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Marek Rabas | CEO & Co-founder at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

Okres Brno-město, Česká republika |

Tomas Slapota | CoFounder and CoOwner at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

Okres Brno-město, Česká republika |

Adam Čunderlík | Designer at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

Okres Brno-město, Česká republika |

Dominik Brablec | Game Designer at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

Okres Brno-město, Česká republika |

Reviews 745,299

  1. I really can't play
    Ralph Patrick Salvosa
    It always lags o can't play it putts me out of the games when I play it I bearly can even play I've shade this app for 2 months and only level 2 because of all the lag and pls fix it then I'll give it more stars and lower the prices and stuff
  2. Please fix for 5
    Casey Berry
    It was a great game. My friend and I played it constantly when we first got it, but now it kicks both of us off after one minute.
  3. Great game I'd recommend for the tps players n shooting game fans
    Swarnim Limbu
    First its a great game and the problem of in which I couldn't login is gone I guess it was because of my connection its fixed now :) an so thanks for the great game
  4. Can't log in on new device.
    Scott Thompson
    I had an account on an old device, upgraded but Deadzone will not let me access my old account on the new device. I have play this quite a bit and spent some money on weapons etc. I was looking forward to continuing to do so but I'm not struggling through the ranks again and I'm certainly not spending any more money on a game that I might not be able to access on new devices..... Update! It has now been some time, months in fact, since I contacted the company about this problem and I've had no response whatsoever! Awful customer service!
  5. Was a great game, but
    Anass Ben-Malik
    It doesn't work right now. The authentication takes forever.
  6. Android Digiland tablet
    Orlando Jordan
    Can you make it more available to play on an Android Digiland Tablet because it keeps shutting off on me when I play one match?
  7. 1 kill=out of lobby
    anthony Heat
    On my tab i cant play at all it always kicks me for no reason
  8. Michael Rubalcava
    There's hacker and cheats I was playing on zone control I threw me into a lobby full of hacks there were inside walls going through the barricades they weren't taking damage its a good game but thing like that make the game bad please fix
    Josh Yang
    I think thir are hackers in here because I can't shoot them and they just got their hands up with no weapons please fix it I really love this game!!!! Please Fix The Lagging Madfinger
  10. Great game
    Kevin Star
    Me and my friends always compete against each other
  11. Ill still play but this is bullshit.
    Levi Webb
    The developers absolutely will not help you or even respond to your emails. I honestly would advise against downloading unless you want to blow a blood vessel from pure unadulterated rage.
  12. There some glitch
    Alit Putra
    I don't know how to do it, but some player is cheating (there are -godsagar-rulez, I know it because I found him on YouTube and my enemy is him) so please fix this game, btw I know how to play this game :p
  13. All went well until recently!
    Andrew Dass
    Ive been playing this game for over 2 years now daily and had no issues! But since the past week the game crashes after i play for around 2 minutes and am not able to complete a single game! Please do try to fix this coz this is my go to game during any free moment!
  14. If u like shoot em ups…..
    modus ponens
    This is the game for you… awesome graphics & game play, highly recommend. Ashame there doesn't seem to be any new areas following the latest 194MB update but still a fabulous game. ShaddowGun DeadZone sets the benchmark for all other games, as yet none come close…..
  15. Thanks GZR's and the community!!!
    Kaleb Hernandez
    Thanks GZR and community truly appericate it, This game is alot less laggy then it was before still needs patching, but still good, keep up the good work guys!
  16. Fun game
    Jonathan Garcia
    Really fun game, but sometimes people get kills from nowhere. Some guns a bit over powered. Need to add more maps , another game mode, and better spawns. Lags a lot. And still no change. Sometimes people kill you with a weaker gun when you put more shots in.
  17. Worse Update Ever.
    phares joel
    Force close when ever am connected to a game (i.e death match and zone controll), inside the game lags also the controls. Please fix this.
  18. It's a perfect game but
    Ibrahim Mmq
    This game is so good but seriously repair it remove those hackers and the lag and wait I shoot a preson 100 times with a shot gun but no it doesn't kill him and what he 1 shots me it's prefect but repair it and put more guns and maps and game mods.
  19. Lags too often
    Bella Brown
    I love this game! But on the other hand it lags way too often. It's to the point where I want to completely uninstall it. But When I do get to play it's a solid 5 star shooter, Keep up the good work! Username: poisonpinkivy
  20. I loved it
    theblueslime gameing
    It's a cool game for Android you guys should play it is really awesome its not a first person shooter but it's still really good you get to move around and kill people and buy guns upgrade is really good


What`s new

- New “Invasion Arena” DM map
- A new type of sniper projectile, the green laser, makes sniper rifles more challenging to use
- Reduced sniper glow effect
- Detailed statistics included in player stats
- Two new “Premium” and “Veteran” bundles available to purchase for in-game currency
- Tweaked rank icon visuals
- Reduced transparency of some particle effects

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