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Reviews 3,170

  1. Stops without reason.
    Abby DiLeonardo
    One of my new favorite apps, but it stops in the middle of a game, and doesn't even let me report it. I have uninstalled it, and reinstalled, but NOTHING! :-(
  2. Jasmine Smith
    I love the game, because spongebob is one of my spirit animals. But the game keeps glitching. Like it pauses in the middle of a game, the time keeps ticking, but I can't make moves. Or it doesn't recognize that I've made a move, OR takes a few seconds to make the move. Update please
  3. Galaxy S6
    Kellie Peplinski
    The game is great, however it continues to force close on me over and over again, with the dialogue box disappearing before I am able to report the issue. Fix the force close problem and my review will be adjusted accordingly as this is easily a 5 star app.
  4. HTC desire
    Ezra Burkes
    Can't even start the game to begin. It say choose power character but nothing pops up please fix for a different rating
  5. Needs endless
    Daryl Sander
    A endless mode would be cool if you added that because if you kept just time mode that would be 2 stars good I watch your channel on TV I love spongebob but please add endless mode promise
  6. Tina Callender
    My tablet crashed and this game was the only one which would not give me back my progress, they said sorry but there was nothing they would do, won't recommended this game for kids or adults. Good thing I only paid 99cents for it. My free apps at least restored everything.
  7. Fun if it worked
    Andrea Cwynar
    Purchased the app but it continually freezes. Pretty annoying. I can't even get through a full game...we'll actually can't even complete 5 seconds of a game...
  8. Phyllicia Boyd
    I really like this game on my galaxy note 4. But now it just keeps closing for no reason and it won't let me report it.
  9. Won't open
    Joshua Buzbee
    The first day it played great now when I try to open it it force closes and won't open at all. I want a refund
  10. Won't reopen without reinstalling
    Hillaury McShane
    My son wanted this game so bad because of excellent tv marketing. I let him earn it as a reward and it crashes ALL of the time. Once it is closed it doesn't reopen and you have to reinstall it. Worst waste of a dollar ever.
  11. Different levels
    Jessica Williams
    Its a great game and addicting however it would be more interesting if the different levels had different difficulties and perhaps more backgrounds (spongebob house, krusty krab, Sandy house etc.)
  12. Wtf
    Sharon K
    It won't open. For an app you have to pay for they better fix this
  13. Lag
    J - Man
    The game is extremely slow and laggy on my Galaxy S4, I hope it gets fixed because it's really hard to try properly and enjoy.
  14. Will not open or stay open
    ken perron
    When it actually runs it's an addictive game. Refuses to open 8 times out of 10. Then the other two times it does finally run it closes in the middle of the game. It also does not give an option to report it. If it actually ran correctly I'd give it 4 stars. Oh by the way, I put this on my son's I pad and there are NO issues with it.
  15. Wtf
    David Davenport
    It won't open. For an app you have to pay for they better fix this
  16. I want my money back!!
    Jennifer Settle
    I can't even play this game because it constantly freezes!
  17. Freezes
    Paula Guse
    Whenever I try to play it constantly freezes. Want to play but can not
  18. Laggy
    Josh Souza
    Just doesn't run well on my Galaxy S5, son is disappointed.
  19. Bubble Party
    Erin McG
    Purchased game for my kids, however I am always playing. I love this game. Unfortunately once I purchase the last character I may need to disable game. I'm addicted and have turned into a real potty mouth when I don't perform as well as my last high score. I'm too old for this. Lol!
  20. Raquel Medlock
    ok its crashing again and will not let me open it back up fix this game pleaseeeee