good TD like upgrades. Nice clean graphics keep it easy on the eyes to know what's going on.
  3. Too basic
    Robert Woodcock
    The original was better. Not impressed. Added to review: the challenges were very easy. The developer neds to actually develop this game and add more maps. It has been too long since the last map update. Even if they add the maps from the old game.
  4. Original was 10x better
    Neil Cunningham
    Sure it has improved graphics over the original Tower Madness but it's dumbed down to try to convince you to spend more money on in app purchases. You can't just play the game you have to unlock everything.
  5. Its OK. Needs some fixes
    GxOOxGLE PlxUSsux
    Fix cheating on leaderboards (2 secs to complete a level.. I don't think so) Option to turn off auto zoom on first piece placed. Turn off animation and delay on initial placement setup. Allow initial setup to be saved and restored (spend wasted hours on multiple reset ups trying to get top score)
  6. Excellent with a few issues
    Morgan Yarbrough
    Only issues are: 1. Tesla tower says it attacks air and ground but actually only attacks ground. 2. Towers are not balanced, missile tower is extremely stacked, which makes the strategy far too simple, which is why I can only give this 4 stars.
  7. If Its not broken, dont fix it
    Jon Merrill
    First of all the first game was great or is great. I dont know what went wrong on this, Its as If u tried doing to much to the game. Where do i start. A stun gun should stun not kill. What good does a shrinking gun do, so what their smaller. What was wrong with the weapons from the first game ? The white lines showing the route their going, why ? The game is to flashy like lots of other td games. The aliens move to fast and the distance is too short. If the first game was a hit why make so many changes.
  8. Excellent! I don't typically give 5-star ratings.
    Michael Medeiros
    Good balance of towers that are reasonably priced (paid for with collected wool, not real money). Players may earn extra wool by purchasing the wool doubler ($1.99) or by watching short ads (550 wool for around 15 seconds of video). Strategy is required to place towers in optimal locations to create a winding path with a good balance of energy and projectile weapons surrounding it. If an alien gets to your sheep, you have one ram to crush all the aliens currently on the path, but you lose a star. A more intensive invasion mode earns 25% more wool and an extra star if you protect all the sheep. Weekly quests allow players to earn extra wool and 'time crystals' that may be used to rewind to an earlier part of a level. Great game with amusing ram animations at the end of the round. I have played Bloons TD5, Sentinel 4, and Anomaly Defenders for a while now, and this game is equally well designed and enjoyable.
  9. Good but
    Sean Booth
    All these high ratings are not of people who have finished the game. Initially the game is beautiful and much more intuitive than the first, however, there comes a point where the difficulty on certain levels is impossible. I have all weapons fully upgraded and have attempted some levels 30 times, using different combinations, to no avail. The fun nature of a game disappears when this happens. For the money I spent, I would avoid until the difficulty is better managed. PS. I'm an avid experienced TD player
  10. Great game but drains battery
    Randy Fullmer
    This game drains your battery very quickly. Worse, there's no way built into the application to close the game. I had my Nvidia Shield fully charged, in sleep mode, and this game drained the battery in 3 hours while the shield was asleep! This is a device I usually get at least 2 days of battery life from. There's no excuse for the game to continue running, consuming that much power, while the device is asleep.
  11. Good game, terrible quests
    Jürgen Stein
    For the missions... Easy to win, just make sure you upgrade before you get more towers... The quests, no fun at all. They are either made for babies, or impossible hard. Time attack 8 for example, i played the last map 50 times and got 45 times to round 48 or 49 and was a few seconds short, so I guess there is one perfect solution, you just wont guess it. I highly recommend not to get the game, it is just too frustrating.
  12. Very good and addictive game.
    Tapan Bhanot
    Very good and addictive game. Got it free on ios and then I ported to nexus 5 first thing I bought was this game. Works great and keeps me engaged for hours. Highly recommended.
  13. LOVE this game
    David Neill
    The best tower defence on android in my opinion. You can change the enemies course with towers, which I always enjoy and the game is challenging but can be beaten without having to pay for add ons, unlike free to play games. Can't recommend it enough
  14. Lowered review score
    Mike Skoor
    I would expect more update for such a good game and developer. Would love a high round leader board for each level. Starting to look for different TD games.
  15. Samsung tab 4
    Kaitland Shearer
    I love the game but it works for awhile then randomly won't open anymore so I have to Uninstall it and redownload it and it has my saved games but won't restore them I've started over 3 times.
  16. Great time consumer.
    Steffie Sidwell
    I've played this on iPad and finally decided it was time to get in on my Galaxy S5. It works well for being on my phone.
  17. Fun!
    robert allensworth
    I'm a fan of tower defense games. I've played them for years. Recently I played the predecessor to this game and enjoyed it enough to buy this one. It is lots of fun and challenging. A good buy.
  18. Zero complaints first 3 levels
    Donald Browning
    Nice TD game with better graphics an new angles. I'll keep at it an update when I've made some progress in za game
  19. It's not bad
    jino h
    The original was much more fun. The few maps available are ok but I hope there will be more Maps like the original, there were dozens of them. Also the ice stages here are annoying when your units freeze. Makes me avoid those maps completely.
  20. perry wargnier
    Finally added back my favorite weapon the flamethrower! I'm very pleased with the changes made in 2.0!


What`s new

Version 2.1.1
• Android 6 fixes

Version 2.1.0
• Additional fixes

Version 2.0.8
• Fixed an issue with the Vungle SDK

Version 2.0
• Added Flamethrower tower
• 10 all new maps in a new intense campaign!
• Towers no longer freeze on Ice maps
• Boost your wool income at the end of every round
• Lots of improvements

For technical issues, email [email protected]

Thank you, TowerMadness 2 Community, for all your feedback!