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Andrew Heijdens | Producer at Magmic Inc.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada |

Andrew Manley | Game Systems Developer at Magmic

Ottawa, Canada Area |

Mo Agha | President & COO at Magmic

Ottawa, Canada Area |

Simon Vendette | VP Games at Magmic

Ottawa, Canada Area |

Reviews 68,423

  1. Ads constantly interrupting game
    Diane Huffman
    I have never complained about ads until now! Every time it's my turn to play, the screen changes to a whole page ad and let's me know when I can go back to the game screen. Unbelievable!! Uninstalled too!!!
  2. Its ok
    Alexis Tjapkes
    Its ok because ads pop up every time it goes to he next persons turn if it didnt have as much ads then i would give it 5 stars
  3. Keeping shutting down
    Emily Stienburg
    Since last update game won't work. Plays one ad then boots me. Fix and I'll give 5 stars
  4. Needs fixing
    Ali BossladyChicagobear Zayas-Stitt
    Now that the update came, it fixed the freezing of the game but now there are ads that pop up on the upper left corner that I have to hit continuelsly to get back to the game not to mention the ridiculous ads that pop up after every hand. Please fix for higher rating.
  5. Ads
    Jeffrey Watts
    Way to many ads. If you play a 1 minute hand it's a 30 second video. Come on be a little bit more friendly with data. Other than that great app no problems whatsoever.
  6. Advertisement
    Angela Pratt
    I hope you like commercials, because you get stuck watching one every 30 seconds. Just ridiculous. I'll never eat at taco bell again because of the insane amount of times I've had to watch the stupid commercial
  7. Worst ever
    Elisa Copini
    To much ads, no limit time for playing cards, crash whit solo play.
  8. Multiplayer doesn't work
    Susan Ross
    It's really sad this app is crap, I love to play this game but the ads are awful. I would gladly pay for it but my friends don't even get my invitation to play the free version, I not willing to give you money when this one is so crappie.
  9. Horrible
    Sharie Orange
    Stop the constant adds. I love this game but the constant freezing and adds is ridiculous! Fix It!
  10. Ads, ads, ads.
    Travis Terzich
    The creator of this game, is a money hog. They just want you to upgrade and send them your money. They display ads every 5 seconds, after every turn, opening the game, closing the game, after a game ends. They made this free version to be so riddled with ads that it will make you want to upgrade just to enjoy the game. My conclusion: Don't waste your time. Find something else.
  11. No many ads
    Chris Porthouse
    Ads kept popping up every time my turn would come around. I wouldn't mind them so much if they at least showed different ones. After the 5th ad in about 2 minutes, I uninstalled this app.
  12. Getting Boring
    Vanessa Bradley
    The other players are hopeless at using their deck cards. Its making it a bit too easy to win and therefore boring. Ads are annoying too
  13. Nathan Teorey
    Crap. After every click in the game you watch a 15 second ad. Nope not paying for it. Take a cue from Yahtzee. Way better game, and ads when they make sense. SAVE YOURSELF A DOWNLOAD. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS. IF LIKE THE GAME THAT MUCH, BE A SUCKERED AND PAY FOR IT!!
  14. "Skip" this app.
    Heather Hill
    Beyond the annoying ad saturation it is also buggy. Attempted to start a new game and was stuck in an endless ad loop. There is plenty of real estate for banner ads eliminating the need for interstitials every 15 sec. Consider monetizing your users with in app purchases. Your current retention plan to force an upgrade is a turn off. Delete.
  15. Ads completely ruin the app.
    Jazz Borup
    This app has the most annoying ads I have ever seen. 15-20 second long videos that it is impossible to skip come up at every opportunity: after your turns, at the end of each game, at the BEGINNING of each game... It's incredibly obnoxious and frankly not worth it. I don't want to pay money just to be able to play a card game without being forced to watch videos that take up more time than the game does.
  16. Excessive ads
    Diane Aull
    For some reason, the free (ad supported) version works fine but the paid version is designated as being incompatible with my tablet. Would happily buy the ad-free version if I could, because the ads in the free version are too long, loud, and overly frequent. Incredibly annoying. I have made note of anything advertised so I can be sure to NEVER buy, because I don't want to support anyone who would participate in something so irritating. Would be a most enjoyable game but the overly intrusive ads completely ruin the experience. I am uninstalling.
  17. Too many ads
    Connie Rhea
    Too many pop up ads also I dont appreciate having to listen to videos that i cant stop until they end. You think that because of this that I will buy the other skipbo app. But all it will do is make me guit playing the game and tell Everone not to sucks that average people cant afford to buy the other skipbo that you have to had a good game but you ruined it hope you are happy. It was perfect before update please fix.
  18. Blah blah blah
    Donna Alsup
    Over all the adds. When you have so many reoccurring ads from the same company makes me not wanna buy the products. If the only way you can offer the game free is that many ads I would rather not play any of your games!!!
  19. Liked the game
    LaShanta Holloway
    But the way your ads pop up is stupid. They actually interrupt the game play. I can understand the ads popping up before the start of the game but in the middle of rotation is just nerve wracking and ridiculous!
  20. What the hell is this crap!!!
    Blade Rayne
    Can't even open the game after installing it to my device. This wasn't even worth the time it took to clear space for it. If I had an option to not give stars I wouldn't even give it one.


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