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Mccaffery Stephen | Vice President at Motorola

Reading, United Kingdom |

Kristin Kruska | Vice President, Corporate and Securities Law and Secretary at Motorola Solutions

Greater Chicago Area |

Cynthia Yazdi | Vice President & Chief of Staff

Chicago, Illinois |

Julie Johnson | Corporate Vice President - Product Management at Motorola Mobility (a Google Company)

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Reviews 36,351

  1. Can bee uninstalled
    Conaire Meenan
    This app is bloat for some people like me who knows how to use android if you could at least let us uninstall it or make it look material design so it would fit in
  2. Use online data, not so useful information
    Madhusudan Joshi
    1.Please provide a technical support option in it. 2. A help desk. 3.My content filter have a PIN which not allow me to download Facebook. ( moto e )•please provided pin to reset it.
  3. Informative and helpful
    Justin Daniel Dunn
    Step by step walk through detailed directions great for the not so tech savvy, elderly or just those who want to know all the features of their phone
  4. Android update in moto x 1st Gen
    ashish gl
    Moto x 1st Gen users hv yet not received lollypop update. I think u people don't care abt it. Even Moto G 2Gen hv received update. Pathetic !!!
  5. Motorola assist
    Wesley Gilbert
    Awesome, until it suddenly quit working properly. I am trying to find a fix for this handy dandy App.
  6. Lolwut
    Ahmed Ghousheh
    You should hire more acknowledged people to answer questions... time the agent asked me what team I support in Fifa world cup!
  7. No support for people outside India
    Pulak Khan
    And Motorola when will the original moto g get lollipop!? Can you please tell me the exact date!?
  8. Amazing
    Farzan Hussain
    Thanks to this app I got bachiz. That's the entire point of this app right, cause I don't see any other purpose. Thank you Motorola. I owe you one.
  9. Bloat
    Brett Naughton
    Waste of space. Cannot remove, keeps reappearing. Miserable lousy bloat.
  10. Good one....
    Goutham Girish
    A user to know abt the smart phone I like. It a lot.....
  11. no chat or calling options in my motog 2nd gen
    Rajdeep Bain
    in my handset moto g 2nd gen there is no chatting or calling options.please fix this thing. even in moto e there is the chatting option but not in mine
  12. Okayish
    Anudeep Rokz
    Whats with all the agents by the way !! They just don't seem to know the answer but prove m provide links to the Motorola website !!
  13. help
    akshay minare
    excellent app ! its because of not opening this app I m master in using my phone !
  14. Kshitiz Sabyasanchi
    Takes time to connect but good one by Motorola. Solve almost every issue.
  15. Excellent even Not so Savvy!
    michael saddler
    Always meddling and downloading Whatnots.This has helped me out so many times.I get in such pickles naturally I've not personally contacted !A thousand % certain Motorola's personelle shall be marvelous.
  16. Hi moto
    Rejith Pavithran
    Pls add search option in sms inbox and outbox......???so that we can easily find important messages with bank name. Client name . key word etc...
  17. Moto E very poor body quality phone
    Jemi Jacob
    Local China phone is far better than this. Unmatchable low quality and big damage
  18. Soud recorder
    himanshu prabha
    Where is sound recorder in moto g ?? This phone make my life as hell. I hate motorola since found there is no recorder and no file manager.
  19. Moto Help
    George West
    I just can't say enough about Motorola's great product's, thank you Motorola for all your service to many millions from the Earth to the Moon.
  20. Awesome support
    Raaul G.
    This is an app that every single smartphone manufacturer should add to their devices. It's easy, fast and you get your FAQs or problems solved by any Motorola agent you talk.


What`s new

• “Chat with us” function supports more devices. AI chatbot helps with your questions/issues effectively (for some regions only)
• Add one new contact-us-channel “WhatsApp” (for some regions only)
• Bug fixes
• Stability improvement