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Andrei Yarantsau (Андрей Яранцев) | CEO at Melsoft

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Mark Rahman | Consultant at Melsoft Global

Melbourne, Australia |

Nataliia Balienda | Legal Counsel – Melsoft

Belarus |

Alexey Meleshkevuch | Producer – Melsoft

Belarus |

Reviews 208,711

  1. 4
    Abdurajik Samain II
    Kingdom Rush is the real deal but this ain't that bad.
  2. Interesting
    David Schwartz
    Nice graphics n play...would have in inplay guide to to some details...but no worries
  3. Elona Chris
    Nice game.. I love it.. But will the game don't go so hard in early stage please.. Because j finish my money for kept buying star and coins to upgrade my heroes , bad result still can't finish that same level.. Sigh
  4. Good game
    Robert Hutchinson
    I like this game, but feel that the original two were somewhat better, but i love the world map for progressing through the game.
  5. Wish buying a full game would actually mean something...
    Kent Robison
    Solid TD. I haven't played the first and second games in this series, but I have played the fourth, and like this game much better. Edit: I still like the base model of this TD, but balance issues appear as soon as you complete the first area, aka, unless you grind like crazy you must pay to progress. So sick of this business model. Just make your 'full game' cost 5 bucks, and then screw off with the micro transactions.
  6. Almost Perfect Game ...
    oil reg
    i love it and played hours with it only downturn is that even though its connects with G+ / Google Accounts it doesnt store settings or recent purchases so if you need to reinstall the game later all data is lost forever. The support is always helpfull and make it right if you sent them the Screenshots of the Transactions, however lots of other games all that hassle is simply not needed, therefore one Star less. But Overall Great and really fun Gameplay. The only other downturn is that the Game is laggy not that seldom.
  7. Worth a Dollar
    Kevin Chan
    But I don't think it's worth its regular price. You can't pan the screen nor temporarily hide the controls, so it's difficult & far too easy to mis-click when manipulating towers near the edges. Tower design is a bit silly too, with two useless ones, and a mage that - once past three stripes - can only attack air or ground targets but no longer both...
  8. Tyler Johnson
    If you like toy defense games you'll like this one
  9. Gabriel Cirilo
    Gets stuck in next to last level
  10. Battery life.
    Slaven Gabriel
    Chews battery life even with audio off.
  11. Needs a confirmation button
    Christopher Tidwell
    I've wasted well over 600 coins because of where you placed the stupid 30 coin upgrade button. The way it pops up, especially with a screen full of "towers", it's just way too easy to hit the coin upgrade by mistake! I'm sure it was designed that way though so people will buy more coins, but that's a shady move on your part devs. The special weapons is almost as bad. If the game hangs/freezes at all when you click one, it'll still how not used and as soon as you click it again it'll be used and then you lose the coins for using it again before it recharges. I noticed the same thing with the Toy Defense 2 game, but at least it just wasted the power ups and not actual coins. There should be some kind of confirmation to make sure we really want to use the coins. I highly doubt i'll be playing/buying any more of the games because of this. The only work-around I can figure out is to try keeping coins at zero by buying stars, but that's not possible to do all the time. Fix this and I'll give 5 stars and continue being a customer.
  12. Good td
    Henriette Gregersen
    I can use a lot of hours on this game. Good grafik. Need more missions..
  13. game hangs a lot on my phone
    Abhishek A
    Sony Xperia Sola, on it , the game hangs a lot, it started only twice and most of time it stays in loading mode but the game doesnt loads. I hope developer will do something about it !
  14. Too pushy on the IAPs
    Torre Schmitt
    Its a relatively fun game but the over the top push to get the player to purchase IAPs is ridiculous ESPECIALLY being that this is a paid app. Plus the game just crashes now for me because i won't allow it to post to Facebook which is extremely lame
  15. Great tower defense game
    Adrian Heathcote
    Great tower defense game, love it. Lots of upgrades to play with and difficulty is spot on with multiple ways of competing a level. My only gripe would be that I upgraded from the free version to the paid one and it did not keep my save game so I had to start again.
  16. Not worth it
    Gustav Stening
    Laggy and ugly, with to many in Game purchases. Kingdom rush is much better
  17. in-app purchase driven
    Dan Kloke
    costs a lot more than the sticker price and not worth it.
  18. Can be costly
    James Wallis
    Game is fun, but to win certain battles you need upgrades. I wish that games with iap would make the playing field a bit more level.
  19. James Elliott
    App costs money but progression past a certain level requires in app purchases. To bad really it is a good game but the cash grab is obvious. If I am paying for the app then progression should not be blocked by further purchases.
  20. Broken
    James Willis
    Broken by update. Emailed dev. Have been responsive in the past. Hope for fix.


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