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Marek Rabas | CEO & Co-founder at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

Okres Brno-město, Česká republika |

Tomas Slapota | CoFounder and CoOwner at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

Okres Brno-město, Česká republika |

Adam Čunderlík | Designer at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

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Dominik Brablec | Game Designer at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

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Reviews 10,975

  1. A Must For Ninja Fans
    Terry Witt
    Great job Madfinger, you guys nailed it again. Smooth interface, great difficulty customizations, and awesome slow-motion finishers we love to see with a Katana.
  2. Worth it
    Richard James
    The only problem being the control buttons are too small. Also, the combo system isn't as fluid as I thought, most of the time you have to wait until an attack animation is finished to continue the combo.
  3. one of the most satisfying hack'n slash game
    Richard Citra
    cool combos, beautifully drawn artwork, great music&sound. one of most satisfying hack&slash game i ever played.
  4. It looks pretty and plays well madfinger did a pretty good job with this game.
    Nick Peterson
    Overall it's a really good game its just really repetitious. Even on easy it's a little bit challenging but still very repetitious.
  5. Jhompets Note 4
    Roland Alvarez
    Very good. Very cool. And Very nice game. enjoy it! I love it!
  6. Devilishly brutal bloodshed!!
    mrzayd syzm
    Blood thirsty samurai from hell has been unleash!! The most brutal mobile game! The enemy's body has been slash into two pieces and beheaded brutally... keep on produce something like this in the future..great job guyz..! BANZAIIII...!!!
  7. Great games and bug report
    Anugrah Andisetiawan
    Hello.. Game concept was great. I like the graphics as well as the action in this game. However, some bug happen.. I'm using Galaxy Note 3. I can play this game without problem, however when I tried to sign in to Google play service, the game was not responding. Please fix this. I tried with other games, but they don't have any Google play sign in problem. Thanx.. Keep make a great game like this! :D
  8. Hmm Its free now?
    Toofan Keshtkar
    I paid for this and its free now. That sux. But its a great game :)
  9. Always force stop on my nexus 5
    Arief Jayadi
    Gameplay are awesome, enjoy it for a day!!! After that this game won't work properly, getting force stop this game without any clearly notification Please fix it and I'll make it 5star for ya Nexus 5 device, stock ROM, unrooted, lollipop 5.1
  10. Android Game Hall of Fame
    Nick Murdic
    This is perhaps the most under rated mobile game of all time. A 5 star, all the way!
  11. Tha absolute best.
    Walt Bell
    Great game. Not one single problem except that these isn't more like it. Where's part three so I can pay for it too!!! Worth every penny. A must have.
  12. Karim Haynes
    Love it definitely should buy but one thing sucks the character makes the same sound when he attacks
  13. Fantastic!
    David Hooks
    Wonderful graphic style and really fun combat once you get the hang of dodging and combos! Also supports Moga pro and moga pro power controllers but not moga hero or moga pocket!
  14. Stops
    johnny cathey
    Just downloaded the game and every time I click on it , it just says samurai 2 has stopped and I can't get a refund this sucks,I was looking forward to playing this.
  15. Great Game
    Malik Mardika
    Best hack and slash game, it give player satisfaction for play this game.
  16. Love the game
    Peyman Foroughi
    It would be better if there is some level or power skills or power and so on.
  17. I've bought it but Can't play it
    dian ekop
    Hai....why can't I play this game after buying it? Please help or give me my money back!
  18. Very beautiful game but it gets boring fast
    Michael Williams
    The repetition o just swinging a katana gets boring fast. Add ninja stars, nunchucks or other cool weapons. Mix it up a bit. Played through 2 levels, couldn't go any further as I was bored.
  19. Very good game
    North Pole
    The game is challenging but not impossible. Control is smooth. Allows saving of progress.
  20. Great game!
    gary dollar
    Awesome game! Thanks for the Android tv support!


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