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Quentin Carter | Senior Coordinating Producer

Greater Chicago Area |

Bill Koplos | Producer at Big Ten Network

Greater Chicago Area |

Rob Michel | Producer at Big Ten Network

Greater Chicago Area |

Brent Yarina | Producer, Digital Content at Big Ten Network

Chicago, Illinois |

Reviews 6,047

  1. Horrible
    Eric Williams
    Video NEVER plays! App crashes while loading every single time! I bet the Big 12 could make a better app. Update 2/20/15 - Still crashes on my ASUS TF103c Tablet. No other video streaming apps crash (WatchESPN, WWE, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc...). What a joke!
  2. Why
    Jacob Z
    Why when I click an event that happened yesterday, it doesn't show the score. It shows a dash for each score. Yet, the header says "final". Also, the video player is terrible.
    Daniel Summers
    It's sad that a with all the money the B10 has it can't design an app that functions properly. Can't watch anything live. Pretty much a freakin tv guide.
  4. Worse "Sports" in the play store.
    Ed Seitzinger
    The ESPN app has a history of being slow and bloated but this app for the big ten conference is worse then the wolverine's offensive line. It crashes up android 5.x and was even unstable in 4.4.x. Hey big ten you have football National champion, his about making an app that's well WORTHY.
  5. BTN plus made it worse!
    Michael Sharpe
    It crashes when I try to move the Calendar to today's date. Some could be forgiven if the app were available on smart TV and streaming devices like Roku, in that case I would subscribe to BTN plus. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.
  6. Blurry All the Time
    No matter if I use 4G LTE, high speed cable internet or WiFi, it is so blurry, I cannot see what is going on. App needs serious work! Other live streaming apps work perfect, why can't BTN get theirs right? Please fix b4 next season. Looks like I'll miss some of the Tournament Games now.
  7. Constantly Crashes
    Sean Monahan
    The app crashes whenever I attempt to watch a live event. It worked fine until I upgraded to lollipop but now it's useless.
  8. Quintin Talbott
    It doesn't have all the sports on there. Its missing Track & Field and Cross Country. They might not be the most exciting sports but no matter what, all sports should be on there. Water polo and field hockey are on there... Really??
  9. Needs Chromecast support
    Daniel Clippert
    If i can't cast content to my chromecast i will not use it. Sorry. I would have given a 5 star of this app supported chromecast.
  10. No chromecast support
    Chris Jenson
    App runs decent but it's 2015, need to be able to stream this to chromecast
  11. Big 10 Technology Failure
    Thomas Wood
    In the money rush that is athletics these days, it looks like the Big Ten Network put a not-ready-for prime-time app. I would think twice about sending a kid to a Big 10 school for technology education, given the many issues I have had on 3 different platforms (Galaxy Note 4, Nexus tablet, Win7 laptop) trying to connect to ATT Uverse. All other similar apps (Showtime Anytime, HBO GO, TBS, etc) work fine on all 3 devices.
  12. All about the MONEY
    Olyer Anderson
    Wow! Anything worth watching live has to be subscribed to. Forget it! I'll just go back to watching Non-B1G baseball on the ESPN app!
  13. Does not work
    Dan Marlatt
    Looks like the Android Lollipop update broke this app. I hope there is an update that works by football season.
  14. Awful picture quality
    Josh Brown
    Terrible picture quality even on WiFi, no Chromecast support. If I had cable/satellite I'd rather be watching games there instead.. Watch online as a last resort, hopefully BTN's feed gets better...
  15. Tweet
    Brandon Donaldson
    I cant see all of the tweets other people posted it wont let me scroll down plz help. Thank you.
  16. Just plain broken
    Aaron McRae
    Will not play any video on my Galaxy S5. It worked fine up until the most recent update. I tried to uninstall and reinstall with no success. Still had the same issue. I liked it when it was working!
  17. Doesn;t Play streams
    Jonathan Butts
    Wont work on an ASUS tablet. Stupid app people!
  18. Impossible to use
    Mike Gilbertsen
    Crashes all the time, simply unuseable! A waste of time.
  19. Long way to go
    Chris Littleton
    No Chromecast support, and video quality no where as good as ESPN (and SEC network). Also, no plans for sling TV.
  20. Chris Gabiou
    Would be nice if you could chromecast. Get with the 21st century.