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Marek Rabas | CEO & Co-founder at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

Okres Brno-město, Česká republika |

Tomas Slapota | CoFounder and CoOwner at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

Okres Brno-město, Česká republika |

Adam Čunderlík | Designer at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

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Dominik Brablec | Game Designer at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

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  1. Great shield support!
    Edward Riddick
    Games okay. Kinda repetitive. Controls work great. Graphics look great. I love the cell shaded gore! I wish I didn't have to buy the game a second time for graphics.
  2. Compatibility list
    Ran Johnson
    Can you update your compatibility list to include more recent devices? Thank you! (Note 8 on Android 4.4) Thank you!
  3. I enjoyed playing it
    Stephen Wilcockson
    For about half an hour, its a bit too repetitive for me.
  4. Control issues
    Christopher McNamara
    Bluetooth controls work only for movement no response for any type of action on any keys
  5. Brilliant
    James Pollard
    A brilliant game so far on nvidia shield tablet amazing graphics and gameplay great sensitive touch screen controls hope there will be updates
  6. Fun but
    Bruno Diniz
    Game is fun and have cool graphs but my xbox360 controller only works for walking and not for hitting which is really frustrating.. If this gets fixed I'll change for five stars
  7. Woot! Woot!
    Evil Satanson
    This is the best! Need more games like this!
  8. Good game!
    Eric Heydenreich
    Thanks to the devs for making a great looking game that is easy to play! I just think it is a little repetitive but still worth the money!!!
  9. Excellent game.
    Mikhail Pogodin
    The game is absolutely amazing. But it would be great if players profiles implemented: I was really disappointed when another user started new game with another difficulty level and all my progress was erased (so I was not be able to continue with 'resume game' button). Besides even no overwrite warning appeared.
  10. Waste of money
    Kelly Longman
    Pros: game looks really nice Cons: extremely clunky, sluggish, unresponsive gameplay and controls. This made the game difficult, even on easy. I uninstalled this game 5 minutes after purchasing it. I'll be asking for a refund, if it's at all possible A week later, still no response from the devs. Very disappointing.
  11. Excellent game
    Jorge Torres
    I absolutely loved this game, I just finished chapter 7 and the only complain I have is a sometimes annoying bug that doesn't allow you to walk but as soon as you get hit it returns to normal, besides that everything runs smoothly. Great art style and graphics and fun gameplay. I definitely recommend this. Can't wait for more chapters!
  12. Great Beat-Them-Up
    Eric Belanger
    Easy controls and nice rhythmic combat make this game very enjoyable. Platforming segments are uninteresting though and got in the way of combat.
  13. Needs controller support
    Benjamin McSpadden
    I really enjoyed this game. Now that I've connected my ps3 Sixaxis controller I would really like to play this game again with controller support. Please update!
  14. Fantastic Game!
    Ryno Bones
    I love the game, and controlling with touchscreen is fantastic. Unfortunately, I cannot play this on my MadCatz MOJO! I've sideloaded from another device, but the CTRLR is not detected. I MUST PLAY THIS ON THE TV ON THE MOJO! AHHH! PLEASE! 5 Stars when MOJO is added....4 for now because really there are no flaws other than that compatibility.
  15. Needs PS3 controller support
    Björn-Falko Andreas
    The game is nice. But having to play with on screen buttons when all other Madfinger games support PS3 controllers is a bit daft. Could you please patch it in?
  16. Pretty fun
    leon nguyen
    But rather short game. I think combos can be more improvement.
  17. Excellent game
    Paul White
    Would be better with nVidia Shield support :)
  18. Beautiful
    Danny Lopez
    Its look great,I honestly think that mad finger is the only company that uses the full potential of the tegra 3 CPU and with near flawless performance
  19. Stellar
    Ryan Ballard
    Smooth, exciting, and visually stunning. Everything you want in a hack-and-slash game.
  20. Cool
    Jose Alberto Alvarado
    No me canso de jugarlo, muy buenas gráficas, buena dificultad en todos los niveles


What`s new

Enhanced MADFINGER Games 4th anniversary edition

Madfinger game classic polished and ready to rumble.

✔ Improved handling
✔ Optimized performance on low-end device
✔ More intense gameplay experience
✔ Deeper immersion due graphical optimization
✔ Cloud backup for progress safety, for storing gameplay data and achievements
✔ Cross device support - enjoy game on your devices
✔ New gamepads support for off-screen handling experience
✔ Supports latest devices