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Marek Rabas | CEO & Co-founder at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

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Tomas Slapota | CoFounder and CoOwner at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

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Adam Čunderlík | Designer at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

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Dominik Brablec | Game Designer at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

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Reviews 18,723

  1. Good God this is the best game for its price !!! And for $1.99 is unbelievable deal.
    GaggillTRON Vorgog
    The development in this game is second to none. The controls are perfect with lots of options for fans. The graphics are PS3 Xbox 360 level. This is a console game on your mobile device. The levels are great design. The 3rd person shooter it's a lot like GOW. It's unbelievable to see this good of development. It's as good or not better then Modern combats. The story in intense and sci-fi with space travel ships and galactic chaos. With out a doubt one of the best games in the app store and arguably the best
  2. Used to love it
    Mason Suiter-Vaughan
    This was a great game on my s3. I tried to download it on my galaxy s6 edge and it keeps saying error and i cant download and play it. Please fix and ill change my stars back to 5
  3. Great!
    Davin Gordon
    Best mobile shooter there is and VERY cheap for the quality. Only complaint is the length. Very short story line, though fun and repeatable, it can be completed in 2.5 hours. Still a very good game though.
  4. Great game
    Bruno Diniz
    Love this game! Super fun runs smooth on my HTC one m8, nice gameplay and awesome graphics!
  5. Best game I have ever played on my phone!
    Shane Smith
    I actually feel like I'm on a xbox 360 playing gears of war. Moga support with extremely smooth game play. The only small complaint I have is that the character stops when change weapons and you have to scroll through weapons in this manner. In battle it really sucks especially if your a run n gun player. Besides that the game is perfect!
  6. Doesn't start
    Rubén Campos Zurriaga
    After running for the first time and just having connected to Google Play, it keeps exiting from the loading screen. Very disappointing.
  7. Robert Sturgeon
    No moga pro control, Samsung s5. Please fix, this game is supposed to have full control.still have not heard anything, still no working conntroler
  8. I cant believe this game only cost usd 1..
    Daniel Ngo
    Great story,great music,Great gameplayGreat graphic, not iap, no ads,offline play, in just 1 dollar.grab it fast before the price rise back.
  9. Keeps crashing
    Mario Peraza
    After I linked this to my Google play, it keeps crashing soon after launching it in the loading screen. Can't play anymore.
  10. Excellent!
    Dave D
    This is a very well polished game, and just what you would hope to get when paying for a game.
  11. Does not open
    Matt Arnesen
    It worked until I got an upgrade to 5.0.2. Now it crashes when I open it. I have emailed the devopler twice about the issue over two months ago and no update to fix the issue. They just keep putting it on sale but never fix it. Please fix it.
  12. BEAST!
    Doug McGuire
    Better than most console 3d shootemups. Great graphics and sound, good controls, and outstanding gameplay. I couldn't wait for a sale and do not regret paying full price to support greatness. I highly recommend this one!
  13. Shadowgun
    J.R. Clegg
    Future warrior hurtin everything comin my way. Bangbang shootem up good time.
  14. Similar to Gears of War!!!
    Joe Poole
    When it comes to mobile shooters, Madfinger knows how to deliver! Shadowgun is a cover based tactical shooter with console quality graphics, an intriguing storyline, intense action, and a plethora of extras including an expansion pack all for $4.99 in this anniversary edition. There are a few bugs I've come across. The achievement system is broken. I completed the first 2 levels but wasn't awarded. I also got the award for collecting all extras even though I didn't. Also, the captions don't match the acting
  15. Galaxy s4-
    Jose de Jesus Quintana
    Lack of controller support, there must be a way the developer could make this happen. It is the first time I hear from this annoyance in a game. Please fix it or at least let is know about a work around.*i found one* :)
  16. The only REAL game I have on my phone!
    Thiago Agostino
    By far the best game that has been ever developed for Android. It is the only true "one time only purchase" that gives you the full, unrestricted access to the game, allows you to play it anytime OFFLINE, has full MOGA PRO support and it does not have in app purchases!!! It looks awesome, much like Gears of War that I used to play on my PC many years ago. This game is fun to play and every single game should be developed like this. Too bad 99.9% of today's games are online only and have in game purchases.
  17. Good game!
    Ryan Manthey
    Wish they would make another one. Or make new levels for this one!
  18. Seriously the best game ever
    Ikhwan Danuwari
    I can't believe that this game is so cheap. Awesome graphics, no iap and no lag. Your games are better than Gameloft and Glu. Can't wait for Unkilled
  19. Must buy!!!
    Robert Melvin
    Good game play,graphics and story hope more like these come out soon
  20. The best
    Iyassino Sino
    Yea it is the best game it is offline game and best features cheap price and u can watch your man fighting best game ever.


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