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deity wars
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симулятор бога


Reviews 651,968

    Jake Overton
    Tried this app on two separate phones (Note 2 and 2013 Moto X) and it couldn't even load the training phase. Uninstalling from both devices. Seems like a cool game, but should be made to work with the phones it will be downloaded on.
  2. Steve Paschall
    cool game and I like the concept. game play could use some challenges like an occasional antagonist. Latest update created lots of touch interface bugs that requires i toggle off the screen to reset touch controls.
  3. Won't work
    Snayder Lara
    Tried multiple times to play this game but the app just won't download, I open the app and sit there and wait but the actual game just won't download for you to play. Bummer cause I was actually really looking forward to playing this game.
  4. This is a good game.
    Savannah Miller
    At first it lagged alot but after I played for bout 4min. It worked better. I have looked for a game like this for a long time, thank you for making it. You did a good job. :)
  5. Mandy Akins
    Great game! Although I had to reinstall it twice before it started working. Then again to start to a new game. Now the game doesn't register anytime I open a chest of Gems... So, still a little buggy.
  6. Rain Van Dalen
    No offline mode? Nobody likes using data which we have to pay for! Cool game tho but make it offline
  7. Peter Molyneux
    Aristotle Mani
    Peter Molyneux made tons of god sims back in the day, and its good to know that he created another masterpiece. 4 stars cause minor control bugs. FOR THOSE WITH FRAMERATE ISSUES, you can turn down graphics in the settings menu
  8. Boom!
    Kimberly Andrade
    So I Absolutely Love This Game But I Hate How Redundant It Gets After A While I Wish There Was Something More That Came Out!!!
  9. Unable to Start
    Alex Surong
    Game data doesnt download i get error code 60010103..pls provide solution before i rate it
  10. The sculpting is quite hard
    Joel Driver
    As other people have said it is quite hard to sculpt sometimes but otherwise great. Hint use a comet on the astari wipe them out then spend some gems u earn on putting a farmer in their old home. Also, unless u spend loads auto collectors are useless
  11. Fun up until a point
    Ciara Calpito
    I like the game a lot but its really hard to get stickers at a certain point and even harder to keep the happiness level up without having to purchase them... games aren't fun if I have to buy my way through them. I like to be rewarded through challenge
  12. Adina Olaru
    The only reason I'm giving this 3 stars is because the touch sensitivity is crazy. I try to scroll and end up remodelling land and losing points, or i scrol and it zooms in. Rotating it almost never works. Fix it!
  13. Great concept POOR application
    Gerry Howze
    I originally LOVED and would have given Godus 5 stars. Ran out of cards, can't create new lands, support is non-existent, now with updates screen is too sensitive to move around land with my finger. Extremely disappointed customer :(.
  14. Latest update crashed
    Ana Leeza
    Can't go in the game anymore. It's just shows a white screen that crashed. Had fun playing it and would give a 5 star review if you fix this problem soon :)
  15. Great game
    kyel eardley
    Great game, once your phone gets over the initial lag and configure your quality settings, the game runs brilliantly, a very fun game, very flexible with its creation and humorous too, however I am having one problem, whenever I watch a video for free gems, I never receive the gems for it.
  16. Great game
    Kevin Hartman
    I really love this game! It's like pocket god mixed with Minecraft almost. It doesn't lag at all for me. The only problem is the constant adds.
  17. sad sad sad
    Bertus Dippenaar
    it keeps telling me i have no network connection even though i definately do... the 1 star is purely to get the devs attention asap. i have a Samsung galaxy S5 if u can give this some attention it would be greatly appreciated and definitely get a 5 star from me
  18. Cool and fun game
    Žiga Koprivec
    It's like black & white but it's missing a creature. So far i like it a lot. The s rolling is a bit puzzeling but getting the hang of it.
  19. Doesn't work anymore.
    Izzy Fahey
    I remembered how much I used to love this app and reinstalled it when I got my new phone. But now, everything has gone wrong. The text does not show up and there are random squares claiming to be trees everywhere! The tuturial is glitchy. All in all, the app has taken a turn for the worst in this new update!
  20. awesome
    Sandra Power
    I gave you five stars because I want to let people have a free card pack every day so we can get some belief for free and like get to unlock warriors to attack the other guys


What`s new

Fixes an issue affecting some users who installed and recovered a game in V0.0.57 - if you're affected please contact us.
Improved full screen support for newer widescreen devices.
New Voyage.
We’ve added a compass when you rotate the view. You can tap it to return to the default rotation which after feedback no longer occurs automatically.
Fixed Facebook login - please ensure you have the Facebook app installed.
Other bug fixes.

If you experience any bugs please email [email protected]

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