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Monthly active users estimation: 300000


Babar Ahmed | CEO, Mindstorm Studios

San Francisco Bay Area |

Osama Jameel Ahmad | Software Engineer

Lahore, Pakistan |

Qasim Meher Assad | Product Manager (Mobile Games) at Mindstorm Studios

Lahore, Pakistan |

Waqas Anwar | Software Engineer Mobile Games at Mindstorm Studios

Lahore, Pakistan |

Reviews 29,134

    Sandra Lynn Hocking
    I worked very hard to get the maximum levels and was getting 10 party bucks for each green coin as it dropped, now I get only one. And when it says I won a spin token on the wheel it NEVER adds one to my total.
  2. where is the little man?
    Katalyn Kiddy
    After the update he's gone and the prizes are a joke. Fix it or my friends and i will uninstall.
  3. Great game, till it goes black.
    Pat Renfro
    I still have the black screen. I enjoy the game and was so sad when it didn't work. Sad to say the game is down again! Week later and nothing. Very sad to have lost everything! Not fixed
  4. Coin Party Carnival Dozer
    Ang Marr
    I used to give this gamen4 Stars, but ever since the updates, the payouts suck. The prize token rarely drops. We still only get two gold bars even after the latest update increased the upgrades to ten stars. The wheels are rigged you only get the minimal prizes at all times. Spent about 50 spins and never won mpre thn 50 coins. Also waiting for about nine months for the next board. : (
  5. Lin Newbury
    This was the best dozer game by far - worth even more than 5 stars - not now. At least I now get to keep my diamonds but they are useless as I have finished both quests? WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE GAME WHEN BOTH QUESTS ARE FINISHED? All I am doing is accumulating more and more stuff for absolutely no reason. This game has become boring and I don't want to play it any more. I am sorry but my rating will have to drop to 1 star as you are not listening to anything anyone is saying.
  6. We're as the Mexican man gone
    neil holmes
    And the chest at the bottom corner is doing my head in please update
  7. Coin party carousel
    robert spencer
    I am on level 61. I did not get achievement for level 60. Please help.
  8. Great
    Natasha Canfield
    Great app. Doesn't freeze or anything works great
  9. Very disappointed
    Dana Stark
    This used to be my favorite game. Installed updates and now this game sucks. I haven't gotten the little Mexican man in over a week! Prizes suck...haven't gotten any quest prizes since before update either. If something doesn't change soon I will be uninstalling this app!!!
  10. This game cheats!!!
    Deneen Kibble
    I used a spin token and won 25 coins and it did not give them to me!! I have twice now had a prize quest fall in the portal and it did not count it in my prizes. And now what is up with all the blue suckered now that is all its giving me!
  11. Cheryl Maier
    The update sucks. Now the game is boring, what happened to the prizes? Time to find a new dozer game.
  12. Janet Baker
    Your updated version is not as good as the older version? Coin quake for instance, I have both versions (only because no room left, thank goodness ) I get twice, no three times ore action from that than your new version. Hence only a 2 star.
  13. Nothing changed.... huh?
    Jerry K
    The spin wheel is a scam! Ive used 80 or more spins, and it just wont land on the big prizes... the 6000 and 2000 gold bars is a pipe dream!!
  14. amy ortiz
    Love it! Finished the quests but will play it again! Thanks, guys
  15. Don't like changes
    Mary Johnson
    Used to be a 5 star. This upgrade took away the weekend mega wheel. It also devalued the party buck chip. 9 per chip now it's 2. And all prizes are 1 buck turn in now. So we lost there, too. Description said there would be more bucks available, but I haven't noticed. We also have to get diamonds on our quest now. The only way is through the wheel and slots. I had 16 free spins saved. I kept getting chips. Only 1 prize, some bars, 2 diamonds and a couple bucks. I need 99 diamonds for quest!
  16. Im disapointed
    Jennie Chapman
    Ive just done the new update last nite. And im not happy, it hasnt given me any good changes to the game it has infact got rid of the mexican man, it aint popin up any more n i relay on it for spin tokens n karma posions
  17. We like it
    Rosemary Sheehan
    Both of us compete against each other x
  18. Joe Young
    Latest update sucks no prize chips just slow and boring now
  19. Tracy King
    I haven't gotten any karma bottles in five days, what's wrong
  20. Fun Game but I want more
    Joanne Weber
    Do admins ever answer our questions? Will there be a third quest or am I wasting my time?


What`s new

★ The BEST 3D graphics for the BEST DOZER GAME
★ SUPERB physics, special effects and animations
★ Lucky CASINO spin wheel and fortune slots
★ Exciting new 70 QUESTS for you to unlock
★ 5 astonishing POWER-UPS so you can win more
★ Special chips & upgrades add more fun
★ Amazing new SALES and DISCOUNTS
★ Special PRIZES on all your favorite events
★ Bug fixes, stability improvements & so much more