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Reviews 154,448

  1. Applovin'
    Rolando Rosales
    Google Chrome keeps opening randomly and putting up iTunes Candy Crush ads and a "Update your android or your device will be slow." This happened a while ago and I used an app to detect which app is doing this. It told me that this app is using Applovin' to put those ads. Remove it or this 2 star rating will stay.
  2. Lots of updates, can't sign in
    Aaron Oosterhoff
    Every time I open the app there's updates, which aren't quick. I usually sign into ninja kiwi with Facebook on the computer however, upon doing that on this app, my city was not there
  3. Not quite right
    Paul Crawford
    I do like this game but once you get past the early 20's in each round it gives you barely any cash for further upgrades. Therefore you cannot progress unless you buy bloodstones. I will get bored of this game unless something changes here.
  4. After a game update
    Tatsuoni H
    My whole save game was erased with 250+ space captured and alot of hard work and hours put in. Please get my game back. Lvl 24, wont me login either to see if i can upload a saved game
  5. Levels are waaaaaay too short
    Dave Foster
    I mean seriously, who lives for the first 20 rounds of TD? The fun of TDs comes with getting high rounds, not playing the first 10-30 rounds over, and over, and over, and over, on the same 5 track layouts. BTD has always been some of my favourite games, but this one is the most lackluster entry in the series. Needs a LOT of changes to bring it to the awesomeness of BTD4 or 5
  6. Ninja Kiwi, Bunny hunt expired
    Ryan Dorris
    Can you add somthing new? Like date time on Whats New on it/somthing expires? People will think you are a joke.
  7. so many needs of bloonstones!
    Donovan Morrogh
    so i have got to where moabs are common and i lose 1 life and its annyoing that i cant get a single bloonstone and i dont like to buy add on to games help? but besides that this game is quite a keeper on my phone
  8. Just fun.
    bradgers b
    Its so fun there's so much to do your always bussy, easy to play but still challaging. Can't understand how its free its worth paying for
  9. Great game
    Steven Stuart
    I've been waiting soo long for this game to come out on mobile and ninjakiwi did it right. The only improvment I could think of is to add hardcore mode to mobile for extra bloonstones.
  10. Amazing
    Arnoldo Palomares
    This game is amazing it's even better than the pc version by adding the monkey sub,and the helicopter. Now if they can only add the cobra monkey from balloon tower defense battles
  11. Bloonstone upgrades.
    Hayden Shaw
    Did love this game. Just the right amount of city building tech tree progression mixed with tower defense. Suddenly bloonstone required upgrades appear and slow the game to a crawl. Not my cup of tea. This game will receive no more attention from me. Change it back to gold only upgrades and I'll gladly play once more.
  12. The awesomeness game ever
    Kevin Scott
    Best game ever none other games r like dis i would rate 50million stars if i could hope future updates make this game better keep going peace out
  13. Crashes!
    Dereck Partida
    I love monkey city on PC, my problem with this app is that it crashes constantly. I cant play five minutes without it crashing. Im using an LG Volt running android 4.0 or 4.1 not sure.
  14. love it
    Kelley MacKinnon
    but every time I win a p vs p game the game crashes...when I log bacgk in it shows that I lost the match and since I usually use bloom I pay for to help me its cost me real money...dont think ill be spending anymore til they fix it just ate my game..was at lvl im at lvl 1st...all my balloons I paid for are done unless they get my city back
  15. I love popping balloons!
    bobbie coldiron
    I love the concept and that the games are so quick. Unfortunately, don't play if your battery is anywhere near low. It has erased my progress twice. Fortunately, when I contacted support, they were able to restore my progress!
  16. NOT FAIR AT ALL!!!
    diamondfinder 123
    I was on level 10 one night and next morning my game was wiped CLEAN!!!! Fix this and i will rate 5 stars. Also there are to many adds.
  17. Good game but it had issues.
    Zed Bisharat
    The game is good fun I'll admit that, however it needs a little tune up imho. Now some of these problems may be because I'm traveling and have only a 3g connection to the Internet. If I don't have my game actively open and not on any sort of options of achievement menus my game does not generate coins or bloontonium. I've had a 45 min upgrade going now for about 7 hours as well. I've probably sent 20ish mvm attacks and only 7 or 8 have come back with results and yes I have waited 24 hours.
  18. Amazing
    bobby frakous
    This app is so much fun, i have been on it for so long. I would gave rated it 5 stars but because of one fatal flaw I made it four. I requires WiFi but takes up a ton of space.
  19. I really love it but...
    Quocalimar Anon
    I feel that it requires too much grinding. The boards that are supposed to be easy, turn out to be easy just as difficult as the hard boards.
  20. Fantastic! But a few problems
    Anthony Donat
    This game is wonderful, it combines the tower defense aspects that I love but throws in a city building twist, like clash of clans but with monkeys and bloons! Only two problems I have are 1) the bloonstone system, I get that you want to make money off of your free to play game, but the one ad you watch = 1 bloonstone thing is outrageous, it should be at minimum 2 and winning a tile should be moved to 5 bloonstones. 2) I can't carry over my mobile progress onto my pc, which gets very very annoying.


What`s new

* Minor bug fixes

You asked for it and now it's finally here! Redecorating your city is easy with the brand new edit mode!

Just tap the edit button on the city screen and you'll be able to place or move any building or decoration with ease. Build streets, gardens, or anything else you can think of. How about a Banana Farm district for easy collecting or a hedge maze for your monkeys to get lost in? Design the ideal city for your citizens!