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JeongHyun "Junction" Bae | CEO at LoadComplete

대한민국 |

Soo Jeong Bae | Director at LoadComplete, Co-founder

대한민국 |

최선웅 | Project Director — LoadComplete

대한민국 경기도 성남 |

Boram Kim | Project Manager — JellyBus

대한민국 경기도 부천 |

Reviews 9,763

  1. Needs an update
    Flod Likes
    I love the idea of adding fruits in the gameplay, it's enabling me to earn coins faster but on this recent update the game became so much laggy that it's hard to play anymore. I really loved this game. So please update as soon as possible.
  2. Fun, guy I shop will give you nightmares
    al arker
    Fun, however new shop update is just to make money all cats out priced on gold coins so you have to pay cash if you want them
    Exe Secret
    The cats are an awesome idea... BUT WTF IS WITH THE '$11900' FOR ONE CAT! Oh and the hats... '$6900' WHY. My currency: $567. Stupid update. (Of course you update the game again... To make all the comments seem like they are for an older version. Well... ALL THE COMMENTS ABOUT THE CATS STILL GOES FOR THE NEW VERSION, DON'T BE FOOLED.
  4. Για να περάσει η ώρα σου.
    Δημήτρης Συμεωνίδης
    Πολύ ευχάριστο παιχνίδι, για να περάσει η ώρα σου καλό είναι..
  5. Nice buttttt...
    Audrishu P.
    But the CATS are too EXPENSIVE !!!!! But it will be more better if everytime you highscore you will have Free Item something like that... Because the Accessories are soooo way toooo Expensive!! And it will ne nice if there's a Wheel of Fortune... LOL that's all I guess :)?? Hope you've read this message/comment :">>
  6. Ridiculous
    Amanda Carroll
    It's a dumb game but good way to pass some time when your bored would be nice if it was in English
  7. Very cool but...
    Alon Landau
    This game is the best game ever but one little thing, cats are too expensive, I can't even afford it after selling my house, make them cheaper pls, <3
  8. Its fun but ..
    Tottally T
    I liked the game even tho it is simple it is addictive but why are new cats so expensive???
  9. Addictive
    lelani grant
    It is quite funny and addictive, the only reason why it's not 5 is because the cats and accessories or way to expensive
  10. Virus alert!!!!
    Gabrielle Jubilo
    I expected to play this but when this game screen did not move i wait so long but the hell is it this is a virus i even go to store just to tell what happened (:/
  11. Amazing
    Micheal Suddeth
    This is such a highly addictive game I play almost every chance I get
  12. Is the game made so it lags randomly while aproaching obstacles ?
    Mihaita Stoicoci
    Theres some random screen flicker when aproaching obstacles . I'm playing the game on a Samsung S4. Is my phone not up to this game ?
  13. Fun but the update is meh.
    Carsen Harrison-Bower
    It's a fun game but after the update I can only open it through the App Store, the icon isn't working. And the cost for 'upgrades' in the store are ridiculous
  14. Loved it
    Amanda Luna
    Not amazing but it's a fun and cute game to pass time to.
  15. Picture perfect prettiness
    JoAnne Ratliff
    Awesome game. So if you play enough it gets even better than the start. Looks original quality Hi-graphic amazzzing.
  16. Expensive
    Makayla Frost
    The cats cost waayyy too much for anyone to be paying.
  17. Maro Maro
    I find it very addicting .. its soo cute I love it . But the cats is too priceeey D:
  18. Jam Banana
    Addicting! Only issue is the cats and accessories are sooo expensive. Anyway.
  19. Cat-tacular!
    Alyssa Solorio
    I don't know where my life would be if I had something other than this awesome cat-venture game to play when I'm doing nothing.
  20. Kitties
    The Thoffers
    This is an awesome game. Kitties and donuts.