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пошаговые игры


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  1. Greedy developers
    The game was good for free to light paying players but after recent update the developers made some some changes that forces free players and light payers to pay more. I had L114 paladin rank #56 and assassin L97 rank 399. Got fed up of developer's greed. Uninstalled
  2. Really need this!!!!
    Darryl Pratama
    Can you add more energy plz. Its like i play for 5-10 minutes then it need recharge. . I really dont want that.
  3. Nice although..
    Pawan Rye
    Nice way to kill time.. Everything is better.. But energy takes long time to full.. (^_-)
  4. Truly casual
    Granny Grumps
    Best casual game I have played, and I have tried a lot. Takes 1-3 hours of my day, but no more because I actually run out of things to do. Many varying things to do. Rather repetitive, but some of us like it that way.
  5. Jason Sanchez
    I wish the game had more energy once you reach level 50 very much only play for like 10 minutes and then you run out of energy
  6. I loved it.
    Cole Destrampe
    It is an amazing game that takes a lot of my time! Which is amazing! The only thing wrong with it is that of crashes pretty often. But otherwise amazing game!
  7. Be prepared to spend big
    Simon Clarey
    Spent 200 trying to summon an ss pet during a supposed double summon rate event and got half way there. So you need to spend 800 on a normal day to get there. Pfft wish I hadn't bothered with this lame game
  8. Pretty good
    Tim Jahn
    I've been playing for about a year and while repetitive at times it's a great community and very competitive. Play every day and be strong :) my only complaint is there should be an in game communication system to talk to other players.
  9. After a few months of playing ...
    Kevin Warner
    Very slow progression, very boring storyline, very slow and repetitive grinding, boring and awkward character advancments, and I could go on but I'm bored.
  10. Good for casual gamers
    I like the game overall, but it takes so long to recharge your energy. I have to wait 30 minutes for 5 points of energy (w/o having to spend money). Either the regeneration period should be shorter or you should get more energy points for the wait.
  11. This is what im looking for..use "Gallante" for referral ID..
    diar pratama
    OMG!!This game is what im looking for dev for creating this awesome a big fans of this typical game..just keep update this game with wonderful events and ill stay as long as possible..and for new player you can use my ID as referral : Gallante and you can get free rubies at the beginning of the game..and we can be friends in this game which was very important because we can send diamond and energy if we became friends..good game from recommended game..
  12. Garbage pay to win
    Paul ght
    Play this if you want to waste your time getting farmed by pay to win guilds. Your whole group will get one shot
    Joshua Marmes
    Couldnt even play. Kept telling me to pick a server so i tried all 3. And every time it said the same thing. Cannot connect to server. Please check internet connection. Im connected. Just downloaded it. And nothing. UNINSTALL
  14. Played 1.5yr
    Jonas Juodelis
    I have 120 assasin, 130 in arena. Could sell it for 10eur. I have spent around 150eur to the game and there is no end. Game is good, but I to much paid.
  15. Tbh.
    Violet Steelman
    As most mobile games, its a tap & wait game. The quests/dungeons & battle actions are basic to say the least, but the ability to pick your companions, & upgrade your armor & enhance your characters with spirits & potions.. are all pretty awesome. So.. It's got its good parts & its very generic parts. Lol.
  16. Crash problems
    jc jy
    The game crashes every now and then but the most frustrating part is when it crashes on the story. Theres no function to replay the story and im just left in the dark. I reopen the game and all i get is a mission clear without knowing what happend. Please install a story mode or something to see all the story that has happend. It is also really hard to find game plays tht show the story so it is quite annoying
  17. Best game of all times
    This game is so awesome I absolutely love it so much it is as good as they get and keep up with the updates because everyone loves an update
    Benny Pekanto
    I have played this game for months now. I liked it but now...the game crashes so much lately. When I level up usually I am excited because I can know the continuation of story. BUT TODAY WHEN I REACHED LVL 98, THE GAME CRASHES 2 TIMES(BLACK SCREEN AND FORCE CLOSED) SO I MISSED THE STORY. PLEASE MAKE SOMETHING TO REPEAT THE STORY SO PEOPLE LIKE ME WILL NOT BE LEFT IN THE DARK ABOUT WHAT HAS HAPPENED. About the crashes, probably after the last update(I don't remember), but it's starting to happen frequently.
  19. Allen Heinichen
    Good game but it's real grinder so be ready unless you're a fan of these types of games.
  20. Addicted and ruining my life
    Patrick Voigt
    I clicked on the push notification for energetic evenings like 15 minutes ago. The energy was not there in 'events' ... I had the game open and minimized -- I was doing something else on my phone while waiting on timers in HoA. Give me my energy NOW. I cannot find any way to actually contact wemade USA support... the forums are useless and so is the FB page.




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