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Reviews 2,084,833

  1. Latest upate very good
    wendy setiadi
    Now i can past stage 240, yess the lag still there but not worse than before, thx dev, by the way great update
  2. Not such a bad game.
    Priscella Xiong
    I like the game. It's not so bad. I still kinda dont get what I'm doing cause all I'm doing is just clicking buttons. lol.. But overall, nice game. I do wish there was a little something more, but I just dont know what. xD
  3. BYE BYE
    Erdiawan Prasetyo
    I am done with this game. Its bulshit random "clear bonus" ruby so expensive and when you gacha you just have a trash rangers. Its time to uninstal
  4. Good animation
    Kevin Sevanda A.
    Its make me laugh to hear sally voice hahaha
  5. Good game!
    Albertus Cristanto
    Nice and addicted game, keep update and bring more joy for us :)
  6. Getting worse as it goes
    Oh Sang Woon
    I have been playing this game for close to a year now and I thought this game was very good in most areas. But sadly, it is getting worse with each new update. It is getting too heavy to run smoothly (even on devices such as Galaxy S5 or G3) and there are way too many crashes and errors. Also, in its latest attempt to revive a dying game, it came up with "evolution" - despite adding a new dimension to characters, it has also made the game unplayable without spending money. A lot of it.
  7. Sin William Senjaya
    Good job in fixing the background crash bug in 5 hours. You may need to state the minimum requirements for a device to be able to run this resource-hogging game. I witness that 512 MB RAM cellular handphone is unable to play this game in a prolonged state. As if the game always pushed but never popped, when the device is unable to even turn up/down the sound (some system apps are already automatically killed to give way to this game), the crash is imminent.
  8. Liked it before update
    humble coffee
    Voices changed and I don't like how they did. Old ones were just fine. Adding too much to the game which makes it confusing and over complicated.
  9. Awesome game!
    Porin Pon
    Woa, congrats! What a pretty game. I really enjoyed. The graphics are just great and it's really cute too! The dynamic of the rounds are really cool.It's a wonderful game.
  10. my rangers are gone!
    Novi Arliani
    please help, why all of my rangers dissapear? except at team they still on. its so hard to collect them but now i lost it all.
  11. better now..
    Ai Agatha
    I think it's better now.. I heard from my friend and we start playing again.. I will rate better later if I find it is truly worth to play again.
  12. Liars
    Donnie Caison
    I used 300 gacha on super leonard day. I got 2 seven star super leonards and no other normal 7 star. The rules on super leonard day: all super leonards are upgraded by one star, so they're equivalent to 6 star super leos. 300 gem gachas are "guaranteed" one seven star (or 8 star super leo) I didn't get a 7 star normal ranger or 8 star super leonard, which goes against their promise. I emailed support and they said that there was nothing they could do. LIARS.
  13. Not working properly @tab S 8.4 since upgrade to lollipop
    christfanie liong
    Encounter a problem since upgrade os to lollipop, problem is when entering evolve menu comes black screen. Get lags then black screen when entering all stage and using friend's help. Tried reinstall wont solve the problem. However these problems only happen at tab S, works fine on other device. Please check n fix
  14. out of balance
    Gibson 吉神
    this game is getting from bad to worse, you can win all the stage without problem if you have high ranking of rangers, however u will lose to those low rank competitor no matter how powerful u are. have been played for 2 years, this game is heading to death, out balance means bias to cheater
  15. Good game
    Kelvin Lim
    Good time sinking. Great graphic for it's kind
  16. Drew Dennis
    Having issues every now and then when I have to delete the game and reinstall for it to load. It gets stuck at the title screen with music playing (volume button wont work when it happens) and it just sits there with the spinning loading indicator.. other than requiring real money (a lot of it) to get further in the game (and even then its touchy) this loading issue is the only problem I have (Galaxy Note 4)
  17. Awsome
    Joann Mn
    Amazing this game is so cool I love that it is challenging and that you can have almost every character in line besides the regular emojis.
  18. OK but
    Cheng Kai Fong
    If you could stop having chaps with drills at level 117 it would be great
  19. Error on Samsung Galaxy Tab S
    William Birkin
    My Tab S experienced error when entering EVOLVE screen, the device always restart by itself. Please fix this issue. I have tried to re-download the game data but the problem persists.
  20. Fun!
    Sean Wong
    Simple yet enjoyable! Great for players of all ages


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