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gravity guy
hmmm unexpected



Craig Dixon | CFO at Miniclip

Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom |

Nick Tsimpidaros | CMO at Miniclip

London, United Kingdom |

Robert Small | CEO at Miniclip

Bern und Umgebung, Schweiz |

João Ribeiro | Product Manager at Miniclip

Lisboa e Região, Portugal |

Reviews 97,954

  1. Very fun. And addictive
    daniel barlow
    Very good but not technically gravity guy, even still it's better than the original. I just wish it doesn't constantly ask you to rate the game.
  2. Not happy
    Rachit Jain
    First of all it does not do justice to its name Then missions reset when u close the game and switch it back on Many bug fixes are required Then at a later stage there is no suitable rewards for the missions just the same 2500 for each mission..that makes u wanna uninstall as there is nothing much to go on UNINSTALLING
  3. A very good game but...
    It frustrates that it keeps asking for a rating. There should be an option for never ask again. I like playing this game and want to keep playing it but this rate pop up is an obstruction in it. Foolish.. :@
  4. GRAVITY GUY 2 SUCKS......
    vedant Singh
    gravity guy 2 sucks, it does not works.I hav installed it in my phn it loads and goes back to my home menu. So guys never download this game "wastage of memory and time". Its not capable of giving one star also its a fake... its the worst game ever....
  5. One annoying thing
    Tom Foolery
    It's good that the sequel has a new set of mechanics, and I would have given it 5 stars, except for the fact that even if you turn off the sound and music you can still hear zapping sounds. Good overall.
  6. Willie Wen
    I very love this game but I thought that the gravitech clones is too expensive .It is better that it is cheaper but it still excelent .
  7. Amazing but......
    Rayyan Khokhar
    This game is really awesome but there are two things that I dont like 1.There is no pc version 2. The collect 50 green gems challenge is way too hard. 4 stars
  8. Awesome... ;)
    Joshua Fagan
    A Great and challenging game for anyone to enjoy. I love it, it has good graphics, missions and many more. Great game keep up the good work... ;)
  9. Constantly executing!
    Henrik Larsson
    What's up with the background process and service constantly running and automatically reappearing? Also, less entertaining than its predecessor.
  10. What about the gravity?!?
    Mubarak Salawu
    It's a good game, don't get me wrong, but after playing Gravity Guy 1, I'd expect more gravity control. In this game, there isn't really any gravity alteration at all. But I like the raising platforms though. That was a nice touch. So really the only thing that I don't really like is the fact that it is called "Gravity Guy". Although I must say, well done on the graphics. Looking forward to Gravity Guy 3. And hopefully there will be a gravity alteration system in the third installment.
  11. Very nice but.......
    aanjnay ahuja
    The game is not according to the title because no gravity is used . Then also is a nice game the thing that can be improved is that they can decrease the rating option
  12. Cool
    Tristan Lay
    Its cool but the guy doesn't really use gravity. I think it could be better. Its good and doesn't lag!
  13. Come on miniclip
    Allisyn Fortune
    Be real with people, you and I both know you have more crashing issues to fix. Just because you have an update saying you fixed the some of the crashing, you still didn't put that you fix ALL the crashes, just wanted to remind you.
  14. Instant repeatable fun
    Gary Grabowski
    Fun, easy action right off the bat. Quick progression and more fun with planned jumps. Level objectives provide on-going interest. Highly recommended.
  15. Amazing
    Anthony Jiron
    The only thing that's weird is that the floor has to lift you up, but its still good. I just hope you guys make the third one, but even better
  16. Amaxing game
    Ben Gotoff
    Has a few glitches but overall really great lots of choices of characters and power ups.
  17. Awesome!
    Hannah Manalang
    Its a good game,but the first time i played it i didnt like it at first cuz i played the first gravity guy and it had more of a flow but i started playing this one a little more and i think its as cool as the first.
  18. A step forward from the original game
    Giles Guest
    The developers have done a great job on this sequel. I enjoyed the graphics and gameplay but it could do with a campaign mode *edit* not properly optimised for android lollipop please fix this problem thanks.
  19. This game rocks!
    Whitney Young
    I have NO problems on my Samsung galaxy S4. I'm on level 89 and ive ENJOYED it very much so far. But one thing. I can't get a combo more than 7. I've gotten a 9x combo once. Can you make it more possible to do a 12x combo? I just buy the skip on Em but they keep coming back. Different backgrounds or more levels would be cool. I RECOMMEND this game. Very ADDICTIVE. GREAT GAME! Thx guys
  20. drunken pee cool haha you need your bowl
    Malone Wilson
    cool but there's only one tiny problem it doesn't work on my phone I hate the people that made this app


What`s new

• Fixed the "150 coins" achievement bug/crash;
• Fixed the in-app purchasing crash happening in some devices;
• Small bug fixes.

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