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John Libby | President at MobilityWare

Orange County, California Area |

Dave Yonamine | Founder & Chairman of the Board

Irvine, California |

Jeff Erle | CEO | Board Member | Studio Head

Irvine, California |

Phillip Semenik | Product Manager at MobilityWare

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Reviews 442,762

  1. Seems slower.
    Barb Newton
    New phone this week (Galaxy S6) and downloaded Spider. It seems slower than before. Also, tap & move keeps dropping a column in the next empty space and not onto the appropriate, logical scoring card.
  2. Fantastic little time waster!
    David Godecki
    I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed wasting away the hours playing Spider on my Windows machine (was there ever a version made for the Mac?). This one is even better, in that not all columns need be filled in order to deal. An extra star awarded if the developers add the code to automatically deal all cards when all hidden columns are opened :-)
  3. Mary Byrne
    really like it but it keeps dying on my phone so I have to keep uninstalling and redownloading. I guess that helps the download number if people hard to download it again and again!
  4. Spider Solitaire
    N Manning
    What can I say? I just love this game! I like it way better than any of the other spider solitaire games out there. The only thing that would make this game any better is if the stats would be out where you can see them, say beside the hint icon. Otherwise, I'd call this a hit!
  5. Spider
    Kathy Devencenzi
    Wont open half the time, the other half wont move cards ready to uninstall! Going to give it 3 days if not better its,bye bye.
  6. The Only Game I Play Everyday
    Joe Carmichael
    This is a great app and the only game which I play every single day. Each game is different and fun. The only reason I have not given this 5 stars is because I cannot disable the ads. I would happily pay 2 or 3 quid to get rid of the ads. Probably even £5, I use it that much. But there is no option for that, so it's a 4 star app.
  7. WiNoJoE sez:
    Kenneth Madrulli
    Best version of spider solitaire on the Play store, I always come back to this one after trying others. Minus 1-star for including video ads, which constantly interrupt what I am listening to. Come on dev, get rid of these ad types, they ruin your otherwise almost perfect game.
  8. KingWood Holdings
    Too darn jumpy at the edges and sides of the phone . will jump to the nearest open space rather than moving to the numbers in sequence especially at the end of the play .
  9. All your solitaire but for one thing. On the smaller devives, when you move a cart from the too tow, you pull down the stattus bar. The smaller the device the harderbit not to drag the bar down. Can get maddening, verry maddening.
    Deb Marshall
    Like the game but wish you would move it down a bit so you don't pull down the stattus bar. On a phone or small device it is almost impossible not to get the stattus bar.
  10. :^)
    James Vanderhart
    I love this game but im not sure if this has glitches or not so ya give me time to play and then my rep will be more accurate
  11. Great game!
    Damian Sifuentes
    It gets more challenging the more you win. I like the different levels you can play at also. Do not start playing unless you are ready to become addicted!
  12. Spider solitare
    Brenda Fritzinger
    Like this version out of all I've tried but the one for the iPhone I liked more. It is nice that u can change settings to customize things. And that u can go back past a completed set or pause it and come back without clock continuing to run. Its a fun app to keep your mind active.
  13. Fun game
    Joe Bartzi
    Runs very well on my Motorola Max and on my Samsung tablet. There are times it seems I have no chance to win, but I keep trying and it will work out.
  14. Spider Solitaire
    Jerry McKee
    Not working right anymore. Doesn't move cards when you tap them today for the first time. Was there a bad update?
  15. Get rid of ads n be perfect
    Heather Caluri
    I love this game. The only thing i would change is all the dang ads. Ill b right in the middle of a game n it pops up. If u want this game to be perfect take out some ads. Suggestion when u open put an ad then after 10mins put another or something i understand their purpose but dang!
  16. Lots of fun
    Dinah Frost
    I like it - lots of fun. Good for killing time when having to wait for appointments, etc. Good for keeping brain active when growing older.
  17. Spider solitary
    Kandy Hampton
    The most relaxing,entertaining,and enjoyable game ever! Two thumbs up!
  18. Spider Solitary
    Catina Moffett
    Rate of Play...I enjoy playing this particular game because it actually relax me and allow for an opportunity to clear my thoughts. Just got a new phone and this was the first game I believe I started playing. I enjoy the freedom to move cards around without having to ensure its the correct grouping of cards and/or set.
  19. Great game
    Sheila Trowbridge
    Just hate all the ads - especially the dual ones where the first part tales forever to get to a point you can x out of it but for free, I love this!
  20. Great Spider App
    Smokie Brawley
    This is a great mobile app for Spider Solitaire. Clear, customizable, with scores & ratings & hundreds of deals. Ad pop ups between each deal keep the download free, but most are easily cancelled if you're not interested in the ad. The only thing keeping my rating at a 4 is that some of these ads include sounds and if I'm playing during a bout of insomnia these ads wake my husband! Remember to mute your phone if you play in the middle of the night! All in all a great app!


What`s new

Features include:
- Subscription option to turn off ads, unlock new card backs and fronts, and play Daily Challenges in advance
- 4 Color Deck Setting
- A slider to set your winning deal percentage
Numerous other bug fixes and updates to improve your gameplay experience!

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