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  1. Love the game but keeps crashing for a week now
    Jayme Friesen
    This is a wonderful game like old school DnD. I am using it to bribe my boys to do their homework .
  2. Impossible
    Jason Foxfire
    Literally haven't even gotten to move. No matter what I tap or where I tap, it does nothing while I'm in the dungeon.
  3. Danny's Pendo
    Danny GM
    Easy pace and just like the d&d miniatures turn based games I enjoy ! Thanks . . . only grief is keeps asking to obtain my current position. Why does it need this ?
  4. Loved it!!!
    Gerry Kourouklis
    It's exactly like the game hero quest I use to play when I was younger. It's slow paced in the movement, but that is good to avoid stepping on traps and keeping you checking. Great game, and good length of game time.
  5. Very cool
    Kyle Lestina
    A little clunky but very true to Hero Quest. I have played 10 levels rather compulsively sooooo yeah. Good stuff.
  6. Great fun
    Flibber De jibbet
    It's great fun once I understood the rules - I had to play the tutorial 4 or 5 times! Still a few things I don't get, like the dwarf's defence skill or the warrior's attack skill only being activated until there are 'visible enemies'. I still can't work out what this means and when I activate these skills, it seems arbitrary how long they last for. But still, besides this, absolutely addictive!
  7. Arcane Quest 2
    Darrell Tulodziecki
    My go to game at the moment . Love the choices of which characters to quest with. Only 40 hours into it and still loving it.
  8. So far, so good
    Johnny-P Quarry
    Been waiting for more companies to come out with games like this. Way to go guys!
  9. Fun
    Fred Dedon
    Not since Warhammer have I had this much fun. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some apps but that's why I like it so much. No PvP or out of pocket investment. Just a great way to pass the time and relax. Another thing I love is not being bothered by rate the game every other move or pop ups. Hats off to the designers!!
  10. Worth downloading!!
    Shawn Arthurs
    Not so fast paced but neither was the classic board game. Good job guys!! Love it!!
  11. Winston Smith
    Good game, but your latest up date has placed ads over the bottom quarter of the screen and blocks information ,and the odd ork
  12. Old School
    Brian Craig
    Love the old school feel of this game; reminds me of Hero Quest...of course. Give it a try! - The Blue Gaming Troll.
  13. Hero quest nostalgia
    Bob Ervin
    Amazing game. Would give money if there was a way to play with my friends online
  14. Great game
    Harry Hitchings
    This game will scratch that dungeon crawler itch. Loving the game so far. Work great on my phone.
  15. Great game
    Jeffrey C. Miller
    This reminds me of a game I used to play twenty years ago with my father and my brother for game night, so awesome
  16. Such a great game!
    Rylan Piercy
    I'm not currently on my main device but I'll leave a few suggestions when I use it later. I was really hoping I could find a good dungeon board game like this on Android and am really glad I did. I also use to play the Hero Quest board game and was a huge fan. I wish they still made it but yeah $200 is outrageous for it (I Googled it too, lol). This is a great alternative though. I'm sure it will gain the popularity it deserves eventually.
  17. Great game
    I really don't see how a hero quest lover could complain . It just brings back so many after middle school memories.
  18. Mobile version of Hero Quest
    Landon Foley
    Really fun game! I loved the board game Hero Quest growing up as a kid but I don't have $200 to buy a new set so this works perfectly. And I really like that the picture of Abomination is taken from the front cover of the PC game Warlords Battlecry 1, I knew I recognized that picture from somewhere.
  19. Hero Quest
    Andrew Shaw
    Finally I can play my favorite board game from my childhood. Would love for one day to have a multiplayer version
  20. Like a real boardgame
    Jakub Celo Celušák
    I like it! Wish there was something like this from lowercraftian world. Also, can you add a dungeon creator? Any maps with more storyline would be great and also some kind of coop.


What`s new

Version 3.3.0
- Minor update for Arcane Quest 2 Release

Version 3.0
- 4 new heroes and 6 new creatures
- New quest with random dungeons
- New Hardcore mode
- New achievements and trophies
- Lot of new equipment, rings, amulets
- New spells categories: air, earth, evocation
- New special abilities for heroes
- Changed the camera to follow the hero
- New summoned creatures
- Possibility to pass items
- Possibility to exit the game without saving
- Lot more