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Stephane Kurgan | Chief Operating Officer at King Digital Entertainment

London, United Kingdom |

Kirsten Zahra | Senior Accountant at King

Malta |

Vicky cassar torreggiani | Accountant at

Malta |

Steve Durst | Producer at King Digital Entertainment

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Reviews 438,009

  1. Where oh where
    Juliann Hebeeb
    Why did u take our fireball..this game is hard enough with out a little help and besides u still ended up losing with them any way. But why can.not this game be like farm saga where u have tools
  2. Nikki G
    Nicole Goodman
    The game is fun, I just wish ALL of the remaining bubbles in the cauldron would release once the ceiling is cleared, instead of only releasing 9 or less.
  3. Lynne Ebenkamp
    I like the increasing difficulty. For me everything is a bit small and black bubbles are very hard to see.
  4. Karen Fadely
    Do you like spending you hard earned money? This game is your utopia!!!
  5. So-so
    Karen Solis
    I have been playing Bubble Which 2 for a long time before downloading this app. 2 is way better for me. I'll keep playing this version to see if I feel an addiction coming on. So far, not what I expected BW2's 'parent' version to be. Can't really compare.
  6. For my crappy kyocera
    Bernadette Sotres
    It's fantastic and addictive. I love it!. The only thing is when my battery is low it lags a lot. But, that's my phone not the game.
  7. Alex Ruiz
    Love this game. Makes you really use your brain.
  8. Jose Morales
    Lil easy in beginning lets see as I progress
  9. Love and hate it
    Janet Azariah
    I cant get past level 328! Its impossible without spending real money for fake money tokens. Its frustrating
  10. Fireball gone?!
    Martha Boswell
    I woke up and the fireball was gone. Waaaaahhhhhh :(
  11. Fun
    E.M. Prince
    I am so addicted to this game
  12. Great game
    Kimberly Heckard
    Challenging. Sometimes I have to beat the levels several times to get a star. Only complaint is it won't connect to Facebook or give me lives from my friends.
  13. Fun game but...
    Tracy Brown
    After finishing a level, it shows that I'm not connected to Facebook even though I was when I started so I don't receive coins from completing it. This seems to be happening more times than not lately.
  14. Christopher Okeary
    Its godbfun but what realy annoys me isbthat u have to pay to go beyond level 35. Of course they dont tellmu first cos no one in their right mind wouod downlosd it if they did, very very sly behsviour
  15. Eh. Needs improvement. Boring
    Donna Michaels
    If your stranded on the same level and never ever move fowared, the game gets boring and repetitive. Nothing new. You clear all the bubbles, your still not allowed to advance. No motivation for me to play, but I let my friends kids play.
  16. Can't get past some levels
    J Flathom
    Game is great until you are stuck forever on a level. Then it's give up and uninstall. Should have an option for help
  17. Ginny McAtee
    I enjoy this game. At times it is very frustrating then other times it is easier. I don't care for your review and update methods. The review process is difficult to get to and I have yet to get to the update. I also don't understand the gold coin system. I don't get a good explanation and the cat never appears where it should. Is there a way to find how how many coins I have available --- but I can't use them so I guess it doesn't matter.
  18. Ok
    Jerry Campbell
    Things are too small to play on a cell phone. 5 Day wait between levels unless you want to pay or post all over Facebook for friend help. While I wait I'll be looking for another game to replace this one.
  19. Debra De Leon
    It is a good game it just needs to calculate the balls that fall In it kind of cheats you out of points.
  20. Levels
    Kimberly Taylor
    I'm logged into Facebook but for some reason it won't let me go past level 45. Why is that?


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