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Reviews 16,224

  1. I like it but...
    Jessica Dreyer
    There needs to be more dinosaurs and more places to walk around and it would be better if they made it to where you have to hide from the dinosaurs instead of it like they don't even see u if they fix it it would be five stars
  2. There's no way to control
    Felipe Orion
    The game walks into a straight line and then you stuck in the wall with no way to turn back.
  3. One of the best
    Quenton Aye
    Its simple and forgiving when setting up your phone in G Cardboard. Clear good graphics and 360 head tracking is smooth and accurately responsive. If you have not tried vr yet believe the hype. When you find apps like this one its a fun amazing experience it would be nice to have more room to wander around or different environments and btw if you can't turn around you don't have a gyroscope in your phone
  4. Good start needs to be bigger, louder, more teeth
    Simon Cousins
    As it is it just looks like a bunch of assets dumped into a small area. You also walk very slowly. Put in a narrative. Start the player in the helicopter, add in some interaction such as finding out who the dead warrior is and who shot him full of arrows. Let us ride the dinosaurs.
  5. Useless
    Salman Shahid
    Speed of walking very slow. Very few dinosors. Totally useless. Uninstalling
  6. Didn't work
    Joseph zink
    Has no motions. Walk straight into a wall and you have no way of turning or moving so your stuck. This isn't the only game like this too. Pretty much every vr game that says you can move your phone to control game camera doesn't work.
  7. No movement in my asus zenfone 5
    Just walk straight, i cannot turn righ or left.. any solution?? I will kindly change it to 5 stars
  8. Pretty Good
    Dragon Tamer
    The dinosaurs look great, it would be cool if there were more of them though. Like a stegosaurus or a brachiosaurus to give it more variety. It doesn't lag but for some reason it doesn't allow me to turn, I can look up and down but not left and right, although, I think this is just my phone and not the app itself since it works on my friend's phone. A good app over all, just doesn't seem to work on some phones
  9. Very Cool
    John Baxter
    This is the VR app I start my friends on. Easy to control and everyone likes dinosaurs. I have only seen the T-Rex and raptor along with a helicopter even though the description mentions more. Add more dinosaur for 5 stars.
  10. Does not work on my phone.
    Julian Jordanov
    Does not get any position data from sensors so movement is inposible. Phone is jiayu g2f td on android 4.2.2
  11. Pointless
    ian mcdonald
    Tried it on my phone first but the image was just a blurry mess, tried it on my tablet and it just walked forward until it fell through the map.
  12. Ok
    Julie Lane
    Not as good as I thought it would be, too small of an area also. Walking around was jerky.
  13. Cant find
    Raf Dehombre
    I can load it onto my Samsung Note 4. But cant see it when it is hooked up to the Samsung VR headset.
  14. Beautiful
    Vanessa A.
    Cannot wait for new update and also shooter game vr experience :)
  15. Not bad!
    Paul Velez
    All I kept thinking while playing this game was VR remake of Tomb Raider One.
  16. Ground is inches from your head... dev is clueless
    Tom Jefferson
    The developer programmed it so that your eyes are effectively 12 or more inches apart, which makes the ground look like it's just inches from your head. Bad programming...
  17. Game Is retarded
    Nicholas Post
    How do you even move make controls learn to make a game not a picture
  18. Great
    Lee Stoneman
    5 stars to counter all the idiots who can't read.
  19. It's okay...
    Yusuf Shaik
    I'm hardly moving at all. like the description says, I looked in the direction that I wanted to move and it's moving very little, I'm basically staying in the same place
  20. works perfect, great graphics
    Johnathan Post
    Needs some more dinosaurs, and screen touch should toggle walk so you can chill in one spot and look around. The new cardboard kits use a screen press button, so would be a great addition.


What`s new

64-bit faster experience is here (with App Bundle support)
Updated to latest Google Cardboard/VR
Extra bonus VR Roller Coaster featuring live music
Smaller download (apk) size
Super wide screen (2:1) support for devices like Samsung S8 & Google Pixel
Bug fixes

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