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Reviews 286,006

  1. Harmanpreet Singh
    Best game ever for proving how good u drive fast and not crash. I got to taunt my little brother best doing a little competition to see if he is good enough to drive a sports car.✅ punjabi
  2. Excellent controls
    Sachin Rai
    The driving controls are very comfortable ....u need to improve the graphic quality then I will give u 5 stars.... Well done...
  3. Jonathan Augie
    The games went great but suddenly the gas acceleration just stopped by itself please fix it then I'll give 5
  4. Girish Kambley
    Good game. Should have kept more cars and locations!:) I enjoy playing one-on-one.
  5. ADD
    Emmanuel nkosinathi
    More car, truck or bus, more roads
  6. Add
    Julian Goldsholl
    Add the get 10k for a video
  7. Majunath Eshwaran
    Majunath Eshwaran
    Excellent Poor Below average Average Above average Excellent
  8. Nice
    Sushant Nayak
    But too much add but it's fine we can cancel it and it com very rarely
  9. Denmark Ngesa
    Race the traffic it's amazing bh one shouldn't be racing on the the same road
  10. Bad very bad
    Muhammad Azam
    I really hate this game. My brother also doesn't like this game. I am a girl and I downloaded this game but it is so much bad. Who ever has made this game. I dislike it bad vote. I really thought that it was a fun game but my brother told me that I don't likeit. When I played this game but it was horrible. Then I realized that my brother is telling the truth. Bad very bad game bad vote bad vote.
  11. Mohammed Hussain
    I loose my interest in search of second check point. Every time I play this game I found it discouraging. The makers of this game should consider adding features which keeps the interest of the user.
  12. "Race the Traffic" Ehh! It's Okay
    Robert P. Moran Jr.
    Race the Traffic is not a bad lil'game, However I wouldn't call it a Racing game! But I would call it a "Dodge the Traffic Game!"
  13. Not really...
    Beyonce Hoyte
    It is a good game but I wouldn't call it racing but kinda cool.
  14. "It's ok" 10/10 ign
    Anthony Chavarria
    Not that bad...of course it's not a racing game but it kills time and that's all that matters to me....annoying part about it is when on One on One after an ad the opponent starts to multiply it's self by 2 or even 3, but that glitch is pretty cool as's like skyrim with guns and as well too much water...
  15. Against gaming spirit...
    Sanket Shanishchara
    2 star is for UI amd graphics only... Otherwise it is against gaming spirit.. It block the user on all the lane so many times during the race so that player has only 2 options: BREAK or HIT OTHERS... This is not the way to block the players... NOT WORTH GAME SPIRIT...
  16. Hate it!
    zulfiqar allahrakha
    I am using my dad's Id to complain abt this game. It suck's. Such a poor game. I don't know how I downloaded it. A very big mistake is to download ths game. Plz don't download it.
  17. Handing mode bad!
    Sandro Santos
    The Traffic Racer game is better in handing mode, but your design is better.
  18. nomore
    Marco Tomas
    I don't like when one on one mode puts two or three cars apier
  19. Very good
    Madhavi Seetamraju
    This game is unkike any other racing game and I have a lot of fun playing it. If you love racing games this game is for you
  20. Game play is good
    vishal seduraman
    Thing is graphics can be improved,need more game modes more cars