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  1. What is this for?
    Delcy Aloma
    There are no updates of lollipop till date for my moto e 1st gen what's the use of this so called "update service" app then.I would have rated it -5 but sadly 1 is the least rating
  2. No update on moto e
    No update till now on my moto e 1st gen how much more we have to wait and you all are showing that update has already been rolled out on official update page of Motorola .this is really disgusting
  3. No update till now
    Archisman Das
    Has anyone received lollipop ota update on moto e 1st gen?? How much more we have to wait?
  4. Finally
    Kionte Baker
    The Verizon Prepaid Moto G 1st gen gets the services app update. Now I hope we can get our hands on Lollipop. I'll keep myself posted till then. I can't wait.
  5. Lollipop update in India for moto x 2013
    girish kumar
    Waiting for 5.1 update for moto x 2013 in India...doing system update check daily but no luck..we could have choosen nexus, thought it would be comparable with nexus with respect to updates, not a great phone moto x 2013
  6. On update to my moto e
    Keerthi Vaasan
    What is on motorola's mind????I waiting for two month daily. I didn't got update till now to my moto e. I am checking daily but I didn't got it. Please help me. I like android l very much. I didn't know what the motorola company doing.I want to add one think today the Motorola service agent told soak test was finished they can release android l in some days.I can't know it is true or not
  7. People it that has arrived
    Mathew Francis
    Android L is coming to moto e next. From 25,May,2015 to 5, jun,2015 be prepaid.if u want it now then join the Motorola sock test for android 5.1.1. And their r no faults with the app it prepares u to receive android L. This also indicates the update is round the corner. It takes time because of bugs in the os when the bugs r removed then the os will be ready for an (OTA) realise of android L. Pleas don't rate the app faulty. Android 5.1.1 is for moto e 1 gen is same as the moto e 2 gen which has recived L.
  8. Ashish manna
    I did not get the update till now i think its fake before 1 months motorola said dat update had been given for mote e bt now its month of june i think its fake
  9. Motorola Verizon XT1028 CDMA is still missing Android 5.x
    Timothy Butterworth
    Does anyone with this model actually receive Android 5.x. I am thinking of dropping Verizon and Motorola when I purchase a replacement for this. Nexus and AT&T seems like a better choice.
  10. Switching Phones
    Niko Marquez
    Okay seriously, wheres the update for Moto G (First Gen) coming? I'm getting tired of my phone already. I've recently been thinking of switching off from Motorola phones. I don't want to stick with my Moto G for the next year unless the update finally comes out. By the looks of it, doesn't seem like its gonna happen.
  11. Moto is cheating
    Moto promised for guaranteed update at first priority. Even for Moto X the lollipop is not given till now, and now android M is being announced. Sony, LG are the first to give updates. I think after every other company gives Android M update then moto will give Lollipop. I made a wrong decision by buying Moto X which cheated all the buyers.
  12. No lollipop?
    Dan Bay
    Come on people, we helped make this phone great. We just want a thank you. Give it up! I'm thinking Windows next phone upgrade.
  13. Really Annoying
    Rodrigo Perazzo
    I received a message today to update my moto x (1st gen) to 5.1, but I couldn't do at the time because my device didn't have enough space. After removing some apps, I've tried again, but now the only message displayed is: Your device's software is up to date.
  14. jagadeesh medabalimi
    Failing to give an exact date of arrival or at least tentative dates, shows Motorola's inefficiency in executing planned tasks. No wonder they are much dis-liked by consumers these days.
  15. Luring the customers!!!!
    pradeep reddy
    It's been more than an year that Android lollipop was released and still I haven't received any update on my Moto E. I have been updating the app repeatedly but in vain. Please provide the update immediately
  16. Really disappointing!
    Swapnil Bhamat
    It have been long time since lollipop have been released not received on my moto e. my friends have moto g got their updates 6 months back. How much does moto e 1 St gen customer should wait, its really disappointing!!!
  17. 'Title' is omitted from Google Play 'activity'! Apparently irrelevant?
    jai x zze
    In case a future asset-stripper reads this to find out what went wrong with Google? They were so busy 'walking on water' that they FAILED to heed constructive criticism! e.g in Google Play 'activity' summary why is there NO 'Title' (or 'Headline', preferably)? Reasonable for Google to approve of constructive criticism so why (allow Motorola subsidiary to) suppress my reviews (e.g of Motorola Boot update wherein I observed that no user 'properly on this planet' cares for [email protected] + systemic failures)
  18. sudhir tingare
    What's company doing exactly ? Are they really serious about this update or just fooling customers .....
  19. What is update services
    santosh anil kumar
    I am using motoe 1st gen till now there is no lollipop update . so why we give 5 star rating
  20. First step!
    Erik Johnson
    Thank you Motorola! Been waiting for this app! Now just have to wait for Android 5.0 or 5. Whatever? Your phone will update when your carrier is ready to drop it! Be careful what you wish for. I love KitKat 4.4.4 on my moto g! No hurry for 5.0. Thanks again. OK maybe I don't want lollipop. With all the bad reviews! Yikes! I hope my 1st gen moto g gets 5.1? If not I'm not updating. My moto g 1st gen is a great phone! Past one year mark with it and hasn't disappointed! Love it! Will love it even more with 5.1