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  1. Wow!!
    Clint s
    The lag was fixed on the final boss stage, this game is so amazing and it's so nice to see it supported by the developers still, I love it. Also that Chris Mcloser down there in the comments gives every app 1 star, hater
  2. Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact-- Iron out the bugs plz
    Reynaldo Rivera
    This game is somewhat choppy... Playable, but choppy nonetheless. I find that unacceptable considering the high specs of the Z3 Tablet and that this game apparently works flawlessly on old phones like the Xperia Play. There are other problems too like no subtitle options like in the Dreamcast version, as well as strange typos here and there. The character models are on point, but overall this game isn't polished enough for me to recommend.
  3. Nexus 5, Moto X 2nd gen
    Gabriel Barrientes
    I can't believe I can play this game on my phone. Absolutely brilliant. I figured the controlling would be a little wonky but it plays really well for on screen controls. I am impressed. It's worth the money for me because I used to love playing this game in the arcade when I was in High School. And now its in my pocket on my phone. I ❤ technology.
  4. Xperia Z3 Compact - This game is perfection
    Tarek M
    This game is a must have for any Soul Calibur fan. It plays so smooth like it should and it works so well with the Native PS3 gamepad option on my phone. The one thing it doesn't have is mission mode, a minor disappointment but not enough to leave me unsatisfied. BUY IT NOW!!! WHY ARE YOU WASTING TIME READING THIS?
  5. Great game
    Michael Yeager Jr
    Just like I remember. Only thing lacking is blue tooth controller support. Please add this feature it would make the game more enjoyable for me. 5 stars when controller support is added.
  6. Needs update.
    richard dishman
    Victory replay has some kind of color distortion.
  7. Immersive Mode
    Cris Austria
    Great port. The only thing that is missing is Full Screen Immersive Mode support. Add it on the next update PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!
  8. Whaaat???!!!
    Muhd Syafiq
    I bought the game a few days ago and then a few days later, the game said,"Please buy the game at the Google Play Store." Fix this then i will rate it 5 stars.
  9. Great. Brings back memories
    HCG Kyle
    Very smooth game play, and the visuals are very nice. I don't know if any controller support has been patched in, but if not that should be priority. The virtual thumb stick can be a bit annoying at times. But it's not enough of an issue to dock a star. I recommend fans of the series pick this game up. Well worth it in my opinion.
  10. Classic
    Sheridan Williams
    Very smooth. Some multi touch commands are hit or miss but overall it works great
  11. Great with 1 major problem
    Chris Poly
    Wonderful port of the best 3d fighting game of all time. Only major problem is that throws do not work. Even with a controller plugged in and carefully pressing attack plus guard simultaneously the character will block 9/10 times. Also no option to reconfigure or add buttons to controller mapping.
  12. 4 Stars, only because it lacks in comparison to more recent console versions.
    Joe Barrett
    Best fighting game...ever. Port that over, flawlessly to your mobile gaming device; you've got, hand down, the best fighting game on a hand held tough screen. Fluid controls, smooth graphics and enough unlockables to keep you going. Lacks more recent modes/extras of console versions.....Play with Moga
  13. No multiplayer???
    Florent VIDAL
    Game is good but lacks 2 player support (Bluetooth, WiFi, or 2 gamepads connected to 1 device). Disappointing!
  14. Just like the old days
    Adam Sojak
    I'm a huge fan of Tekke and Soul Caliber and couldn't b more satisfied. The game is super smooth on my s6 and it's a MUST BUY for fans of SC. I only wish there was 1 more dual buttons option but 2 is good enough.
  15. WTF
    Cylk Brunson
    Game doesn't load anymore...AGAIN! I haven't been able to play in 3 days now
  16. Characters
    Chris Castro
    Yay i found out the issue and now i have everyone my favorite characters are yoshimitsu and misturughi i hope you guys bring tekken also
  17. Force closes when using ART compiler
    Bruce Atterberry
    I have an AT&T LG Gtab 7 and this game force closes after selection of character when using ART compiler. I am running on KITKAT 4,2
  18. Does not work!!!!
    Robert Turner
    Will not work with nvidia shield pro with Android tv!! Does not load please fix!!!! :(
  19. This game is 14 yrs old?
    Charlie Cruz
    It's hard to believe this game is 14 yrs old and yet it looks as good or better than other games in the play store. Now I want a real Tekken game... There is a bug in the museum that locks up the game I'm sure they will fix it soon. Thanks Namco!!! Update Ffixed
  20. Almost forget I'm not at Chuckey Cheese when my face gets too close to the screen :)
    Blaeden Charette
    Super sick, just wish it wasn't so easy to hit the home screen button when your mashing out a devastating Combo and totally in the zone. If it wasn't for that interruption happening semi often it'd be easy to forget you're shredding some S. C. on your Android Mobil.


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