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Zhan Nie | Product Manager — Maxthon Web Browser

北京 海淀区 |

Leon Xing | Overseas Marketing

北京 朝阳区 |

Reviews 250,271

  1. Best one, also favorite on Windows but:
    Charles Hertz
    Needs a 1 button or better ICON in quick menu in android & Windows top extensions bar to: CLEAR COOKIES + CACHE + HISTORY. Look @ dolphin menu or 1click add-ons for Firefox on Windows. I have to click 10 times in android & in your Windows version have to use settings tab page. You yourself should not want to be tracked by hundreds of websites daily, surely? Also more frequent updates would be nice. Finally you reduced quick access icons, thanks. Keep it up, best browser, keep it light & fast or it dies too.
  2. Amazing at what it does.
    Joe A
    Lots of things it doesn't do though. Cannot open quite a few websites, fantasy premier league football being one. I love the adblock though and the immersive full screen. It absolutely flies when working with a compatible website. I'm gonna use it as my default for now and jump to chrome/cm browser when it inevitably breaks. Keep working on it devs, could be amazing!
    Dyi Ahr Junior
    This browser used to be a promising one. But, it has just become worse overtime. It crashes, very slowwwwwwww to load the webpage, and livestreaming is such a pain. It does not deserve a single star.
  4. Don't go down that road, devs!
    Sam Ferdinand
    Two things that happened on this update: (1) The search engine I had selected was changed without my approval or any notification. (2) New, unwanted bookmarks on my customised start page appeared. ----- THIS IS WHAT'S KNOWN AS "BLOATWARE" OR "INTRUSIVE ADVERTISING" AND ALSO "AD-WARE". ----- Please stop, don't do the same mistake as Dolphin Browser did. They managed to delete all users bookmarks when they added their advertising partners' bookmarks.
  5. ⚠Insecure https w this App!⚠
    Bernd P
    Has TLS1.0 only (and SSLv3 still enabled, making it vulnerable to the known Attacks). Provides still 6 Ciphersuites rated weak (RC4, MD5).
  6. Couple of things to fix
    Vinko Rakić
    Stop playing youtube videos on their own, crashes(ussualy when I enter news on Google immideatily shuts down), turn off fullscreen now its same thing with refresh button how do I turn it off
  7. Crashes all the time
    Guenter Hauber-Davidson
    Very sad. Discovered Maxthon and Loved it. Love the integration with other devices. Will miss it because now it crashes all the time! Just uninstalled it, cleaned all the files, re installed and it hung when trying to sign into account! Let me know what you did to fix it so I can come back. Don't wonna leave you, but forced to. Need a reliably working browser. HTC M8. What happened? Was fine for a while? Now it crashes again. Appreciate you guys reaching out, but for a daily browser it MUST work.
  8. Something to improve...
    Đức Nam Phạm
    Hello, i'm using Maxthon, and i feel it's good. But i have some problems and have to feedback : 1. I cant rotate my screen, i mean Maxthon has only one direction when fullscreen? Some browsers have an automatic function that allow their browser can rotate screen freely. 2. No option to choose Youtube's video quality...That's all for now, just use Maxthon for couple of minutes. Maybe, i dont know all settings that you provide yet, so if problems i list above can solve by using settings, pls guide me. Thanks.
  9. Fantastic ad blocker
    Mani Kandan
    Its blocking each and every ads...its saving a data...super...but one thing how to hide the underline in web links...i changed to "always hide underline" in settings... but its still staying...its irritate me..pls give me a solution....
  10. Auto text reflow & opening link in new tab issues
    Eric Im
    This browser no longer works & have some issues with opening links in new tab, especially links on Yahoo homepage. It just doesn't open the link in a new tab at all & nothing happens when the link is selected. The other issue is the auto text reflow still doesn't work on Samsung Note 3 (running Kitkat version 4.4.2). Emailed support all the requested info re auto text reflow issue but still not fixed after months.
  11. A very versatile Browser
    Ben Müller
    My most preferred browser, mostly because of the adblock feature and the integrated gestures feature. HOWEVER, the browser constantly crashes while browsing, and all your opened tabs are lost
  12. Good if not bugged
    Madison McLaughlin
    Works alright except that I cannot open anything in a new tab. Even longtapping on a link and selecting "Copy link URL" will open that URL in the current tab. Unfortunately, too frustrating to use.
  13. Perfectly excellent desktop viewer.
    Paul Broadbent
    I looked at all the alleged viewers that offered what this viewer does, but this has everything. It opens the pages in desktop mode and blocks ads too.
  14. The best
    Lee Kibbler
    Better and faster than dolphin or chrome
  15. Don't have it's own downloader and page saver
    Aashish Paudel
    Plz try to add a fast downlloader of it's own and also add page saving facility and it's browsing speed is slow too
  16. Jose Guzman
    Es el mejor navegador del que pueda existir
  17. I like it
    Zi Track
    You can download video's from multiple sites.
  18. Good search engine. * Ad blocker no longer works
    Andrew Clark
    Good brower but used to block adverts. But that ad blocker plus built into the broswer sadly no longer works
  19. Password sync???
    Shelton Lee
    I have passwords saved on my mac maxthon, but its not synced to android maxthon. I have my account signed in on both devices. Tab and bookmark sync works but why not password and credit card??
  20. AD BLOCK
    Olawale Abidakun
    The 'Ad block' feature does not work on my device. I keep seeing different ads. Why?