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Iman Mostafavi | Co-Founder and COO at Limbic

San Francisco Bay Area |

Arash Keshmirian | Co-Founder and CEO at Limbic

San Francisco Bay Area |

Lauren Wong | Office Admin & Customer Support at Limbic®

San Francisco, California |

Marcus Montgomery | Senior Game Designer who believes great games are created through prototyping, process, and people.

San Francisco Bay Area |

Reviews 3,314

  1. Awesomeness
    Kave Man
    Had it on ios and now android. I love limbic just live it I want I have its children , oh yah I went there ;)
  2. Addictive
    Emerson Ford
    A great challenge to protect your flock from a ravening alien horde.
  3. Great game
    eric Tumelty
    I've had this game since I got my first iPod touch, and have never had a device without it. Perfect game.
  4. Great game
    Rudy Mercado
    But every time I close the app the memory of won levels is lost. Please fix.
  5. Travis Abbott
    Great game, and tower madness 2 rocks as well
  6. Best of all!
    Sergey Sagan
    I've placed most mobile tower defense games and this is by far the best.
  7. Love this game
    William Gallagher
    I have been playing this game for years and this game still keeps me coming back. They rarely update the game Wich is the only thing I can complain about.
  8. Doesn't work with Android M
    Philip Moya
    Great game. Love playing it. But it doesn't work with Android M. Crashes every time I try to open it.
  9. Love the original
    Jim Katoe
    The 2nd version is good, but not as fun as this one.
  10. What a thoughtful and we'll made game
    Roy Freeman
    Super changing at all the right places
  11. Epic
    Davis D-Man
    Me and my friend play it we have sooooooooooo much fun
  12. Screwed up after 5.1 update
    HeWho MustBeObeyed
    I love this game but after the 5.1 update the game restarts repeatedly on my Nexus 7
  13. Simply the best
    Blake McAllister
    The most addicting game I've found on a phone.
  14. Loved it; played
    Mehool Mehta
    It all the time on Apple, unfortunately loyalty counts for nothing as everything you bought in the game does not transfer to Android
  15. Good, but some critics may help
    Johanes Pujosakti
    Like its Apple product counterpart, but saddly unrotatable and too sensitive. Hope you guys fix it on next update. Thank you to bring it to Android device, appreciate it very much.
  16. Still love it!
    Davey Porter
    I loved it when I first played it years ago and I still love it! Haha awesome game!
  17. Very good.
    Mike Warren
    Incredibly addictive. You will keep coming back to this game.
  18. Tower Power
    Gary Johnson
    I have Tower Madness on my phone and pads. can't beat saving sheep to break the boredom. Must have been developed by a fellow Scotsman!
  19. Love it
    Sherelle Walker
    Tower Madness has been and still is my favorite phone game period for 5 years now! LOVE IT!
  20. Great way to pass the time
    Danny Lovell
    I have been entertained by this game for a long time, never gets old trying to be top of the board every day


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