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  1. don't download
    Ron Childers
    downloaded the game and the first thing it did was redirect to a third-party website and forced a download of a virus. this was a new phone and only the third app downloaded, only other two was monopoly, and Facebook.
  2. Another great game!
    Stu Hodgson
    Fantastic idea for a game, absolute bargain. Keep up the good work Mediocre - maybe consider changing the name!
  3. Arcade modernized
    All ppl complaoning about the missing checkpoints without buying the game have obviously never went trough the struggle of oldschool arcade games. I see the real challenge in beating the game without this checkpoints. Mario hadn't checkpoints at all. Not even lvl codes. I think charging not even 2 bugs for checkpoints is hillarious at all. Charge for the whole game and enable the opportunity to switch checkpoints on or off. In my eyes one of the best free games on playstore. Well done.
  4. Finally, a realistic driving stimulator!
    Steve Armstrong
    I'm sick of driving simulators that are nothing like real driving. Does Not Commute is a breath of fresh air here, and really reminds me of my daily commute to work! Though as a minor but important suggestion, I'd recommend air time not counting down the timer, since your engine doesn't need to do any work while the wheels aren't touching the ground.
  5. Complainers!
    Samuel Egbers
    I beat the game without buying the full version. Sure it took time to do, but that's what makes it fun. You feel accomplished after you beat the game with 10.7 seconds left. So stop whining about buying the full version, when you should try to beat it without!
  6. No real pausing
    Magnus Lagerberg
    Paused the game and thought I could continue later, since I paused. But no.
  7. The best thing in the history of history of forever!
    Nicholas Richter
    Great weekend and then that's illegal aliens... ...these words nether go together or describe the game in any way,but this I can say is the one of the best games you can get for mobile!
  8. Dogey Doge
    Awesome game at first its nice and easy but then it gets chaotic as it goes on the only problem tho is that you have to pay to have checkpoints.But its a great game
  9. A simple concept executed well. Very funny!
    Steve Kent
    The graphics are beautiful, and the design is great. At first, I thought the flavor text was just the same word salad you see in every game, but it's very funny and really does add depth. Plus, the way the text humanizes the drivers only seconds before they (I) drive off a bridge has a macabre hilarity to it.
  10. Easy 4 stars
    Aaron Doughty
    To all the people complaining you have to pay $1.99 to save progress, stuff it. It's less than a cup of coffee. It's a good game. Good time waster. Does get agitating after losing a while.
  11. Awesome
    m. caòmhanách
    This game is so much fun. Dwayne is the best. also if you drive up on the second level you end up in smash hit. well played mediocre
  12. Good game
    Will Swiggart
    Pretty good game but if you want to finish the whole thing you better have a lot of time cause it takes quite a while. It'd be cool for some extra levels though
  13. Freaking stupid
    Christian Hayes
    Unless you have no life and are gonna spend 3 hours playing to beat, don't buy...cause you can't start where you left off. So everytime you done playing, you go back later to play but end up having to restart.....don't get it.
  14. Too sensitive
    Rob Rippengale
    Very hard to steer because small movements turn the car wildly and I have to move my finger to the other side of the screen to turn the other way. It should steer more slowly and by sliding left or right anywhere on the screen. I'd give only 1 star but I don't "hate it" I'm just disappointed. Great idea, poorly implemented.
  15. What an amazing game
    Arlan Brady
    This game is incredible. You start out kinda messing about but then once you unlock stuff, you ho into full analytical mode. Practicing each move before doing it, trying to go as fast as possible without crashing, i dont want to know how long i spent playing one round. The game is perfectly designed, and the naration for all the different characters are hillarious if you pay attention to them. Play this game, you will love it.
  16. Well worth the price of a coffee
    Chris Jones
    Great game, slick, attractive and with the just-one-more-go factor. And a funny storyline throughout. Impossible to get far without checkpoint saves but well worth the one time fee to turn them on
  17. Insanely cool !
    John R
    I liked their other game smash hit but it got boring after a while. These guys are extremely creative! As others say you have to pay to save but the free version is still awesome and there are no ads so why are people complaining? I still give it 5 stars
  18. Fun but awful
    Roma Oliva
    Money hungry developers have found a way to ruin this beautiful idea of a game. It's got plenty of play time in it, however they've designed so that it won't save the game unless you pay for premium. So if you stop playing after thirty minutes and return the next day, you get to start from the beginning again.
  19. Controls issue
    Rezky Aditia
    really love this game, but please fix this one. sometimes after the turn, car won't turn the other way, maybe because lack of responsive on the controller. I'm using Acer E700, Thankyou ^_^
  20. Neat, but not what I expected
    chris funk
    Very neat game. Full of small challenges. I was hoping for a more adventurous approach with police chases or racing. Please make a rally car game using this platform!


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