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  1. Well.
    Jocelyn Kwakkel
    I was super excited to download this app (free version) and after completing my daily training I played some games. Everyday I go back onto the app to do the daily training it says I have "already completed the daily training". So no sense in me playing the same four games and waiting any longer I am deleting this.
  2. Love it.
    YA Booknerd
    Used it for a week then decided to get the full version & Im glad i did. Only thing id suggest is having a way to challenge random people, since my friends dont play, and also, id like to see more stats and historical data on my personal growth and progression. Great overall though. Thanks!
  3. Cool games
    Dayana Aghaie
    This is a great app if you need to kill some time. The critical thinking/problem solving games are useful but not sure how some of the others benefit you. Also, it keeps telling me that I completed my daily training when I did no such thing. Am I missing something?
  4. Good games sucky "training"
    katie jean
    Everyday it gives me notification of my "daily training" and then brings me to a screen saying "you've completed your daily training" when I've done nothing but open the app.
  5. Sondra Rydberg
    Can never connect to their server to even try out the app.
  6. Eugenijus I.
    After price reduction I may try it again.
  7. Your server sucks
    Marlene Samuels
    I've been trying for the past week and it's saying that your server is down
  8. Server
    alex landers
    Everytime a cant communicate to server message fix it!!!!
  9. I need a refund
    Olivia Curry
    I just paid for a year and my app is still not unlocked. Help!
  10. ?????!!!????
    Mike Metz
    Will not let me do any training. I have it set up for all training. It says I have completed my training.
  11. Tracey Lowmiller
    Wish that the free services were more
  12. Kool
    Gracie Castillo
    This is a really cool thing to do because it can consectrate ure kind and u can learn alot lore from it even tjought most of it or all of it is all fanes so i teally really like tjsi cuz it can function my braun more and i can learn more...
  13. Learning
    amanda jackson
    This game helped me learn things I didn't know before and now I am a teacher and have 3 children and my lovely husband and he did the same app and he is a buissnes man
  14. Someone please contact me
    kayla drent
    This is great but I paid for the subscription to get the full game but it says I need to unlock it even though I have and I have sent an email a few days ago regarding this issue and I have not heard anything back.
  15. Good brain exercise
    tammi bunting
    I downloaded this app in order to get points on another app. I decided to check it out because I like the idea of exercising my brain. The ONLY reason I am giving it 3 stars is because they want to charge for a subscription in order to have full access. I don't pay for any apps let alone pay for a subscription in order to use an app.
  16. Ok
    Destini Ramirez
    I have to buy it and i dont like that
  17. Excellent but...
    Cindy Dotson
    Games are great but the subscription price is a bit high
  18. Learning education
    Toni Rogers
    It is so educational for kids and is not bad at all just login and learn
  19. Trickery
    Angelica Pineiro
    I love brain games. It's a crock you get to play 3 little low level games then you have to pay a lot to get the rest of the games in the app. Waste of time. Definitely deleting.
  20. Fun and interactive
    Zandra Corbett
    It's cool to see your test results compared to others in your age group.


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