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  1. Why??????????
    Zatsune Miku
    3rd time login but it's still trying to download the same game data?! It's impossible if you're updating the game almost everyday and every hour. It's good game so far but it's problem keeps annoyed me. Need wait for 10 minutes for shit.
  2. Android 5.0 Asus ZenFone 2
    Edward niizawa
    The game downloads the game data every time I run it; this will eat your data. WIFI PLAYERS ONLY. It also needs a constant internet connection. It is expensive, but I'm willing to pay for the $60 pack if they can change/improve these things.
  3. Overprice but the game is good
    Ridwan Purwanto
    I played dj max on ps vita, and then i saw it on playstore, then download it, really love it, the new song is not on ps vita, and it got update regularly, so the song is enough to keep you play on and on, but it,s kinda overprice.but the game is underrated, c mon guys download it it,s worth your time. Anyway my friend code is dJy6Mf, post your code and i,ll invite your
  4. HELP
    Sean Rodriguez
    I experienced playing the game (this version and arcade)it had a good concept for rhythm games but after I played the android version for about 1-3 times it won't work anymore, so plz fix (gets stuck at checking app version) (don't worry I won't uninstall it in hope of it working again)
  5. Needs internet connection to play
    Sam Arellano
    So sad that it needs wifi to play. Considering it's size is 200mb. It doesn't even load sometimes. It just says "Checking app version". Really disappointed..
  6. Bit expensive
    Matthew Brougham
    Great app, well done, just wish there were more free options for getting songs and other ways of obtaining more Q - Nice app though!
  7. noreini candedeir
    I wish this game could have an offline mode because its very entertaining and i enjoyed playing it only my phone is screaming to death because the wifi's draining its life :P
  8. Immersive mode.
    Clarence Gipiga
    It would be great for those who have on-screen navigation bar if TECHNIKA Q has the "Immersive Mode". The navigation bar is a waste of space when playing can sometimes be mistakenly pressed.
    No disrespect, but this review will be for the users who gave low ratings due to high expense of the tracks. Seriously people , you have to take a look at this game in a deeper way and realize how authentic it is. THIS will definitely top the Cytus Game in the future due to the fine artwork of this game. and thats beside the point. we are talking about DJMAX people. This is one of the most top rated rhythm games in the field of ARCADE machinery, and you cant even be grateful that they bothered to make apk
  10. I love DJMAX
    Caleb D
    This game refuses to connect. Errors out every time. I've been a DJMAX fan since 04 when you had to play 5b on Korean servers and this makes me want to cry. Please please fix this. I want to rate this 5 stars so badly.
  11. Best Music Game Ever!!!
    Karlou Hernandez
    So neowiz about this game that its great but you need to update this game such as bugs and new features new songpack if neccessary i mean really you need to step up, this is the only last one of the djmax franchise and i really love all of the franchise but really you need some improvements like bug fixing or non-stop play from tapsonic yeah, that will be represent as club mixing or adding combo leaderboard to combine all combos to all of the songs pls try to improve, im just suggesting here and im just sick of seeing that this game is rip-off of cytus or cytus is better i mean come on this is the original gameplay since 2008... well thank you for reading :)
  12. Stable and Awesome
    Beatriz Omotoy
    I hope this isn't just luck, i hope It's stable till the end (if)
  13. Please make the Philippine peso supported...
    Azowz Ryuzaki
    I enjoy playing DjMax Technika Q but my problem is I want to buy Q points using my phone's load. I live in the Philippines so my currency is php ( short term for Philippine peso ). When I was gonna purchase 10 Q points, there is an option that can be payed using my service provider, which they will charge me after using that option but when I select it, it says my currency, which is php, is not supported by your app. Please fix this so that I can buy new songs...
  14. Not that bad.
    John Jang
    Played all the technika series. Not as good as the ones in arcade(obviously) but its not bad at all. Song choices are pretty restrictive as you're required to buy them with real money. Would be better if you guys charge money for the app and unlock all the tracks. Otherwise good job, keep it up.
  15. Rodney B
    Fun and distracting. Easy to pick up and play although an offline mode would be nice. I do wish that the clazziquai and the kara songs were on this version but it's not a deal breaker.
  16. I like it but i must pay to unlock a new song
    Billyz Ok
    Please make me easier to get Q so i dont have to buy it and my friend code: eEr2Pg
  17. I've been waiting for this!
    Kael Thalas
    Been playing this in arcade and in my psp!! Thank you guys for bringing this game in mobile. Great job keep it up! Need Q's? Invite me! Code: dHxZMe
  18. What happened?
    Fancy,Cute Gamers
    It closes down every time I play a song. This is my favorite game. Please fix it. I grew up playing DJ max
  19. No sound
    Darian Candelario
    When I play the songs that were given in the beginning of the game, there sound, but when I play the downloaded songs, sounds won't work, PLEASE FIX. Games good tho.
  20. Like it
    Kim Senga
    Well I liked the game since I've been playing this even on arcades but yeah such limited free songs ...


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