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  1. Great but......
    Faith Cole
    This game is a bit to hard and I am only 9 so I need it slow my dad lee he is 34 and he can't do it other ways *****.
  2. Its fine
    Sumit Agarwal
    It's gets difficult to score good marks in the story mode. I only scored 1757 in the story mode. But when there is no story mode I scored 11756 in the levels 1 to 12. Its a nice game yet difficult.
  3. Great game
    Tanisha Lenford
    I love this game. It is very challenging and its all about speed. The object of the game is to feed them as fast as possible before they get angry and leave. My suggestion is while others are waiting for fried foods, clear out the others who want the basics.
  4. Too difficult!
    Jules Clark
    This game is addicting and very difficult to beat my own score! Has anyone ever beaten 4000 in the StoryMode? It gets monotonous! Same thing over and over! They need to change it up! On the StoryMode its completely impossible to beat any score over 4000! So I have to call it quits! : (
  5. Cool
    Ammi Ali
    This is one game that i don't mind giving a good rating too. Three modes, all fun, no ads either. Best cooking game ever. Hooray my new addiction.
  6. Brain workout
    Sonali Phuyal
    This game makes your brain really active that after playing few levels of this game. You would end up want to go out for a run.
    Tamica Austin
    This game is good, but its just that you don't have enough time to be cooking every recipe wanted by the game customers. I didn't even recognize some of the food,because it was colored wrong. For example, a lot of cookies are brown not yellow. Also you need more than four skillets and three plates. An upgrade on this game could make it great.
  8. Good game and it would be a top one if some more features are added
    Ayomi Ahmed
    It is so fun. I like it and I would like it even more if it provides a feautre of allowing the user to specify the time constraint for the game round. I would love to play more of it without having to start over after losing -as it is the case when playing on the causal mide- and without being restricted by a 60 sec game round - as in the story mode -. I definitely recommend this game and I will be so happy to see my review considered. Thank you.
  9. Good . Too difficult!
    Hari Ram
    In casual mode I have gone Upto 88 level, beyond is challenge . Fine tune it or release cheat codes'
  10. Freezes too much
    Teresa Jones
    the game is great I enjoyed it very much I wish the freezing with stop it it freezes quite many times as I'm trying to put the food in the pan to fry or not so at least my customers angry so it's very frustrating so if that word to actually be fixed and I would give it 5 stars
  11. Great game
    G Verma
    Good graphics, precise control and great audio, I like story mode best, is there any other versions available with different/more food items? I played many cooking games but this is the best I liked so far...
  12. Is verry cool
    michelle georgiana
    This games very cool and i very liked ^_^
  13. Its to hard
    Keyla Gilmore
    When u start playing the game it is easy but then gets harder and harder when u get to higher levels but it is fun too and it teaches u how to cook.
  14. Amazing game and too addictive
    Karan Kothari
    The game is very nicely made. All modes are good but the story mode is the best.
  15. Very fun and hard game
    Dial Tracey
    I love playing cooking master game but in the beginning it's very easy and as you play for a while it starts to get harder and harder , I think this is a very cool game for anybody that knows how to play it . my neighbors grandchildren love to play cooking master on my phone every time they come to visit their grandmother. They also like to play temple run game
  16. fun, awesome & HARD...
    Angel Isom
    I reached level 10 in about 7 minutes but then it said game over I'm like what the H.And in that time I was rushing to get all those orders done in time.It felt like I was in Hells Kitchen or something like go go go. Don't let level 1 fool you no no and no that was easy. But so on and so on it was HELLS KITCHEN.
  17. Pretty entertaining
    Natalie Alvarez
    It's really fun if you're trying to keep yourself busy. The only thing I dislike is that it gets really fustrating to balance all customers in the hard stage. It's unfair but other than that no complaints really :) the customers have awkward taste in what they like to eat though!
  18. Awesome
    Cav Laster
    I finally finished the story mode wasn't easy, but it was fun. You need to be quick, by focusing on what needs to be cooked first, then while cooking, serve quickly what doesn't need to be cooked. I found myself to be quicker when sitting in an upright position, don't get lazy and too comfortable, because you would find your movements slowing down from the speed you'll need to win. Have fun!!! And to the creator of the game, thanks for this awesome free game. (:
  19. Gave it a go, and fell in love.
    Sadie Woolridge
    Its quick, it simple yet organized and complex. It really captures the essence if a seasoned line cook while satisfying your cooking game fix. Well made to be well played
  20. Awesome awesome awesome game!
    Hanna-Lisa Audain
    No flaws... No changes need! Its perfect. If they do anything else to this game it would be so difficult to play! Its a tough FUN game! Any tougher and i quit! :-P


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