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Alex Thabet | President at Ludia

Montreal, Canada Area |

Alina Gotcherian | Community Specialist; ACTRA Actor

Montreal, Canada Area |

Michel Aubinais | Product Manager at Ludia

Montreal, Quebec, Canada |

Joanie Pépin | Developer at Ludia

Montreal, Canada Area |

Reviews 82,217

  1. Working well
    Wes Garbarini
    Rating update! WAS a great game. Had several worlds in second level then logged in and ...poof...all gone had to start back at beginning. If it gets fixed will change back to 5 stars. If not. ...uninstalling!
  2. Hilarious rort
    Sarah Schmitt
    And when you earn a thousand whatsits you get a doodad and if you get a thousand doodads, just wait an hour and you'll get a whatsit. Stick to the books, no find the object fun here.
  3. Restarted
    Christin Gratton
    I was actually enjoying this game and loved how fast energy replenished. Unfortunately after making days of progress I just logged in to find my whole game was wiped. I will attempt to delete and re download but if this does not work I will delete completely.
  4. Loved it and had several world's, now it's all gone?!
    Lucy Fallon
    Was enjoying this game and had several world's and achievements, but just logged on and it's completely restarted. Not happy and seems like I'm not the only one...
  5. Fun game...wish it worked
    Katherine Bruce
    It's ok, but very frustrating because every 2 minutes you get kicked off, and then it won't work for 2 hours....You complete the same task 8 times but it keeps kicking you off and doesn't save your should be stress relief....not add to your stress.
  6. Ads, ads, ads, ads, ads.
    Edison Le
    They need to revamp the overly small hit boxes. Look for a few items, 30 second ad. Change windows, ad. Close a window, ad. Complete a search, ad. This app is 3/4 ads and 1/8 waiting and 1/8 Waldo. It's CPU heavy and drains batteries as if electricity was crack cocaine. Better off buying the I Spy books and skim through those instead.
    Nadzirah Wanchik
    Was a great internet connection also good but when u started to play suddenly came into logged in back many times..!need to wait for long time n also asked need to check my internet connection n bla n bla..not satisfy n unhappy.we dont need any apps during playing!!!FIXED IT
  8. Not bad
    paul cooper
    Good game very enjoyable but the ads are rather annoying. And could do with getting rid of the energy to play style as you can't play for long without ploughing money in to it.
  9. Great game for me and my 7 year old.
    Jessica Arce
    Awesome. Same thing happened where I had to start from the beginning as well. You just have to sit through the tutorial and then log it back into your Facebook and everything will be restored again. Really fun game
  10. Saved game disappeared
    Eric Ross
    Had all my progress saved. Then out of no where it restarted. So disappointed. Not worth th e time any more
  11. Stick with the books.
    M Kempster
    The most advert and in-app purchase-heavy game I've played. Is taking up around 375mb on my phone yet doesn't seem so far to have much to do. Many levels you just need to remember where specific characters are as it repeats. Can't play offline in places with bad/no data signal.
  12. Won't even let me play
    Nicole Potterf
    The screen freezes on the first search and won't let me push anything. Would be a great game if fixed.
    Munaza Saleh
    I didnt even play any thing its soooooooooooo slow it does not even load I waited for like 30 mints and it didnt load HATE IT I'm deleting it
  14. Good game. Evil/horrible developer.
    Muhammed Chavoos
    Space hogger I'm sitting at 596mb with this in my storage I think it's due to the 1 million video ads downloaded. Also it crashes a sh*Tload especially on startup. It's very heavy on resources.
  15. It is exactly what is says on the tin. Find wally and friends. I love it
    Karl Doe
    The game is quite hard on a small screen of a mobile but still very good fun and I am loving it.
  16. Won't load
    Louise Bell
    Wasn't a bad game at first but the energy runs out quickly if you don't want to pay for more. Spend half the time waiting for the adverts to finish, I never bother watching them so they're a waste of time. Now it won't load at all. Deleting.
  17. Slow logging in
    Lorraine Andrews
    When I want to play takes to long loading and to long to get life and I'm not going spend money on extras grr
  18. Sad day
    Elizabeth Martinez
    I really liked this game... i got really far but then all of a sudden all of my data was gone.. it made me start back at the beginning after playing it for a long time.. i tried to reinstall it but it didn't work... the facebook login is gone .. please fix.. i will be happy to change my rating when it does..
  19. Game manufacturer should be fired
    Samantha Oakes
    I was excited to find a waldo game so, of course, I downloaded waldo & friends. Ads were few and far between my game time, I got a pretty good distance. Then out of nowhere there's 30 second ads that you cant back out of and not only that but ALL of my freaking progress was deleted because the manufacturer of this game did something to make me lose everything. Nonetheless, Im not impressed. could use improvements. I would like my progress back because of their mistake.
  20. Lost all progress
    Shalonda White
    Same happened to me logged in one day and all progress was gone. Still have my achievements so clearly I was farther. Tried reinstalling to no avail. O well not doing that over


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