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Craig Dixon | CFO at Miniclip

Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom |

Nick Tsimpidaros | CMO at Miniclip

London, United Kingdom |

Robert Small | CEO at Miniclip

Bern und Umgebung, Schweiz |

João Ribeiro | Product Manager at Miniclip

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Reviews 2,033,132

  1. Nitesh Kumar
    It sucks... It always shows a msg that your Internet connection is slow even if my net is very fast using wifi... Plzzz plzz fix it as soon as possible plzzz........... I am using xperia c3
  2. WTF?
    Metin Ferati
    I loved Soccer Stars. It was the best game for me. But with these new uptades i hate Soccer Stars. What is this : Win Fee? Aim, time, power...??? Please change, to give 5 stars.
  3. Well... It was alright
    Łukasz Nowak
    But now the game doesn't even start. I am stuck with the green screen, and that's it. M9 Hima
  4. Crap
    Evy Negrete
    This game is complete crap now. You play a 200 point game and give 100 of your coins and if you win you only get 160 back. It was a lot better before now it's a waste of time. Screw winners fee
  5. Play with Friends
    L DD
    The heck there is no coin victory in play with friends instead it turn out to be only practice mode. Will rate 5 stars if it change
  6. Win Fee?
    Carlo Aguilar
    What the hell is this stupid winning fee. Now, you LOSE money if you go 50-50 with your wins. What the hell is that? Win 5 games but lose 5 games? You probably lost hundreds of coins. This game was awesome before the retarded win fee, get rid of it
  7. Fee/salary
    Dmitriy Plotkin
    This taxes the game collect is always from the total winnings which are actually only the half on each stage, but the so called fee/salary is from the grand total .... Can see here no logic , if I win in a 10k game a get only 8k although the winning fee on my team of s only 10%..... Please make some adjustments or cancel it!!!
  8. LOVE IT
    DarthMarz79 The Maple Leaf
    Its a really good game, but when it disconnects during a game, sometimes the game doesn't continue and i lose the money i put in to the game and i really hate that. If you fix this; 5 stars
  9. Keeps crashing, loose your coins, just a moneymaker
    Nagy Gábor
    They dont care making the game robust, they dont save your coins when the app crashes. Dont tell me its my fault that the app crashes so much. During tournament game keeps me punishing and I start with 5 secs minus each trun. Im on Wifi This company just want you to pay for everything and takes away the enjoyment of playing. Would not be enough income from the ads? You have to use this ridicoulus system
  10. Can't connect with friends from other countries
    luis parrilla
    The reason why I downloaded this app is because I wanted to play with family from different country but this things has never been able to connect with them.
  11. Maker of this game is not using his head
    Ian McCane
    Who ever heard of a fee for winning in a game? What do you think this is, state lottoery where you take out for taxes? May go back to 5 stars if you fix it...
  12. Love it
    varun medha
    Stucks fr some good...Lil connection glitches....tats its a 5 star game fr sure
    Jose Ramirez
    This was a hella fun game now I lose 40 coins for every 100 coins I play....a winners fee they call it....bull crap they don't have a losers reward....if I lose 100 coins I lost 100 coins....but if I Win 100 I only get 60.....who TF thought that up
  14. Better than last update but...
    Kimberly Sanchez
    Okay the good thing is now you can play with friends and not be in practice mode. But their is still a salary, its not as much as the winning fee, but it should give you all the coins without taking any of it
  15. WTF
    syed talha hilal
    This was World Best game for me but after winning fee !!!!! I am uninstaling it man damn you loose your users .. i will not install it again until you made it like before update
  16. It used to be great.
    Krste Manevski
    But now they did to this game the same thing they did to their pool game. Instead of being skill based, now the one spending the most money will have a much better chance at winning.
  17. Used to be good...
    Sam Bye
    Used to be a good game, until the update. Everyone used to have the same standard team, but now you can buy 'better' teams with your coins (which is ok if you the coins to spare). Very difficult to win if you are a standard team against a 'better' team. Ruined it with update, they did the same with 8 ball pool.
  18. Christian Yousif
    Soccer Stars is a great game. One of the many reasons that it is so fun is almost anyone of any age can play it due to it's simple yet complex design. The only frustrating problems I encounter are not being able to play tournaments with friends, and whenever my connection lags the game somehow tends to make me "quit" the match giving the coins to my opponent.
  19. Gets me horny
    Ben Couperthwaite
    Kevin if you're reading this, I love you so much and when we played those games I creamed in my pants. I then sniffed my creamy pants and wanked to your profile picture
  20. Win Fees?
    Justin Harvey
    This game COULD BE fun but they set you up for failure because you are charged a win fee. So congrats you win but we are going to charge you for winning. The whole aim is to make you run out of money faster so that you will have to purchase with real money more coins. Classic manipulation but completely ends the joy of the game. Deleting.


What`s new

- Brand new temporary competition coming up: Penalty Champions! Will you reach number one?
- Speed improvements, opening different menus, and most noticeable on older devices.
- Improvements to anti-hacking systems.

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