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  1. Great game
    Brandon Courtis
    Guys I spend money on this game and im getting really sick of getting the same warrior every single time I premote someone...literally the same...swordman everytime cane u guys plzzzz fix tht.....been a yr now come on
  2. Cool game
    Sydney Gøttsche
    I played this game after seeing advertisements around the internet. I like it, definitely has an old school rpg vibe mixed with a runner. I notice that when launching the game, it tends to hang a little before actually launching. This could be fixed with future updates. Overall, I'm really impressed!
  3. Annoyed
    Jarrett Peters
    Wont go past the initial screen where it displays the logos. Very dissipointing seeing as how it used to work all be it after I had to restart the app sometimes about 5 times before it would fully load. Mind though, when the game works as it should, it's very fun and enjoyable.
  4. Absolutely addictive!
    Riley Lynn
    PLEASE OPTIMIZE THIS FANTASTIC GAME! I can not play it anymore because it force closes before I get to the title screen. It takes forever to load up EVERY TIME. I am missing out on daily bonuses and other items. FIX IT, this game is five stars!
  5. Everything's great...
    Logan Hurley
    Except for a small glitch/bug in the skill lab. It says "New!" on top of the Paladin tab, but I haven't found any new skills to unlock or level up.
  6. Log in taking too much time
    Danu Man
    Try to get inside the game is taking so much time especially at the very first screen.. Please fix this immediately me and my friend like this game.. Do not disappoint us..
  7. The app crash in middle of battle
    Muhammad Ridhatullah
    After this update, the app always force without any notice, always crash, fix it pls
  8. Pretty fun,old school feel.
    spencer souvannarath
    I like the music. Really gives you an old school feel to it. Gameplay is strategic but not too difficult.Pretty much physical,magic,and heal plus a few bonus abilities. Although I can see how things can become repetitive later. 4/5
  9. Great game and story
    Ming I Chin
    I wish it didn’t become a money game only keep up the good work :)
  10. W. Crow
    Fun and addictive gameplay. The problem is that the game is free and doesn't show any ads: it wants your money for in-app purchases. Energy system will restrict your play time (after giving an easy start to get addicted), and you'll have to grind the same levels over and over again in order to complete quests and gain resources
  11. Fortress of Soul
    Ronald Patrick
    When i played fortress of soul, a chat box between prestina and archon always coming up, event i dont want to go in there again because im run out my best hero, and it's not stop like that, when i want to go to chocolat, i can't slide trough the screen, it's a bug or it's just like that? If it's a bug, please Fix it.. Thanks
  12. Unstable sometimes.
    Eric Siau
    lose my gift of 50 meat. i click on receive button and it say gift received, but when go out to normal screen, there's still no 50 meat. Sometimes it keep open the quest screen eventhou i did not click on it. I like this game thou, just a bit unstable. ign: PinkKuma
  13. A Real Surprise!
    Jefferson Ebube
    I was seriously expecting some low-grade pocket-type RPG, but got something totally unexpected. The gameplay is one of a kind, the story is intensive and the characters (mercenaries) are plenty. This game really did take me by surprise. I recommend it to pass the time for anyone looking for a fun mobile game.
  14. Love it but...
    Wellfish Nummers
    I love the game, I've been playing it for quite some time now and I'm enjoying playing with my bro and all but just that most of the times when I try to go on the game, I'm always on the the logo screen wait for it to load. Once that happen I always need to re install it and it's quite troublesome. If possible, may you please fix it. But other than that little bug, I love it!!
  15. Hard levels
    Damian Foon
    Gghhaaa!!!! So hard to get through levels :I at least make an engine that takes notes on how the player is progressing :I like if they die all the time then you give them a helpful gift ... 6*,5* bread :I is that so much to ask. :I just wondering
  16. Honor, Courage...Money!!??
    Ambyr Jones
    Biggest and saddest issue is the fact that some of us are limited highly to not being able to get as much honor, cool characters, and jewels as others. Hopefully despite those lacking things still a fun game. ..
  17. Money?
    Great game, loved the bit games like on gbadvance and gbcolor. But why is it all about the money here, gold is extremely hard to come by and quests give you less gold then the missions, plus you give so little and charge so much, no ones going to want to pay anyways, hell, you might make money off of people, but you could easily make more if you realized that people don't want to spend there paycheck on a game and the stuff only lasts them a day.
  18. Quinten Clark
    I goofed and deleted my stuff but whatever. It's a great game so I'll do it over hahaha
  19. Love it, but it's a pay to win based.
    Bruce Wayne
    I absolutely love this mini rpg,though much of the dialogue is cringe-worthy. I've dumped a lotta money into this and have a few top tier teams built for whatever occasion. Only problem is that it seems that now when i buy the 10 contract pacts, it always gives me the same cluster of heroes i have. Its frustrating since i'd like to have the newly released heroes and all, but i guess that's the RNG demon.
  20. Awesome game but the lag is bothering me
    Li Jei
    I love this game to bits but for some reason the blocks are lagging a lot when I activate Bella specifically. My phone is a note 4 and i just got it recently and the lag has been quite a bother. I even had my phone's motherboard replaced but the lag is still there when I use Bella. (On my iPad the game works flawlessly though). Suggestions on how to fix this?