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JeongHyun "Junction" Bae | CEO at LoadComplete

대한민국 |

Soo Jeong Bae | Director at LoadComplete, Co-founder

대한민국 |

최선웅 | Project Director — LoadComplete

대한민국 경기도 성남 |

Boram Kim | Project Manager — JellyBus

대한민국 경기도 부천 |

Reviews 1,212

  1. Need Network Connection Simulator 2015!
    Drew Link
    I would love to actually play this game. I believe whole-heartedly in playing a game before reviewing, but I have had this for 2 weeks and no matter what i get the same network connection error. I am obviously connected because I am using the same device to write this review. I don't understand how this is a problem with games. I downloaded it, I have connected to multiple networks... it should really not be this difficult to play a stupid Google play game.
  2. Early Review: Ok but limited movement options.
    John Aliaga
    Pinch of salt review as I'm only 7 (very short) levels in. The visuals are so far interesting but level variation has all been basic city streets which I'm already finding repetitive. There's no "Wait" command though which doesn't feel natural and makes the turn based movement feel limited. Will update after playing more but the latter point i made is already making me have my doubts.
  3. Zombie puzzles?!
    Simon Gardner
    Only played the first few levels so far but it has a good feel to it and I can tell it's going to get more and more interesting as the new types of zombies start coming for me
  4. Jonathan Rose
    Quality zombie twist on turn based puzzling like Hitman GO with a few problems.1) Serious battery hog. I have extended 7000mAh battery but still found it chewed through that at an alarming rate. 2) Text must have been translated into English and is occasionally confusing or unclear, including the text for achievements being odd. 3) Default move speed is too slow. Can be changed but some players may not realize. 2x should be default. 4) Not really 8-bit, just pixel art.
  5. refund
    Jen Nealis
    Game will not open and is causing my device to freeze. I have go rebot my device. I would like my money back ASAP
  6. Must own.
    Michael T Moreno
    Clever game design, interesting tile based movement. very easy to get into even if your not really in the mood. Also the art direction is fantastic, and the animation is great. Runs extremely well on my s4.
  7. Boring
    George Radosavljevic
    Just moving involved, sure there's thinking involved, I can think about moving through my daily life without this game. There's nothing interesting involved here- bad graphics, bad music and atmosphere, very unintuitive and boring. All in all, not worth the money nor the high rating.
  8. Chad Baker
    Loving it so far. Just like Hitman Go but with what seems like more levels and pixel art means small download!
  9. Great puzzles but limited toolset
    Matt Small
    Love the art style. The puzzles make the most of the fact that all you can do is move, but it would be cool if you had more abilities or tools at your disposal.
  10. Dull
    Raymond Minge
    Relatively uninteresting. The art style is cool, but that's about it. It's slow pace is really the only penalty for doing poorly, which is more irritating than it is an incentive for improving.
  11. Stripped down Hitman: Go
    Billy Follett
    However there is a great atmosphere, but it is limited by the length of the levels.
  12. James Beaudin
    Seems fun, mechanics on the guards don't seem to make sense but hey if only played 3 levels
  13. This is like Hitman Go...
    Moe Othman
    Good but It gets boring after a while.
  14. Amazing Game
    Callum Hind
    This game is amazing with the graphics and game play. The 8-bit graphic style is exellent and the game play is interesting and pulls you in. Fully recommend this game it is totally worth the £1.49.
  15. App keeps closing?? Looks nice though
    Super Lame Butt
    The app opens, loads with the burger logo. I get to the screen where it suggests using headphones.... I can't get past that screen without the app closing/crashing?? My tablet has no problem with larger apps... So I'm not sure what the problem is?? Most likely a better review when I can finally play it?? Because it looks pretty rad...... Really hope I didn't waste two dollars.............. Update: I would really like confirmation you are working on this issue or a flat-out refund. Thank you. | update 2: I've had this app for over two months. Still not word or ANY change. I want a refund of my money... I can't even OPEN the darn game....
  16. Pretty cool take on turn based gaming
    Terrance Rice
    I dont go for games like this, but this is alright in my book.
  17. Like it lotz
    Nathan Robson
    Requires some thought and strategy as you progress further into the game. Highly recommend giving it a play through.
  18. Little Balchers
    I don,t know this game I thing is gan be goood and cool by the pichers
  19. Does not load
    Matyas Filep
    Did work until recently, now gets stuck at the title screen. Liked game until now, pity...
  20. Awesome!
    Jimmy Horton
    Very similar to a variation of 'go' or hitman go in that it's a turn based game but with crazy cool 8 bit zombies. Awesome graphics. Crisp, detailed sound effects. Very enjoyable gameplay. Highly recommend it.


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