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  1. Adding a custom picture doesn't work
    Blake Howarth
    Adding custom picture doesn't work on my samsung note 4 just restarts the app, can't progress further into game because you need to burn everything in the first catelog.. 3 stars for the great game up till then. 5 stars when fixed!
    lloyd chun
    This game is great but its slow i know it's not my tablet because it's working all until i go on the game then it takes like 30 seconds just for me to read a letter 2 stars is a little for a small bug but i really can't enjoy the game when it's so slow.
  3. Touching
    Alex Mendez
    The last letter made me cry when I realized what it all meant. That alone is worthy of five stars from me, thanks devs for creating this masterpiece.
  4. Burn Your Stuff and Your Phone
    Mike Volpe
    The game is simple: burn stuff. It doesn't seem like much in the beginning, but once you start unlocking items, discovering combos, and learn about the dark world surrounding the game, it becomes all the more rewarding. Just keep in mind this game requires a lot of power, so expect it to drain your battery and overheat your phone in long enough intervals.
  5. Doesnt work
    Jade Emiley Moyre
    Total rip of when you click on the app the screen turns black i will rate 5 stars if you fix this
  6. So glad I bought this!
    Jason Hollis
    I played through the whole thing from beginning to end in one session. Fun, simple gameplay with a story that I couldn't help but finish. Worth the money!
  7. My pictures thing dosent work
    Zach Koivisto
    I cant progress in the game without it! 5 stars iif you fix.
  8. It's absolutely amazing!
    Carissa Messenger
    At 1st glance it seems like a simple fireplace simulator but as u progress there's a story! Not just that the game is funny & witty yet dark & mysterious! The graphics, physics & music r phenomenal & this is probably the cheapest platform 4 the full game! Definitely a gem of the app store!
  9. Why!?
    Aaron Rosser
    When I play this game i feel, well, better, but it keeps glitching , why ? I love this game but the glitches keep crashing the game rendering it unplayable , and my wifi isn't even doing this! And I am so sad that I have to delete it now otherwise it will give me anger issues or something! Please fix this tomorrow corporation! From Aaron
  10. Angry
    spike the gamer 123
    You said in the update that you fixed some things that the updated androids couldn't do but I still can't get the my pictures item yet it just takes me back to google play
  11. Fun game
    Julia White
    I saw someone playing this game at work one time, and i knew i needed to play it. It takes A LOT of juice to play, but i had a lot of fun, and i haven't even beaten it yet!
  12. Greatest game I've played in awhile!
    Bradan Taylor
    It's rare for me to find a game I enjoy enough to finish, especially on a mobile device. Usually they are so poorly made I grow bored of them after a short time. Little Inferno on the other hand, is one of the most interesting, thought provoking, and beautifully made games I have ever gotten to play in a long time. It starts out as a simple burn it up game, but after a bit you get sucked into the story and it drives you to the end. The game was so compelling I couldn't even put my phone down.
  13. gaby santoyo
    I love this game. I almost cried! Most amazing game ever!
  14. William Ivers
    Had to install it twice before it worked correctly but now it runs fine. Excellent game, very innovative and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants something that can be enjoyed in short intervals. Missing 1 star because the phone over heats and drains the battery substantially more than most apps.
  15. Strange and captivating
    Karin Hammarsten
    If you're looking for action-packed gameplay, this probably isn't the game for you. However, the story is compelling, and it's such a nice change that there are no microtransactions. I definitely think it's an app worth paying for!
  16. Suger plump is gone
    Joshua Teng
    When i read suger plumps letter i saw the photo burning at her place she burned up my curtains burnedi was shaking then i exit the game i would give 5 stars when you dont put like that.
  17. Love it
    Jose Rodriguez
    I really love it I've been wanting to buy it since I saw a youtuber play it named jacksepticeye which i subscribed to and he's really cool and I love the gameplay and burning stuff this is going to be history I can believe I spent my google play card on this but not all of it I think I spent my google play card on this I think just think ok the end.
  18. Good meta-game, mediocre game
    Stephen Caron
    Aside from repeated crashes(egg sacs and Kitty I'm looking at you), the gameplay was only mediocre. The meta-game and hype were the only reason i played/continued to play this game. I got to the end and the final combo crashed my game so i had to youtube the ending. Somewhat dissappointed, but the "you miss life by burning time on video games" message was neat.
  19. Would be good but for awful performance
    Frankie Smith
    This looks like a great game, but the performance on my nexus 10 is so laggy and unresponsive that it ceases to be fun. Maybe it is better on shinier devices, but on that it is unpleasant.
  20. Great port worth picking up.
    capy bara
    Though the premise is simple, Little Inferno is actually an amazing experience. There is a bit of a story with some cool social commentary, and really nice gameplay mechanics. You must discover "combos" to unlock new catalogs and progress. Loved this on the Wii U, and at one dollar, this is a steal. As a side note, it causes my phone to warm up, but it runs fine. Just gotta play it in bursts.


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