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زوما الاصلية


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Michaël Trabbia | CEO Orange Belgium

Brussels Area, Belgium |

Benoit Messiaen | Director at Orange Belgium

Brussels Area, Belgium |

Maarten Van Asselberghs | B2B Product Manager Digital Interfaces at Orange Belgium

Brussels Evere, Brussels Capital Region, Belgium |

Maxime De Graef | IT Consultant Infrastructure Services

Brussels Area, Belgium |

Reviews 85,828

  1. *Check it out but....
    Jennifer Proctor
    Like the game ~ it is a good game but having the same problem of not letting me "exit" the game when I am done playing for whatever reason. That's very annoying otherwise would of scored higher. ☺
  2. Problematic place
    Chris Antonie
    The three features you can use after you gain money are placed in a very problematic place on the screen! I touch them by mistake while playing all the time and use them without really needing them!! You should move them much lower on screen...
  3. Ads are annoying
    Mandi Thomas
    Otherwise it is a good game in the basic Zuma style. For those complaining that there is no clean exit, there is. You go to the main menu, click the back button, then click on yes at the bottom of the exit screen. Quite simple really. Playing on a Galaxy Note 3.
  4. Pity - good game, nasty trick on exit (or bug)
    Jennifer McGaffey
    The game is fun - simplistic graphics but good, responsive game play (the right order). However, there doesn't seem to be a way to exit it. Back from the main screen brings up an ad (ok, worth it...) with an "exit game" button at the top of the screen. Which doesn't work - doesn't respond to a touch on or near it (Samsung Note 3). The only way to get out is to hit the Home button and leave it running, and I'm not going to do that. Uninstall.
  5. Love it.
    Loo Rancourt
    Not a gamer but I love this. I have mastered all levels but cannot get three stars on third world, 13. Grrrrr
  6. Maureen Peters
    There's this level thirteen stage 3, I have played for a month now and I can't pass it. What have you done . I hate this game
  7. Not loading!!!!
    Jennifer Kellenbenz
    I got to level 1 (scene 2) & it won't open it says loading but u can hear the music & all playing plz fix & then I will give more stars because it was a good game til this happened!!!!
  8. Marble kingdom
    Karen Tartt
    This is a marvelous games,I can't put it down ,and you'll love special effects or graphics as some call will enjoy it.
  9. 29 of 40 (Group 4?) Bug
    Faith Yates
    Level 29 doesn't let me go to the next level, even when I win. I've cleared this level a few times, but nothing happens. I can fire & hit charms, but not move on. Otherwise, great game! I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Please fix!
  10. Ugh annoying please fix
    Jennifer Cepero
    This game is fun and addictive. I have this for both my phone and tablet. On my phone and it plays perfectly but on my tablet shuts off randomly. UGH ANNOYING AND FRUSTERATING PLEASE FIX
    Gli Benjamin
    good game,powerful grafics.cant't stop playing this ZUMA.but my problem is the background music,it is boring on it and i will rate this game with massive stars
  12. Marble Kingdom
    Pamela Stephen
    I love the game ,but wish there were more levels.
  13. For kids
    Googplus Szucs
    Decent enough game. But the game play is very slow compared to others of this type. It would be good for young children. But WAAAAAYYYY too slow for an average adult. A teenager hyped up on Monster drinks and Snickers bars would probably wonder if the balls were even moving.
  14. Jean naidoo
    Jean Naidoo
    The game is very smart I love it, but increase the levels, when i got nothing to do i playing this game makes my day. Please change the ball hitting sound ,like Zuma thanks.
  15. Freeze
    Teresa Diamond
    I like the game would have given 5 stars, however it continue to freeze, and pause need to be fixed. Notice the problem on every board. Please fix the problem. I noticed on other marble games the same issue. Other wise great game and addictive.
  16. Kathy Sollla
    It's a great game but need more levels to play then I would give more points.
  17. Jennifer Campbell
    The best of these Zuma games except nowhere near enough levels.
  18. By 5 stars.
    Ricky Sese
    If you lose a level, that means you can not pass the level. Do not restart a level again and again.
  19. Super
    Champa Rani
    Its very nice game. When u r feeling alone u can play thos game.
  20. Natashia Bridges
    Love this game, but it will not let me go to the next level


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- Miscellaneous bug fixes
- All the frozen issues were solved perfectly

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