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Maxime Audouin | Développeur chez Magma Mobile

Région de Paris, France |

Angélique Lesage | Développeuse chez Magma Mobile

Région de Montpellier, France |

Vincent Dubois | Infographiste 3D à Magma Mobile

Région de Paris, France |

Angélique Lesage | Développeuse chez Magma Mobile

Région de Montpellier, France |

Reviews 182,827

  1. Ads too big
    Scott Lovejoy
    Ads strip at the top takes up too much real estate from the game table. Constantly have to scroll around to see your pieces. Even if you zoom out to see the entire board, when the ad changes, it zooms the board back in and you can't see all your pieces again.
  2. Ads stop the game!
    Russ Bush
    The strip ad suddenly grows to full screen and hijacks your device! Don't waste your time on this till Magma fixes this P. O. S.!
  3. Game table too big
    John Smith
    The game table top does not fit my Samsung Galaxy S5. Scrolling left, right, up or down during a game is not acceptable.
  4. «MAHJONG» *****
    Pam Robb
    I am declaring myself to be a self-confessed addict. Could do with a couple of tweaks though-- eg. Move toolbars to sides so we can see more of the board without zooming in & making the tiles so small. Now I'm away back to playing .... :-P
  5. Tool bars
    Matthew Weber
    Great game, love to play it. Only thing that could make this better is to move the tool bars to the sides. I have to shrink the game board down so small to see the whole thing that I almost can't identify the tiles and strain my eyes sometimes. I've got an S5 Active so it's not like I have a small screen. I couldn't imagine playing this game on a smaller screen.
  6. Ads ruin the game
    Tim George
    You will be in the middle of a game and a big ad will literally eat your screen. No way to get rid of it. Magma has just about driven me away from their games.
  7. Dawn Caputo
    Love the game. Helps me to relax. Some themes do not fit on the screen of my phone so u have to make it smaller that's the only thing that annoys me. Other then that it's a great game and I enjoy playing
  8. Mahjong
    Lisa Wilmot
    I like it, very easy to lose track of time, lol, kind of a pain in the butt to shrink the board and sum boards r so small when u shrink them just to get the whole board in that u really have a hard time seeing the tiles but a little work dont hurt u tho,, these puzzles weren't made to win so easy and thats the whole idea. Sum times tiles get so small ur finger ends up too big to touch 1 tile and u end up touching several but still a fun game, i dont get frustrated easy, but others might
  9. Shella Thompson
    Its a great strategy game. Once you hooked its hard to stop playing it! I love this game. Could use a few more boards. I have beat every last one.
  10. Great game
    No bugs, no lagging, just smooth clean playing. I wish I didn't have to zoom in on the tiles but other than that it's great. Love this game!
  11. Calldot
    Dorothy Way
    Like the many tile layouts. However, tiles can be hard to see. Also, used to be able too save a tile layout by saving the game. This hasn't worked in a long time. :(
  12. Mahjong
    Diane Rylance
    Really enjoying the variety of layouts. Not happy with all the flashing ads at the top of the screen though, and even with WiFi turned off they are still there. Full screen doesn't show all the tiles even in horizontal mode. Probably due to size of phone more then anything else though. Apart from that I'm having fun
  13. Good app with few bugs
    Stephy Brady
    Game will sometimes shut down in the middle of playing but it always loads right back up. It's a little annoying but oh well, its just a game... Also, you have to make the tiles kind of small so that they will all fit on the screen. I just always make them bigger again after I make some matches. All in all, I think its better than the other apps for mahjong that I have tried.
  14. Carol
    Carol Collier
    Love mahjong, this app has easy and relatively hard games it has different shapes than the norm so makes it more interesting. No problems with the app it loaded quickly and hasn't given any problems. All in all pretty pleased with it. Got to be rated a five.
  15. Good game
    Siegbert Kroeker
    One thing that could be improved is the time clock. Seeing as it's a timed game, and there are no more moves left, it would be nice if the time clock would continue counting after you shuffle the tiles so that a half game count doesn't enter into a high score.
  16. You need to get rid of that full-screen Glad ad!
    Matthew Hoffman
    I don't mind ads - I understand that's what keeps the game free - but that Glad ad that comes down from the top and hides the game and you can't get past it without watching it? If that ad doesn't go away soon, I'm done with this game. Which would be too bad, because I kind of like the game.
  17. It lags a second each time i press a tile.
    Klaudia D
    =( 1 second lag each time a tile is pressed. Annoying. Last version didn't do this. But might also have something to do with my phone, a note 4. Please fix the lagging.
  18. Game pages
    Glen Adams
    Like the different patterns to play but they are a real pain to get to. Either clicking hundred clicks back or a hundred forward. When you start you're always at number one. Even if you save, after completing the saved game you're back to number one. Give it an index and I'd give it six stars.
  19. Its ok
    Anna White
    This 1 is a little annoying! Tiles are 2 small 2 see and when I zoom in it cuts off some of lay out! The time should not start until first pair is matched its very hard to choose a tile i have to push multiple times for it to highlight then when I push the match it just makes the highlight go away but not the actual match so I have to try again like 4 times to actually match them to clear! I don't like that when I shuffle it doesn't give me any more matches whats the point of shuffle if I can't finish board
  20. Stress reliever
    Anissa Kriz
    I play this app for fun, but also when things get a little stressful. It helpse clear my mind. I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys puzzles.


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