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acid trip
acid trip photo editor
art games
dwyane wade wallpaper
lava lamp live wallpaper
sit n survive
slow down
wade in your water
рисовалка с эффектами
рисование пальцем
рисовать на экране
العاب تدخين


Reviews 55,792

  1. I love it but...
    Stephanie Nichols
    The recent update made it not play as a background! Please fix this!
  2. Its so creative
    Destiny Hudson
    Its so fun because you just move your finger around on the screen and there it is
  3. I can't even read anything
    Hip Hop Is Life
    The words on the setting come up as black squares and I can't read it at all.. Don't know what I'm doing, how am I supposed to enjoy an app when I can't read it?
  4. Sara Trifunovic
    IT..... IS......... AWESOME! Every app for my wallpaper that I installed was terrible, but this is perfect, works fine and it's smooth!
  5. not the best
    Emily Hayes
    its not cool when i set it for my wallpaper it spazed(freaked) out on me so i had to be really fast to clear it its sooo stupid....i say do not install it it sucks
  6. OH . MY .GOD
    Payton Swain
    This thing is awesome !!!!! I love the swirly look !!!! I'm in high school art and I love the ... crap I can't remember it ! Any way it is amazing !!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) ( this thing scares me. Still fun .
  7. Love it a lot!
    Bradford Matonis
    Simple, but effective. It's really cool to look at and it never seems to get old for me. I have had the app for a few days and I played it a lot! Great job!
    Lily Scharnhorst
    OMG I LOOOOOOVE THIS WONDERFULL AWSOME AMAZING CREATIVE APP!!!!! When I was downloading it i was like "well this looks cool.....its probably lame though." but when I downloaded it i was like ☺ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
  9. Alright...
    Kiersten Charney
    How do you set it as your wallpaper I've tried to and when I try to go on the menu nothing comes up what's wrong? I don't know what's wrong with this app it was really cool but then when I wanted it as my wallpaper the menu didn't work it now deserves one star if that everybody on these reviews brags about how awesome the wallpapers are and I can't set it up! Why can't they do what they can do?! I am very annoyed by this app it needs to be fixed. this absolutely sucks
  10. Excellent!!!!
    Mighty X
    Pretty good its graphics are soo clear and u can set as wallpaper ? Cool and I just did
  11. Magic Fluids Free
    Carol Harris
    Really kewl. Havent made it my wallpaper yet, just customized. Uninstalled Magic Smoke bec didn't move, just the particles . Slows down swiping home screens. Charging more but its so pretty.
  12. Yeah
    Dylan Pye
    I love it you should download it because it doesn't need wifi and its just a app that you relax and stuff
  13. Magic Fluids
    # Lex
    The app is great and I wish they made many more apps just like this!☺
  14. ^•^
    Catherine Phanromhive
    I love this! Its even better with the settings readable.
  15. One improvement
    Morgan Way
    Can you plz put the Magic fluids on our lock screen background Otherwise amazing
  16. Not that good as it looks...
    Marihah Ajaib
    When I set the wallpaper and put it up I came back to make some more and then there were black shapes covering it and I couldn't see the writing please fix it
  17. Well,
    Jordyn Barden
    At first it had the menu as black rectangles, but after I closed the tab, opened it, and closed it again, it worked!!! LOVE THIS GAME!!
  18. Although....
    Kirra Cooley
    It would be nice if there was a feature so you could stop the colors, or at least choose the colors you use. And, to the makers of this app, please respond to my question, Is there much of a difference on the full version, compared to this free one?
  19. Wooooooooow
    Daisy Daisy
    This is one of the most beautiful art apps I've ever played with... The wallpaper had me drooling :)It's like a modern day lava lamp :)
  20. Uhm
    Gryllz Bear
    I like the app but now when I hit the menu button all the words are replaced with tiny black boxes.


What`s new

- Cosmic Charm - a new (unlockable) preset
- Life of Lights preset updated
- Glow & light effects modified and improved


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